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Mynor Galindo Explains What Happened the Night His Brother was Shot

Mynor Galindo Explains What Happened the Night His Brother was Shot

Late this afternoon, News Five spoke by phone with Mynor Galindo.  He is the brother of David Galindo who was shot in Santa Elena on the night of June first and passed away over the weekend from injuries he received.  According to the sibling, he was not at the San Ignacio Community Hospital the night when David was injured.  However, what he explained was that other family members who were present were not allowed to travel with David inside the ambulance from San Ignacio to the Western Regional Hospital.  Mynor admits that the refusal of the ambulance driver to allow a relative on the trip to Belmopan did create a bit of an issue, but not to the extent described by hospital staff elsewhere in the media.


On the Phone: Mynor Galindo

              On the Phone: Mynor Galindo

On the phone: Mynor Galindo, Brother of Deceased

“When my brother David was shot, I was not at home, I just heard the news and I noh even went to the hospital itself.  I was nowhere in the hospital and when dehn call me, my family members told me that di people dehn from the ambulance do not want to carry nobody in the ambulance and dehn seh once somebody go eena di ambulance he noh di drive off.  He wahn stay right deh and he wah put di ambulance eena park and cut off di ignition.  From deh, now you as wahn loved one di watch deh di deal with wahn loved one like that, how you wahn feel comfortable when dehn ambulance driver di tell you that nobody cyant go with di patient.  And dat da right deh weh create wahn small lee back and front.  But like weh dehn di seh bout di doctors and nurses being threatened and thing, that is a total lie… totally lie.”


Isani Cayetano

“Okay, explain to me what happened at the hospital because, as you mentioned, the doctor is alleging that you guys went into the hospital and pretty much terrorized them and they were in fear of their lives.  What actually happened that night at San Ignacio Community Hospital?”


Mynor Galindo

“Well, like I say again, I was never there but the understanding weh I di get through di media houses and di commissioner and things weh di go through, I di get feedback mostly through them.  But when, if dehn feel threatened and deh feel soh, dehn have surveillance, dehn got surveillance, and if dehn wahn go through deh kinda thing deh, and if dehn feel threatened why dehn neva press it from di night and press charges and go proceed to the station?  Dehn da government workers, dehn got all rights and when it come to wahn doctor or nurses, we all respect them cause dehn deh ya fi save life, dehn noh di ya fi hurt no one.”

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