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Coastal Road Impassable 

Coastal Road Impassable 

Coastal Road Impassable 

The Coastal Plains Highway is currently impassable, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing (MIDH) informed in a press release earlier this morning.

It said the highway is “impassable for small vehicles as a result of heavy rainfall and associated flooding over the past 24 hours.”

The Manatee Bridge, Corn House Creek Bridge approaches, and two of the four concrete floodways are submerged under approximately 24 to 30 inches of water. However, the water levels are receding quickly. The MIDH has deployed its maintenance team to monitor the situation and undertake remedial work in these critical areas.

Further updates will be provided throughout the day. Motorists are advised to use the Hummingbird Highway for southbound travel and to drive cautiously, adhering to posted speed limits.

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