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Unions’ Rep Speech Cut mid-Live Stream!

The Commission of Inquiry has been adjourned indefinitely. That’s because the unions’ representative, President of the N.T.U.C.B. Luis Luke Martinez excused himself and informed the chairman that they wouldn’t be [...]

Details from Outside, Following the Interruption of the Commission of Inquiry

The media was waiting outside the House of Culture compound as the public announcement was being made by Commissioner Luke Martinez, on behalf of the unions, causing the postponement of [...]

Andrew Marshalleck: “It wasn’t me!”

And now we turn to the chair of the Commission of Inquiry, Andrew Marshalleck. He spoke to the media directly after the proceedings ended.  Marshalleck said he didn’t even know [...]

Is P.S.U.’s Message to G.O.B. Falling on Deaf Ears?

The bold move taken by the Public Service Union spread like wildfire on social media, despite attempts taken to prevent its transmission.  But are union efforts falling on deaf ears?  [...]

Commission of Inquiry Suspended, Indefinitely?

While we may never know who gave the order to cut off the live stream of the Commission of Inquiry proceedings today, what we do know is that the inquiry [...]

Marshalleck Says Officials Have Failed to Follow Due Process in Sale of Government Assets

In his closing interview with the press, Chairman Marshalleck insisted the inquiry is relevant and that it is clear that government officials are not following the rules of procurement or [...]

P.S.U. Vice Prez Breaks Down Salary Cut Proposal

Will a trade dispute also be filed against Public Service Minister Henry Charles Usher? On Wednesday, the joint unions’ team received a letter from the minister outlining the pay cut.  [...]

P.S.U. Comments on Recent Land Compensation Judgment

First Vice President of the Public Service Union, Dean Flowers, also gave a comment on the recent land compensation judgment that was afforded to a company owned by Olivia Villanueva. [...]

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Outstanding at Lands Department

Speaking about land, Flowers says that the government is prepared to cut the salaries of public officers when there are hundreds of millions of dollars in arrears and taxes that [...]

Union Alleges Well-Connected Persons Owe Taxes

Flowers also commented on reports that well-connected individuals owe taxes to G.O.B., but they are not held to the same standards as regular business people. He says the Prime Minister [...]

Hotel/Resort Guests Cancelling Reservations

As the situation becomes more volatile and the unions threaten with strike action, international tourists have become wary of their travel plans to the Jewel.  And it is already being [...]

B.H.A. Prez Calls on Unions & G.O.B. to Resolve Impasse

The B.H.A. President Ted Tejada is appealing to both government and the unions to return to the discussion table to resolve the impasse, because it threatens to further cripple the [...]

Athletes Want to Train for Tournaments

While changes to Statutory Instrument number forty-three of 2021 extending weekend curfew hours is no doubt welcomed by some, there has been a swift response from the sporting community, many [...]

Athletes to Protest on Friday

Codd says some athletes are so incensed they are planning a protest in front of the Princess Casino. He says that the sporting community wants to send a clear message [...]

Frose Brothers Allegedly Defrauded of $2 Million Investment in Commerce Bight

A pair of siblings came forward today with a bold claim that they have been swindled out of a two-million-dollar investment in Commerce Bight by former area representative Frank ‘Papa’ [...]

Is Former Dangriga Area Rep Involved in R.S.L. Fiasco?

The new principals of R.S.L., a company out of Houston, Texas, known as SeaOne, have reportedly entered into a power purchase agreement with B.E.L. for the generation of electricity from [...]

$50 Million and No Country Office Says Mejia

According to Mejia and the Froses, R.S.L. was granted a twenty-five year lease for Commerce Bight by the outgoing administration just two days prior to the November eleventh General Elections.  [...]

Learning in Times of Disaster

Children have a right to an education, even in times of emergencies. Today, UNICEF in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organization facilitated a training with fifteen disaster shelter managers. [...]

The Pod Squad: Belizeans in Podcasting

Our grandparents got their news and information from Radio Belize and the Beacon Newspaper, the next generation benefitted from independent television stations and more varied radio and newspaper choices.  Today’s [...]