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Anke Doehm Convicted of Cruelty to a Child  

Anke Doehm

Anke Doehm Convicted of Cruelty to a Child  

Sixty-three-year-old American national, Anke Doehm, was convicted of cruelty to a child and remanded to prison until her sentencing on Thursday, March 14. High Court Judge Derick Sylvester remanded Doehm based on the unanimous guilty verdict returned by a nine-member jury. The court found that Doehm willfully neglected her adopted daughter thirteen-year-old Fay Lin Cannon, between January first, 2017 and July third, 2017, in San Pedro Town. Despite Doehm’s claims of innocence, the Director of Public Prosecution Cheryl Lynn Vidal argued that Fay Lin suffered neglect and malnutrition, ultimately leading to her death. During the trial, the D.P.P. presented several pieces of evidence, including testimony from Cannon’s sister and medical reports, alleging that Doehm failed to provide proper care for her daughter, leading to her death from chest compression injuries. Doehm’s attorney, Adolph Lucas Senior, argued that it was Doehm’s husband who was responsible for Fay Lin’s death. He said that Fay Lin was entrusted to David Doehm who committed suicide months later. Lucas told the jury that his client left Fay Lin in David’s care after she was diagnosed with cancer. The jury did not buy it and unanimously found Doehm responsible for Fay Lin’s untimely death.

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