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Minister Musa Warns Against Cyber Bullying

Minister Musa Warns Against Cyber Bullying

Kareem Musa, the Minister of Home Affairs, is warning Belizeans against cyberbullying after several nude and salacious videos were leaked over the weekend. The videos were widely shared on social media. According to Minister Musa, anyone who shared the video or created memes using the content contained within those videos committed a criminal act and is liable to face legal consequences.


Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

Let me joined the Commissioner of Police. I know he released a statement warning members of the general public against cyber bullying. We must understand this is now a criminal offense by virtue of the Cyber Crime Act of 2020. I believe it is section fifteen of the Cyber Crime Act which speaks to sharing and publishing videos, photographs of a lude and indecent nature with an aim to humiliate individuals. That particular offense carries a prison term of five years in addition to a fine of five or ten thousand dollars. Whether you are sharing that by way of Facebook or WhatsApp, you become liable to be charged under this Cyber Crime Act, so yes you have to look at the persons or person who originally shared this video but also those individuals who continue to perpetuate the crime by sharing this video. So, the offense continues. I want to ask members of the public to be respectful. These young ladies have family members. This is concerning and disturbing. We have to be mindful of a society the type of a damage you are causing and to be mindful that this now bears criminal liability.”

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