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Ambassador David Gibson Passes

David Gibson

Ambassador David Gibson Passes

David Gibson, a distinguished Belizean ambassador and diplomat, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Monday in Belmopan. In a statement released on X, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed profound condolences to the family of Ambassador David Gibson, recognizing him as a genuine Belizean patriot and one of the nation’s most prominent diplomats. Gibson’s career included serving as the C.E.O. of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during Dean Barrow’s tenure as minister from 1993 to 1998. He continued his dedicated service under the Musa Administration. Following his diplomatic endeavors, Gibson took on the role of coordinator at the Think Tank Centre for Strategic Studies Policy Analysis and Research (CSSPAR), which he founded in 1995. His contributions to CSSPAR underscored his commitment to strategic analysis and policy research. Notably, Gibson played a significant role in the discussions aimed at resolving the Belize/Guatemala conflict. At CARICOM’s fiftieth anniversary celebration in 2023, Gibson recounted the pivotal role played by regional leaders in supporting Belize’s quest for political independence in 1981. Here is an excerpt of that clip.


David Gibson, Former Ambassador/C.E.O., Ministry of Foreign Affairs (File 05-04-2023)

“As Belize prepared for independence, CARICOM ministers converged in Belize to show solidarity and support, as the government faced fierce opposition to the heads of agreement signed by Belize, UK, and Guatemala. This was a last ditch effort to try to establish a basis for future negotiations in the post independence period. Strongly, these heads of agreement, and they were heads of agreement, and they were not actual agreements, strongly opposed by the United Democratic Party, the opposition, with even a suggestion that there might have been some collusion with the British to have the whole matter of independence postponed for 10 years, something which the Guatemalans would have wanted, having seen the cut of the jib and things going in the direction of an independence.”


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