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Kareem Musa Says Accused Killer Was Mentally Challenged Prisoner

Kareem Musa

Kareem Musa Says Accused Killer Was Mentally Challenged Prisoner

The incident happened in the Caribbean Shores constituency where the Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa is also the area representative. Today, Musa said that it is unfortunate what happened to Cadle, but he sent a message that we need to look out for our mentally challenged relatives who could be at the mercy of the world and in potentially dangerous situations on the streets.


Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“Everybody in the neighborhood knows Junior well. Mr. Cadle was a retired serviceman and also somebody who was being treated. But if you knew Junior you would know that he’s completely harmless. He’s not a threat to anybody whatsoever. And so that came as very shocking news to the entire community to the neighborhood watch group that is extremely vigilant in that area – the Knights, correct. But police again were very swift to apprehend the suspect. It is a gentleman, I will not release his name until he’s charged, but it is a gentleman who I am told, likewise suffers with a mental condition. Apparently he served 10 years in jail already but he was released about a month ago. This definitely is one of those cases that makes you say we need to do more for our mental patients that are on the streets, that are homeless, that don’t have any family because if I’m not mistaken, Junior has no family, save and except for one brother who lives out on an island and doesn’t hardly ever come back to Belize City or to the mainland. And so I think while it is that the Ministry of Human Development, the Ministry of Health is doing an excellent job of tracking our mental patients, I think that we all need to do more for the homeless, for those who are mentally ill and to try to look out for them as best as we can. I know that this happened very late in the night. But again, we all have our own lives to go home to, and we can’t just be monitoring those who are out on the street, but as best as we can, we have to try to look out for them.”

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