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Is Sgt. Makin’s Familial Ties Affecting the ComPol’s Judgment?

Chester Williams

Is Sgt. Makin’s Familial Ties Affecting the ComPol’s Judgment?

It is no secret that Sergeant Devon Makin is Commissioner of Police Chester Williams’ godson. So, is his familial ties with the officer influencing his response to the police abuse claims? As you have heard the commissioner say, he does not condone Sergeant Makin’s decision to pistol whip the individual. He further revealed that the Professional Standards Branch is carrying out an investigation into the incident. But is his relation to Makin affecting his better judgment? Here is how he responded to that question.


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“When he had the issue with Inspector Martinez, he is my first cousin and what happened? My first cousin is more to me than a godson. If I was able to move quickly on inspector Martinez who is my first cousin then why would I not be able to do so with Mr. Makin if it were that we were not looking at the think wholistically. I am not going to be the one to jump on something because Shyne Barrow wants me to do it. Professional Standards Branch is in the picture. They are investigating. Once an investigation is done then we go from there.

Imagine if those two children were your children and they were being chased by and individual with gun and mask, would you reaction be the same? The question to you, would your reaction be the same? I am sure not.”


Paul Lopez

“We know that any disciplinary charges you have to approve, will you approve such being brought against your godson?”


Chester Williams

“I brought a scenario to you earlier where I said Inspector Martinez is my first cousin and despite that he was charged. So please don’t try to come and make things seems that because of certain people they are privileged. I don’t work that way. There are many people who are relatives of mine who does wrong and I made sure they are dealt within accordance with the law. So please don’t try to paint a different picture.”



“Is the public allowed to capture police in the conduct of their duties?”

Chester Williams

“Yes they are, so long as they have sufficient distance that is not obstructing the police from carrying out their duties they can do so.”


Late this evening Opposition Leader Shyne Barrow responded to the ComPol’s remarks, he says quote, “It is a typical deflection tactic from the very serious issue of police brutality. Officer Makin is wrong and needs to be disinclined like every other police officer that has been captured using excessive force. What makes Officer Makin so special, that he can be captured on video pistol whipping an unarmed suspect and not face reprimand?”, end quote.

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