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Andre Perez Said He Remained in Touch with His Constituents  

Via phone: Andre Perez

Andre Perez Said He Remained in Touch with His Constituents  

Some political pundits had opined that Perez’s political career was done following the allegations and his subsequent suspension from Cabinet, but the attorney who claimed Perez has yet come forward to make a police report so that a criminal investigation could proceed. After the Attorney-General’s Ministry reviewed the matter and advised the Prime Minister, Perez was reinstated. But during those months of being away from Belmopan did not mean that the politician was out of sight or stayed indoors. In fact, he said he kept in touch with the people who put him in office, the people of Belize Rural South. And he does not think that time away from Cabinet will impact his performance upon returning.


Via phone: Andre Perez, Minister of Blue Economy

“I’ve been in Belize Rural South, so these past few months, I’ve used it to strengthen my connection and my relationship with the people of Belize Rural South namely, Caye Caulker and San Pedro. So it has been in some way, that has some very gratifying that you are as an area rep, which you are duly elected as that, to do the work on a daily basis. And that’s what I did. I engaged [people] especially in the evenings, walking from my office to home on a daily basis. It has been gratifying. So yeah, I wasn’t anywhere hiding. I’m here in town and doing the work, and so I’m very grateful and good to be back as well.”

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