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BREAKING: Oscar Selgado Sentenced!

Oscar Selgado Sentenced!

BREAKING: Oscar Selgado Sentenced!

Oscar Selgado was slapped with a ten-year sentence by High Court Justice Nigel Pilgrim. The sentence is to run as of March 8th, 2024. Justice Pilgrim said, “”No sacred cows and no one is above the law.” 

In early March, the High Court found the fifty-four-year-old attorney guilty of abetment to commit murder. Selgado had attempted to hire gang member Giovanni Ramirez to carry out the murder of Marilyn Barnes, who had made a complaint to the General Legal Counsel against Selgado for unethical behavior. Ramirez was the prosecution’s main witness, and in his ruling, Justice Pilgrim determined that Ramirez’s evidence was truthful and reliable.

This is the first time that a practicing attorney has been convicted of such a crime. During the trial, Selgado was represented by Adolph Lucas Sr. Selgado has been on remand since being charged.

In May, Selgado’s new attorney, Arthur Saldivar, advocated for a non-custodial sentence for his client. Selgado’s diabetic condition was a central topic of discussion in court. Reports indicate that his health has worsened in Belize Central Prison due to inadequate nutrition and the lack of a full-time doctor. The High Court considered these concerns, with several witnesses, including a medical professional and Virgilio Murillo, the CEO of the Belize Central Prison, called to testify.

Selgado has filed an appeal.


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