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Man Dies After Crashing into Cow on Hummingbird Highway

Chester Williams

Man Dies After Crashing into Cow on Hummingbird Highway

A twenty-six-year-old man is dead, following a traffic accident that involved two vehicles, a motorbike, and a cow on the Hummingbird Highway. Reports are that on Friday night, Lokenver Montero was riding his motorcycle on the highway when he crashed into a dead cow. The cow was killed after two vehicles crashed into it five minutes earlier. Montero was rushed to hospital and spent the weekend fighting for his life. He passed away on Tuesday. ComPol Williams weighed in on the incident and the criminal charges that livestock owners can face in such an instance.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“It is a really difficult situation. I myself occasionally almost run into a cow or horse on the highway. Sometimes you just see them pop up right in front of you. It is very frightening. I would just appeal to the owners of these animals to do the best they can to keep them off the highways. Sometimes they tend to tie them on the edge of the highway and then the animal ends up getting lose and ventures on to the road. That is extremely dangerous. It has to start with the owners of these animals but if it is that we were to establish who the owners of these animals are I think there is a way we would be able to bring charges against those owners. They have a legal responsibility to ensure that the animals are secure and does not pose a danger to the public. So, I am sure there is something we can do if we establish who the owner is.”

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