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Police Commissioner’s House Shot Up

Police Commissioner's House Shot Up

Police Commissioner’s House Shot Up

The house of Police Commissioner Chester Williams was targeted last night in Belmopan. This occurred days after the Roaring Creek Police Station was shot up. Williams who left the country yesterday said that he was alerted of this alarming incident by his son who was in the house when the shooting occurred. He was not injured. Williams is currently in New York City attending the UN Chiefs of Police conference.

On social media, he posted, “The act of shooting at my home is a clear example why as a society we cannot go easy on these criminals who believe that they can run our streets and keep our law-abiding citizens hostage with impunity. My mandate as the Commissioner of Police remains clear, and that is to keep the people of our country safe. This is even if my own safety is at risk.”

Williams says he will not be deterred by these cowardly acts

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