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An S.P.U. Officer is Missing in the Columbia Forest Reserve

Tonight, the family of police constable Bernard Ical is hoping for his safe return.  A search by the B.D.F. and Police is underway deep inside the Columbia Forest Reserve between [...]

Police Officer in Critical Condition after R.T.A. in Corozal

Meanwhile Police Corporal Anibal Mena is in a critical condition and hospitalized in Belize City. The forty-four year old corporal was involved in a road traffic accident on Thursday evening. [...]

A San Pedro Resident Dies from COVID-19

A resident of San Pedro is the latest victim to have succumbed to COVID-19.  Earlier today, Cecilia Tzib lost her battle with coronavirus after being intubated at the Karl Heusner [...]

New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed

As to the number of new cases, after five o’clock this evening and after the press conference by Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Ministry of Health’s infographic was released showing that [...]

Antigen Rapid Tests are Coming

During the prime minister’s press conference last Friday, he announced the introduction of antigen rapid tests to replace the existing PCR tests that are being used to determine an individual’s [...]

Some Patients Still Test COVID-Positive After 14 Day Incubation Period

PCR tests have been touted as the gold standard for testing for COVID-19 and the Ministry of Health has been using this method consistently.  But there are concerns that even [...]

Recovery from COVID-19 Will Take Months for Some Patients

According to the Director of Health Services, it will take some patients several months to recover from the symptoms of COVID-19.  He says that the observation is similar to dengue [...]

Charges Being Framed for Author, Persons Involved in Creating Sex Video

Several persons remain in police custody pending further investigation into a viral sex video that shows a woman being forced to perform oral sex on a man while another instructs [...]

Video Author and Associates to be Sent to Central Prison under Gang S.O.E.

Until those charges are laid, ComPol Chester Williams says that “Big Tom” will be taken to the central prison under the gang state of emergency, which was declared in early [...]

Police Investigating Recent Gun Video

Another video has been released and is being investigated by the Belize Police Department. The video shows a man wielding a gun and is heard speaking of possibly robbing a [...]

New Quarantine Regulation and Policing

When you woke up this morning, a new statutory instrument was in effect and tonight you can move around past nine o’clock. But while the curfew has been lifted there [...]

Funeral Home Goes Up in Flames

A raging fire broke after midnight on Freetown Road, Belize City. Smoke billowed across the area as the flames quickly consumed a funeral parlor as well as house, both located [...]

Market Woes in Belmopan

Belmopan vendors are not happy that they were not allowed to conduct business on the proposed site of the Belmopan Market Plaza.  It’s a central location – just across from [...]

Belmopan Politicians Weigh In on Market Woes in the Capital

In their response to the vendors, the Belmopan City Council issued a press release today.  The purpose of the release, according to the council, is to clarify the “circumstances surrounding [...]

Healthcare Workers Continue to be Exposed to COVID-19

The exposure of healthcare workers continues to be a concern for the Ministry of Health, notwithstanding efforts being made to safeguard their wellbeing on the frontlines of the fight against [...]

When Will Belize’s EPI Curve Peak?

During today’s Ask the Experts, Doctor Marvin Manzanero was asked about Belize’s epidemic curve. Here’s what he had to say about the progression of COVID-19 in country.   Dr. Marvin [...]

Belize Continues to Monitor Other COVID-19 Tests

Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin Manzanero also shared an update on the COVID-19 tests that Belize is monitoring at this time. He says that at this time the Abbott [...]

P.U.P.: Government Must Offer Urgent Assistance to the Banana Industry

The Banana Growers Association continues to carry out assessment of the damages caused by Hurricane Nana.  The damages are expected to be in the millions, but a specific amount will [...]

Red Cross’ Lily Bowman: “Belize is Spared of Tremendous Damage”

Hurricane Nana dissipated near Guatemala’s border with Mexico after making landfall in Belize. Assessments of damages are ongoing in the agricultural sector and work has commenced on the ground to [...]

Red Cross Stands Ready to Assist Where It Can Post Hurricane Nana

According to Bowman, because the effects of the storm have been localised to Stann Creek and Punta Gorda, the Ministry of Human Development and NEMO are leading the efforts for [...]

Introducing S.A.F.E. Busters

A number of business places have had to undertake sanitization when staff have tested positive to the corona virus. Other establishments have carried out the exercise to mitigate risks. This [...]

Hunting Caye Lighthouse Renamed after its Former Operator Thomas Lester Garbutt

Tonight we have a heart-warming story of humble man whose heroic acts are little well-known. He is Thomas Lester Garbutt, in whose honour the lighthouse at Hunting Caye has been [...]