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A Businessman is Acquitted of Coast Guard’s Murder

Leon Perez

A Businessman is Acquitted of Coast Guard’s Murder

Businessman Leon Perez has been acquitted of the murder of Elston Morter.  On Independence Day 2021, Morter, a coast guard seaman, was stabbed to death in Hattieville during a misunderstanding in the American Site area of Hattieville.  Perez, who maintained his innocence from the beginning, was freed of the charge earlier today in the courtroom of Justice Candace Nanton.  During the trial, crown called a witness to the stand who testified that Perez wasn’t the one who inflicted the deadly stab wounds on Morter.  According to Perez’s witness, on the day in question, his wife informed him of an altercation taking place outside of their residence.  When he went outside to enquire about the altercation, he observed an individual take a knife out of Perez’s pocket, ran behind Morter and proceeded to stab him.  Justice Nanton noted that while the court went through the guidelines of Perez’s case, it also considered the case of the crown.  After deliberating, Justice Nanton acknowledged that a case was indeed made out by the crown; however, in her view, there was reasonable doubt put forward by the defense which is why she found Perez not guilty.

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