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Gang Members Released from Detention After Thirty-day Lockdown

On Thursday night, more than one hundred and forty persons suspected of being members of gangs were released from the Belize Central Prison after a month of incarceration. At the [...]

Belize Purchasing South Korean Testing Kits from Cayman, but Did Not Accept Donation through SICA

According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in a recorded statement, Belize is acquiring testing kits from the Cayman Islands.  The Cayman Islands has found itself with a surplus of the [...]

COVID-19 Update: 734 Screened, No New Cases

The last confirmed positive COVID-19 cases were reported on Monday; since then, there has been no new cases which means that going into the weekend, the number of confirmed cases [...]

The Dairy Sector’s Struggles Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

All this week we’ve been reporting on the economic impact of COVID-19 on the agro-productive sector. As you’ve heard earlier this week, the Spanish Lookout Community is facing a number [...]

185 Fires Recorded in a Single Day!

Residents in western Belize, particularly in Belmopan and San Ignacio and Santa Elena have been complaining about smog that has been lingering going on for almost two weeks. They say [...]

A Donation to the Red Cross Association in Memory of Rene Ashcroft

The Red Cross Association is well-known all over the world, for its expertise in organizing food distribution and other relief efforts in times of disasters.  On Thursday, the Belize branch [...]

An Economic Shock Unlike No Other

In addressing the nation during a televised statement on Thursday evening, Prime Minister Dean Barrow touched on a number of issues as they relate to the coronavirus catastrophe.  Among those [...]

Help is for Everyone, Red and Blue

In respect of details of government’s relief assistance, PM Barrow reminded that everything his administration is doing to get the country through this crisis is with a view to helping [...]

Order and Social Distancing; a Must During Pantry Distributions

Long lines are forming at centres where the pantry programme is being distributed. This morning, it turned ugly when police disrupted the pantry disbursed by the Salvation Army. But at [...]

State of Emergency and Subsistence Farming

Subsistence farming continues to be a way of life among members of the indigenous communities in southern Belize.  Amid the national state of emergency brought about by the coronavirus crisis, [...]

Returning Home to Toledo Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The south, Stann Creek and Toledo Districts, have not reported any case of the coronavirus. But in several communities, residents who migrated to other parts of the country where they [...]

Environmental Experts Weigh In on Fire Increase!

As you heard earlier in the newscast, the Forest Department is facing a growing problem with fires across the country. And there may be regulations coming as early as next [...]

ComPol Chester Williams: Traffic Backup at Checkpoint a Good Thing

There have been a number of complaints about the backup of traffic on the Philip Goldson Highway in the mornings by commuters coming into the City from Ladyville. That congestion [...]

The Ladyville and Lord’s Bank Villages COVID-19 Committee Kicks Into Action

The communities of Ladyville and Lord’s Bank have not been exempted from the impacts of COVID-19.  A large number of residents work in some way in the tourism industry which [...]

The Sugar Industry Prepared for COVID-19

This week, we have been covering the state of the productive sector. Dairy and the general livestock industry, as we heard, are having a difficult time during this state of [...]

The Sugar Industry Preparing for Another Drought

The 2019 extended drought has had an adverse impact on the agriculture industry in Belize; in fact, some farmers are still reeling from it.  It caused a significant drop in [...]

Driver Abandons Crashed Vehicle After Police Pursuit

On Thursday night in San Ignacio, a motorist fled the scene of a collision after reportedly being pursued by police officers on motorcycle.  The pickup truck, as seen here, ran [...]

The Belize Zoo Needs Your Help!

The Belize Zoo is asking for help for one hundred and fifty plus residents.  The zoo has closed its doors and, like many other entities, it is unable to earn [...]

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are feeling stressed, not your usual self and finding it difficult to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone. The difficulties, restrictions and other elements connected [...]

Tips on How to Cope with COVID-19 Mental Distress!

And if you are experiencing mental distress, Ines Cano shared some tips about what you can do to help you during such challenging times.   Ines Cano, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner [...]