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Man Found Guilty for 7 Stolen Guns

Selvin Linarez

Man Found Guilty for 7 Stolen Guns

Today, a man was found guilty of eight counts of firearm offenses and burglary for a weapons heist that took place in February 2019. Randy Chambers, along with an accomplice later identified as Selvin Linarez, was charged with burglarizing Victor L. Bryant on Lake Independence Boulevard. Together, they made off with several firearms and were subsequently charged with firearm offenses.  But today, Linarez pleaded guilty and on Friday, the sitting Senior Magistrate will sentence both men. Back in 2019 Linarez was charged with five counts of keeping a firearm without a gun license for which he was found guilty today. Linarez had pleaded guilty to the burglary charge only. Chambers maintains his innocence but was found guilty today after months of trial. Both men were unrepresented.

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