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Not This Time: U.D.P. Chairman Calls for Patrick Faber’s Immediate Resignation

Patrick Faber must go, and he must go now. That’s a firm individual position taken by the chairman of the United Democratic Party, amid another scandal involving the embattled Leader [...]

What Will It Take to Remove Faber as L.O.O. and U.D.P. Leader?

Notwithstanding Dr. Arnold’s statement being rescinded, the sequence of events, as detailed in her report, is damning, if indeed they are factual. Peyrefitte admits, however, that to remove Faber as [...]

Faber Can Only Be Removed by a Two-thirds Majority

On the matter of a course of action to be taken by the party executive, we asked the chairman of the U.D.P if the decision making process would involve delegates [...]

Tanga is Executed After Leaving Court; Michael Lambey Gunned Down on Curl Thompson

It has been a violent start to 2022 with Belize City being the national hotspot once again. Last night Michael Lambey was killed on Curl Thompson Street, and Joseph James [...]

Brigadier General Azariel Loria Takes Command

Today, at the celebration of the forty-fourth anniversary of the Belize Defence Force, the official ceremonial change of command parade took place at the Sir Colville Young Parade Square at [...]

Stevedores Strike at Port; B.D.F. Arrive

This morning, tensions were high outside the Port of Belize Limited compound, as stevedores took industrial action. With them off the job, reports quickly emerged that the Belize Defense Force [...]

C.W.U. Says G.O.B. Should Mediate, Not Take Side of Employer

And, “Mose” Hyde had a message for the state when we asked him for a comment. He contends that the state’s action is a provocation to the stevedores currently engaged [...]

Port: “No Comment” on Security Arrangements

The C.E.O. of Port of Belize Limited, Andy Lane, was tight lipped about the purpose of the B.D.F.’s presence on the compound; when we asked him about it via Zoom [...]

Port Strike Upending Supply Chain for Incoming and Outgoing Goods

With all stevedores now out on strike, the hands of the management at the Port of Belize Limited are tied. One ship docked since Thursday morning is still waiting to [...]

C.E.O. Says There is Queue for Hiring, Strike during Tribunal is Illegal

And so, as C.E.O. Lane puts it, industrial action at the Port is bad for business. But, the stevedores’ main concern is getting their sugar separation payment. They are demanding [...]

Ground Broken for Placencia Health Clinic

The Belize Tourism Board, Ministry of Health, and the Placencia Village Council are collaborating to finally bring a polyclinic to the village. The clinic will include consultation rooms, reception and [...]

The Case against Smart and G.O.B.’s Microsoft Contract

A lawsuit brought against the Briceño administration by U.D.P. Senator Mike Peyrefitte was heard before the Supreme Court this morning. It has to do with a contract that was awarded [...]

PM Says Not So Fast on Belize City Garbage Tax

The proposal has frequently come up, even under previous City Councils, that the Belize City Council should charge a garbage tax. It is something that the current Mayor, Bernard Wagner, [...]

Immigration C.E.O. Gives Update on 2022 Amnesty Program

Late last year, the Briceño Administration announced that it will be undertaking an amnesty exercise in 2022 to regulate the immigration status of tens of thousands of nationals from Central [...]

An Update on Territorial Dispute to the I.C.J.

The deadline is quickly approaching for Belize to submit its memorial on the territorial dispute with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice.  By the rules of the court, much [...]

1% Deferral SSB Could Result In Higher Deductions

The final one percent in social security contributions that was supposed to have taken effect earlier this month was deferred until the new fiscal year, to give people a longer [...]

Other Actuarial Proposals Being Considered On the Table for Discussion

C.E.O. Ruiz said that coupled with contribution reform, there are other actuarial proposals for consideration, but those require in-depth discussions. Later this year, S.S.B. will consult with stakeholders on possible [...]

S.S.B. Has Paid Out More Than $4Million in COVID Benefits

And, just in case you were wondering how S.S.B. is doing as it continues to pay out sickness benefits to COVID patients, Ruiz says there is sufficient money to cover [...]

AstraZeneca Vaccines Nearing Expiration Date

The Ministry of Health has announced that their stock of AstraZeneca Vaccines will expire on January thirty-first. Hence, the Ministry is inviting persons who have still not yet received their [...]

A Shame to Waste the Vaccines

Dr. Beer said that if all the vaccines were not administered by the expiry date, it would be lamentable, since many countries are still waiting for the medication, and the [...]

Carnival-Style March to Burying Ground in Belize City

A funeral procession in Belize City this afternoon took on characteristics of a carnival road march. Information suggests that the deceased was a prominent member of the carnival celebration community, [...]

Deadline Extended for Consultations on Rake Hike

The Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.) has extended the deadline for public consultations on the final draft for the Belize Electricity Limited’s Annual Review which includes proposals for a hike in [...]

A Look at Barbados’ Red Tide and New Government Swearing In

In case you missed it this week, the Caribbean island of Barbados saw a total electoral sweep as the  Barbados Labor Party lead by Prime Minister Mia Mottley won all [...]