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The Debate Rages: Are Parents Prepared to Send Children to School?

A debate is raging on social media about whether or not parents are prepared to send their children back to school on January tenth. The Ministry of Education continues to [...]

How Much Learning Have Children Lost Due to Pandemic?

During an interview with Chief Executive Officer Dian Maheia of the Ministry of Education, she told News Five children have experienced learning losses over the almost two years of distance [...]

Many Students, Primarily Boys, Have Dropped Out

And then there is the reality that many children have dropped out of school. Since last year, we have been reporting that a number of children have been lost to [...]

20 Staff Out at K.H.M.H. with COVID-19

The staff at K.H.M.H. is fighting its own wave of infections.  Currently, some twenty staff members at the hospital are out with COVID-19.  That number could rapidly increase, which would [...]

12 Patients in COVID Unit, None on Ventilators

While active COVID-19 cases are currently above two thousand, the number of persons admitted to the COVID Unit at the K.H.M.H. right now is low.  As of Tuesday, only twelve [...]

Waterloo Appeals D.O.E. Decision to Minister of Sustainable Development

An appeal has been lodged by Waterloo Investments Holdings Limited to challenge a decision by the Department of Environment which has denied environmental clearance for its proposed tourism development project [...]

Electricity Rates Going Up, But Was It Necessary? P.U.C. Faults B.E.L.

Your next light bill will more than likely be higher than what it was last month, whether or not you dressed your house for the recent Christmas holidays. The Public [...]

Climate Finance Unit Takes Shape

Following COP26 and other efforts to boost Belize’s sustainable development, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment announced it has created a Climate Finance Unit.  The C.F.U. comes on [...]

Medications Handed over to Oncology Department at K.H.M.H.

The Social Security Board and its N.H.I. Department has partnered with the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to provide affordable treatment for cancer patients. S.S.B. invested one hundred and fifty thousand [...]

Cancer Medication Prices Lower at K.H.M.H.

These medications will be available at a lower cost at the hospital, because N.H.I. was able to negotiate a discounted price. Chandra Cansino, C.E.O. at K.H.M.H., explained that prior to [...]

Dr. Ramon Figueroa on Moves to N.H.I.

Two former Ministry of Health C.E.O.s are now employed at the National Health Insurance Department.  Doctor Ramon Figueroa, the General Manager of N.H.I., was the C.E.O. at ministry under former [...]

Changes to National Health Insurance Following Pandemic Cuts

Like government departments across the nation, the National Health Insurance’s budget was reduced at the onset of the pandemic.  This no doubt affected the quality of healthcare the most vulnerable [...]

Belize Police Department Braces for Omicron

The rapid proliferation of the Omicron variant across the country will undoubtedly affect frontline workers, including police officers who are tasked with keeping law and order amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  [...]

Kareem Musa Details His Family’s Bout with COVID-19

Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa, his wife Carla, and the couple’s eleven-year-old son, contracted COVID-19 during the Christmas holidays. The family was pretty much quarantined for the better part of [...]

Police Hope to Reduce Murder and Other Violent Crimes in 2022

The final tally for the number of homicides committed in 2021 is yet to be released by the Belize Police Department.  Nonetheless, we asked the Minister of Home Affairs for [...]

L.I.U. Meets to Discuss Calendar of Events for 2022

This morning at the Department of Youth Services in Belize City, the Leadership Intervention Unit met to chart a way forward for the next twelve months.  As we reported a [...]

Prison Population Much Lower Than in the Past

The Belize Central Prison currently boasts a significantly smaller population that it did only eight years ago.  The facility, which is managed by the Kolbe Foundation, houses adult men and [...]

Monthly Ticketing Quota for Traffic Wardens

January is often the time when people need to update their driver’s license, vehicle license and insurance.  And if you are one of those people where your documents have expired [...]

Drunk Drivers are Being Caught with Breathalyzer Tests

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense. And, since December of 2021, the Department of Transport has been using breathalyzers on the nation’s highway to identify persons [...]

B.C.V.I. to Partner with International Institutions

Today is World Braille Day, commemorating the birthday of Louis Braille, a French educator who became blind at a young age and invented a system of reading for the visually [...]

Masks Vital, But Not Only Factor in Preventing Infection

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are wondering how much longer we will need to follow protocols, especially keeping our masks on. [...]

You Can Get Both Omicron and Delta at Same Time

And while he was on Open Your Eyes, Doctor Coyi shared something that medical professionals know, but which may be new to the public: you can get a combination of [...]