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Anke Doehm’s Sentencing is Adjourned

Anke Doehm

Anke Doehm’s Sentencing is Adjourned

Sixty-three-year-old Anke Doehm, an American national who was found guilty in the High Court last week for cruelty to a child, appeared in court today after being on remand at the Belize Central Prison.  This morning, Doehm alighted from the prison bus that brought her back to Belize City.  She appeared fragile and ill, visibly affected by her imprisonment.  There was, however, a delay in her sentencing and she was returned to prison until April eighth when Justice Derick Sylvester is expected to deliver a sentence.  As we’ve reported, Doehm stood trial following the death of thirteen-year-old Fay Lin Cannon back in 2017.  The tragic incident involving the abused teenager happened in San Pedro.

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