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A Timeline for Rehabilitating the Assembly Building

Valerie Woods

A Timeline for Rehabilitating the Assembly Building

According to Speaker Woods, it was important to meet with the staff at the Office of the Clerk because those men and women are the ones who utilize the space on a daily basis.  The project, she says, will be completed in roughly one year.


Valerie Woods, Speaker of the House

“The staff, for me, were one of the  more important groups to get feedback from the onset because unlike the media, unlike member, unlike the senators, even the police, they are the ones that are here, you know, five days a week, very early in the morning, very late at night and so the work environment and comfort is critical for their health and for their productivity.  So it was important that we got that one done in the first instance and we did.  And we are also in the midst of looking at the rate of completion, if you will, for the temporary location which is George Price Center.  Some of what we‘re getting done over there also helps with what we‘re trying to get done with the new, if you will, National Assembly.  In terms of timeline, the works really should commence late July, early August, thereabout, depending on when we can successfully move over to the George Price Center.  Completion right now is estimated anywhere between late May and early June of 2025.”

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