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Latest City Murder Has Investigators Baffled

A man was shot and killed in Belize City on Thursday night, but no one knew it had happened until the body was found on a London bridge. This afternoon, [...]

Activity Resumes but Contentious Issues Remain

The standstill at the Port of Belize Limited came to an end this morning. Stevedores reported back to work at eight a.m., but the issues that led to the dispute [...]

M.L.A. Strongly Objects to G.O.B.’s Approval of F.P.I.C. Protocol

Earlier this week, Cabinet announced that it had approved the Free, Prior and Informed Consent Protocol (F.P.I.C.) that will guide future consultations with the Maya communities in Toledo District. These [...]

Is G.O.B. Committed to Honoring Maya Land Rights?

The actions taken by the Briceño administration, says Coc, is a clear indication that government is not serious about carrying out the Maya land rights.   Cristina Coc, Spokesperson, M.L.A./T.A.A. [...]

Maya Leaders Alliance Calls for C.C.J. Intervention

The omission of the Toledo Alcaldes Association from participating in the implementation of the F.P.I.C. Protocol is seen as an affront to the M.L.A. and T.A.A.  According to Coc, the [...]

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs Responds to M.L.A. Press Conference

 Just before news time, the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs announced it is pleased Cabinet has approved the Maya of Southern Belize Free Prior Informed Consent Protocol filed with the [...]

Shyne Set to be the Next Leader of the Opposition, Again

Mesopotamia Area Representative, Shyne Barrow, is set to become the fifteenth Leader of the Opposition on Monday, when he is sworn into office for a second time in less than [...]

Tracy Panton Lays out U.D.P.’s Constitutional Policy on Leadership

Earlier this week, Albert Area Rep. Tracy Panton also appeared on Open Your Eyes where she laid out the U.D.P.’s constitution, particularly where leadership succession is concerned.  While it was [...]

Shyne Barrow – “Don’t Mistake My Passion for Lack of Humility”

According to Barrow, Deputy Party Leader Hugo Patt is only exercising a constitutional right as a member of parliament.  As for his confidence in the delegates’ support, Shyne says that [...]

Council on Aging Denounces Violent Video and Bystanders Who Filmed It

The National Council on Aging has come out against the violent act seen in a viral video where an elderly man is being knocked unconscious. N.C.A. in its release says [...]

Many Elderly Have Lost Income Generating Activities and Personal Mobility during Pandemic

Violence against the elderly is not the only issue facing them, especially during these difficult times. During a recent interview for News Five’s COVID Chronicles series, Executive Director at the [...]

Funding for Elder Services Cut Drastically

Poot also spoke about the decrease in funding for social services for elderly persons. Government subvention for service providers were cut by forty percent, while some external agencies withdrew funding [...]

P.S.U. Women Condemn Allegations of Domestic Violence by the Leader of the Opposition

The Women’s Committee of the Public Service Union has issued a strongly worded condemnation of the act of violence allegedly perpetrated by the Leader of the Opposition. The P.S.U. Committee [...]

Cake Decorating and Hair Analysis: New Skills for Income Generation

Today Thirty six women, mostly single mothers, completed a two-month-long training program in one of two fields of their choice – cake-baking and decorating, or hair analysis. This includes perms, [...]

Promoting and Reviving Cultural Heritage through Digital Literacy

More Belizean artisans and entrepreneurs will be able to reach more customers thanks to the Enhancing the Economic Empowerment of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean project.  Heritage Education [...]

Belize Delegation Attends Summit in Cancun

A delegation led by Jose Abelardo Mai, the Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise, is attending the Latin American Summit 2022 in Cancun, Mexico. Тhe event draws еntrерrеnеurѕ frоm [...]

Fonseca: “Meeting with Unions Went Well”

It has been almost a year since the various unions staged several days of protest against the Government over their ten percent salary cut. This week, government representatives met with [...]

Over A Thousand Full Scholarships for South-Side Students

The Education Upliftment Project, which involves full scholarships to secondary school students on the city’s south side, is currently being rolled out. The initiative is providing full scholarships to a [...]

A Maya Nut Micro Project to Build Community Resiliency

A Maya Nut Micro Project under the Community Resilience Building in the Caribbean Program has been implemented by the Belize Red Cross. It looks at providing not only food security [...]

Barbados Seeks To Amend Law: 18- Year-olds could Become Senators

After the momentous victory last week, the Barbados Labor Party was finally sworn in to Cabinet on Wednesday. One of Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s first proposals to parliament is for [...]