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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Beryl

Daniel Mendez

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Beryl

With an all clear issued, Daniel Mendez, the National Emergency Coordinator, says the organization will resume normal operations as it continues to prepare for what lies ahead. This hurricane season is forecasted to be extremely active. Mendez says Hurricane Beryl presented an opportunity for NEMO to fine tune its operations for the remaining five months.


Daniel Mendez, National Emergency Coordinator, NEMO

“NEMO now resumes back on its preparation state. We are again, we have resumed our normal operations, and we are back on preparedness. As the chief met said we are in the middle of a very busy hurricane season and so we ourselves at NEMO have been taking note of all the lessons we have seen. We are taking steps to improve our organization. As you are all aware this is an unprecedented year. WE have been responding to many types of hazards and we have been working diligently to improve our systems and we will continue to do so for the rest of the year. We no longer are preparing just for hurricanes. As you have seen with the fires and floods, we have to be prepared for everything and so we are also continuing our efforts to improve. We have, with the support of our minister and C.E.O. We have been able to push these things ahead, so I want to thank them for their support, leadership and interest in improving our system. As we have consistently been saying since the begging of the season, preparedness is really important. So, the question we should be asking ourselves is, if the system had come our way were you ready for it. That is a good question to ask everyone and if you were able to say yes you were ready then you are really looing forward to this season. For those who were not ready, it is time to take those measures and improve.”

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