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Andre Perez Says There’s a Plan for More Fire Stations  

Andre Perez

Andre Perez Says There’s a Plan for More Fire Stations  

Since the fire station compound on Cleghorn Street was sold and the structure torn down, there has been no construction of a new headquarters. The office is currently on Albert Street, while the trucks are parked at the Marion Jones Stadium. But today when he was asked about a permanent fire station for Belize City, Minister of Disaster Risk Management, Andre Perez said that he has a plan not only for a Belize City fire station, but for others that are needed elsewhere as well. 


Andre Perez, Minister of Disaster Risk Management

“Actually we are working because remember there’s funds already. The land has been secured there on Chetumal Street. We are working on it. It’s going to be a slow process. Again, we’re stuck with what we inherited from the last administration, and I’m new into this ministry here as well, the disasters management and the Fire Department falls under it. Actually, I want to share with you. I’ve done a tour. I’ve been to the south along with the C.E.O.s and the Fire Chief, and NEMO as well. I did a tour down south, visited the fire station in Dangriga, which is a fine station, very nice. Of course, Independence needs a big upgrade, as well as the town of Punta Gorda. So we’re working on that. The funding is where we’re going to work and we have a plan. We do recognize that there’s lots of improvement in that department. Certainly private sector has to play a role. I will call out, again, in Independence, there are many business people there near that port. We’re going to reach out to them, and I’m sure they’ll be collaborating with us to see how we can improve because eventually, God forbid, a disaster happens in the port, the Fire Department will be called upon. So that’s my method of approaching, not only relying on government. Government can lead, government can try to get the funds, but there are stakeholders that are involved and we must reach out to them. And I’m sure they’re waiting for us to sit down with them to make things better, not only for report, but for area.”

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