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Second Day of National Mourning: A Viewing at Government House

The heavy downpour over Belize City today made the second national day of mourning to honor Belize’s first Governor General feel even more somber.  The rains forced slight adjustments in [...]

Mike Bou-Nahra Explains the Sale of Mirab Building to P.U.C.

On Monday, we reported a leaked letter sent by the new Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission to attorney Andrew Marshalleck.  Chairman Molina is seeking legal advice regarding a sale [...]

Sold for $10.3M, But What Did P.U.C. Receive?

So what was included in the package that the P.U.C. purchased?  According to the businessman, the Mirab building, including the property it sits on, and an open lot adjacent to [...]

So Many Applications for Food Assistance, Not Enough Money

The Food Assistance Program, a merging of the Grocery Bag Program and the COVID Food Assistance, is whittling down in terms of the funds made available for the initiative to [...]

Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence

An extreme case of domestic violence was reported last week, a woman savagely beaten reportedly by her husband. The report has enraged the Belizean public and prompted the Ministry of [...]

Can You Help Identify Tattoo on Decomposed Body?

Police are still trying to put the pieces together to identify the decomposing skeletal remains of an unidentified man found last Saturday on the Macal Riverbank.  Police say that they [...]

New COVID-19 Strain Found in Mexico; Czl Free Zone Reopens on Feb. 1st.

The Corozal Free Zone will reopen in less than two weeks on February first. There is a lot at stake with the reopening of the zone and serious preparations are [...]

New S.I. to be Passed by Month’s End

Meanwhile, the nationwide curfew from eight p.m. to five a.m. has been in effect since December twentieth of last year.  And in the Corozal and Orange Walk districts, the restrictions [...]

OW Mayoral Candidate Says COVID-19 Regulations Effective

One man who agreed with Health and Wellness Minister is the P.U.P. Orange Walk Mayoral Candidate, Ladrick “Madbull” Sheppard. He says the current quarantine regulations have proven useful as the [...]

The Americas: 2.5 Million New COVID-19 Cases & 40K Deaths in One Week!

Shifting to the regional perspective, the Pan American Health Organization held a public education virtual session this morning to speak about the COVID-19 situation in the Americas.  The hour-long session [...]

COVID-19 Vaccine Coming Soon?

The Pan American Health Organization is an integral partner for the Government of Belize.  PAHO, through funding from the European Union, has secured down payments to purchase over one million [...]

Belizean Programmer Develops a Coronavirus Active Management System

CAMS is an acronym for the Coronavirus Active Management System, an app created by Belizean economist and programmer, Renison Crawford.  Crawford is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Austria, but [...]

Introducing the P.U.P.’s Mad Bull and His Fellow Councillor Candidates

The municipal election will be held on Wednesday, March third. Both major political parties have been working on finalizing their slates in each municipality. In Orange Walk, the P.U.P. selected [...]

P.U.P. Rejects Councilor Haresh Vaswani’s Application to Run

One man who didn’t make it on the P.U.P.’s Orange Walk slate is Haresh Vaswani.  He first joined the P.U.P. team in 2018; he was elected a councilor with five [...]

“Chips” Noralez Not Seeking Re-election

Here in Belize City, the final P.U.P. slate is still unknown.  Mayor Bernard Wagner has confirmed he will be seeking re-election, but it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be [...]

Will Elvia Vega Be P.U.P.’s Candidate for By-Election?

The by-election for the Corozal Bay constituency that was left vacant by the recent death of David “Dido” Vega will be held simultaneously with the municipal elections on March third.  [...]

Young Male Tapir Killed on John Smith Link Road

A young tapir lost its life on Sunday night. It’s the second tapir killed in a road traffic accident on the John Smith Link Road in two months.  Images from [...]

A New Commissioner for Maya Land Rights Commission to be Named

The government will appoint a new commissioner to deal with the carrying out of the C.C.J.’s consent order regarding the issue of Maya land rights and the appellate court’s ruling [...]

UNICEF Donates Recreational Kits for Child Friendly Spaces Initiative

2020 proved to be a year of disasters, from multiple storms to the ongoing pandemic. And the trauma of all of it will remain etched in our minds.  UNICEF wants [...]