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U.B.F.S.U. Disappointed with P.U.P.’s Broken Promises  

U.B.F.S.U. Disappointed with P.U.P.’s Broken Promises  

The Briceño administration is being called out by the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union for failing to deliver on its word to the University of Belize.  In opposition, the People’s United Party strongly criticized the decision of the previous government when it decided to cut U.B.’s subvention by almost twenty-five percent.  That decision saw a significant reduction of funding from eleven million to eight point three million dollars.  The P.U.P. committed to restoring and increasing institution’s annual subvention, but that has not been the case.  Earlier today, News Five spoke with Doctor Pio Saqui, President of the U.B.F.S.U.


Dr. Pio Saqui

                              Dr. Pio Saqui

Dr. Pio Saqui, President, U.B.F.S.U.

“The Government of Belize provides a subvention to the University of Belize.  Prior to 2020, the subvention was at ten million and increased to eleven million on 2019. Since the pandemic, the government did take away two point six million and brought us back to somewhere closer to eight million dollars in terms of our subvention.  While we have recognized that a lot of things have happened in our country that have returned things to normal, our function as a university has returned to normal.  Nonetheless, it was a subvention that was taken away in 2020 and has not been returned.  Because of that, it does limit the ability of the university to carry out all of its duties, especially considering the wellbeing of the employees and all those things that come along with having the full subvention in place.” 


Isani Cayetano

“At this time, what is the union asking the Briceno administration to do in terms of this reduction in the subvention being offered to U.B.”


Pio Saqui

“Exactly what we stated in our press release, restore the subvention as it was prior to COVID and make good on the promise or honor the promise that they made to increase the subvention a million dollar each year, up to fifteen million dollars which is where it should be around now.”

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