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Lord Michael Ashcroft Reacts to C.C.J. Decision

The C.C.J. on Tuesday delivered a severe decision against the government using language like abuse of power, high-handed, and inconsistent with good governance. . The judgment handed down is in [...]

Will Ashcroft Ever Collect on Monies Owed by G.O.B.?

The likelihood of Lord Ashcroft being able to collect on hundreds of millions of dollars owed to him under the Barrow administration, is likely at zero to none as the [...]

Government on the Hook for Another $250M to Ashcroft

After signing an agreement in Miami, the PM agreed to pay five hundred million dollars for the acquisition and nationalization of B.T.L.  Government is once again indebted to Lord Michael [...]

Government Amends Laws, but Judiciary Needs to be Strengthened

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the government has amended laws on several occasions to suit its position on legal matters and introduced retroactive amendments.  This was first [...]

Government’s Actions, Do They Bode Well for Investor Confidence?

In a lengthy written decision accompanying the C.C.J.’s ruling on Tuesday, there are several points in which the bench rebukes the Government for its actions pertaining to B.I.S.L.  Justice Peter [...]

Supreme Court Will Determine Quantum of Damages

The ruling by the C.C.J. was grounded on equitable treatment since for over twenty years the receipts went into an escrow account rather than directly into the consolidated revenue fund [...]

Attorney General Says Former Chief Justice Made No Decision

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte was also asked whether an oral ruling handed down by former Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is a non-decision as stated by the Prime Minister recently.  Peyrefitte [...]

P.U.P. Standard Bearer Arraigned for ‘Failure to Provide a Specimen’

A politician was hauled before the courts today where he was read a single charge of failure to provide a specimen. P.U.P.’s standard bearer for Belmopan, Oscar Mira was arraigned [...]

Cpl. Oscar Itch is Arraigned for 10 Counts of Forgery

Also appearing in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today was Corporal Oscar Itch; he was arraigned for ten counts of forgery, for which he pleaded not guilty. On Monday, the firearms [...]

Belize CitCo Will Not Pay Chon Saan Bill Incurred by Previous Council

The Belize City Council is not going to pay the eighteen thousand dollars that Lee Mark Chang, owner of Chon Saan Palace is attempting to collect. Chang who is the [...]

Chetumal’s Health System on the Brinks of Collapse

News media in Chetumal are reporting that the health system there is on the brink of collapse due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. Chetumal has surpassed Cancun with [...]

Pushing Quintana Roo’s #StayAtHome Campaign

According Garrido, the Quintana Roo government is working with its people to curb the curve and prevent the further spread of the virus.  A campaign called ‘stay at home’ is [...]

Recently Diagnosed COVID-19 Patients Asymptomatic

As the numbers increase across the border, on Tuesday, Belize recorded four new COVID-19 cases. This brings the total number of active cases to eight—five females and three males.  According [...]

M.O.H. Continues Preparation for P.G.I.A. Reopening

According to Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Ministry of Health is currently assessing how many beds and ventilators are currently available in the country for seriously ill COVID-19 patient. This is [...]

4 Loan Motions Passed by Senate, including a C.D.B. Loan to Service Debt

The Senate met today in Belmopan on four loan motions that were tabled in the House last Friday and were passed after heated debate. Government is borrowing a total of [...]

Private Sector Senator Says G.O.B. Has No Plan for Economic Recovery

According to Private Sector Senator Mark Lizarraga, the government has no solid plan for economic recovery and the right thing to do is to call elections now to give way [...]

I.D.B. Loan to Provide Safety Nets for Vulnerable Populations Affected by COVID-19

Forty-five thousand persons have benefitted from the COVID-19 Relief Programme by the government; fifteen thousand were directly employed in the tourism industry. Those were the figures presented by Doctor Carla [...]

Is Money for Election?

But Lead P.U.P. Senator Michel Chebat is asking where the millions of dollars went, concluding that the government is asking for money for electioneering.   Michel Chebat, Lead P.U.P. Senator [...]

Enhancing Sugarcane Farmers Resilience to Natural Hazard Events

Another loan brought before the upper chamber was for one million thirteen thousand U.S. dollars from the C.D.B. for sugar cane farmers to restore production, following the effects of the [...]

Monies to Invest in Productivity of Farmers

But Senator Mark Lizarraga was quick to crunch the numbers concluding that the million dollars for the drought is not enough because it works out to only about three hundred [...]

Farmers Vs Valley of Peace Farms Ltd. in Land Dispute

Back in March we told you about the land dispute between the Valley of Peace Farms Limited and the Valley of Peace Farmers Association. The Association is made up of [...]

C.W.U. Members Demonstrate Against Salary Cuts

Members of the Christian Workers who work at the Port of Belize this afternoon staged a protest in front of the Port in Belize City. They are complaining that the [...]

Security Guard Shot During Robbery Attempt in PG

Thirty-one-year-old Anselmo Ack was injured during a shooting incident in Punta Gorda on Tuesday night.  The security guard was along with forty-nine-year-old Olympia Pate, the manager of the local Uno [...]

National Assembly Records Date Back to 1883!

At the National Assembly on Tuesday, we had a first-hand view at the archives that date back to the colonial past of Belize. The interesting historical literature shows how the [...]