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Is the P.U.P. An Old Man’s Party?  

Francis Fonseca

Is the P.U.P. An Old Man’s Party?  

So, what does the P.U.P.’s decision to reject Allan Pollard’s application for Port Loyola say to Belize’s youth population. Pollard is viewed as a young and promising politician by many, while there are ongoing conversations about the need for the P.U.P. to bridge its generational gap. We heard from Minister Fonseca.


Paul Lopez

“What message do you think this decision is sending to young people and do you agree that there is a generation gap that needs to take place? The P.U.P. is being defined as an old man’s party.”


Francis Fonseca, Cabinet Minister

“None at all, we have wonderful young people in the party working for the P.U.P. IN the city council here in the Belize City we had dynamic young candidates representing the P.U.P. including Allan, but many others, including Kaya Cattouse, Malcom Nunez, many others Eluide Miller, these are dynamic young people who are proud to be members. All the work we are doing is about engaging young people, I know all the work I am doing in education and culture is about engaging with young people, providing more opportunities for young people, so I think people understand that and I think young people understand that they have government in the P.U.P. government in the office that is absolutely committed to their upliftment, absolutely committed to providing greater opportunities for them whether it is jobs, education, housing, land, on all those fronts we are doing everything we can to provide opportunities for young people. In the case of Corozal Bay, that was a recommendation of the process we have in place, recommendation of the vetting committee the national executive accepted that recommendation. We have these structures in place for a reason and so that was what they recommend, and we accepted.”

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