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Doug Singh Resigns as S.S.B. Chair, from Other Boards

Late this evening, Chairman of the S.S.B. Doug Singh stepped down from the post. The consummate U.D.P. insider also resigned as the chairman of the Elections and Boundaries commission and [...]

COVID-19 Cases Double Over Easter Weekend; Another Casualty is Reported

The number of persons infected by COVID 19 doubled over the Easter weekend. As of this afternoon, six hundred and twenty-nine persons have been tested; of that amount eighteen persons [...]

More Businesses are Looking Fumigation to Kill Coronavirus

The burial of Conrad Everett took place over the weekend in line with protocols established with the World Health Organization. Now, the cluster of persons that also tested positive includes [...]

Out of Eighteen Cases – Two in Hospital – Fourteen in Home Isolation

This afternoon, Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero provided an update on the positive cases of COVID-19. Speaking on Ask the Experts,  Doctor Manzanero says that so far, there [...]

GOB Loses Millions in Revenue

The economy is coming to a grinding halt and being the largest employer in the country, the Government of Belize is looking to cut down on spending.  With tens of [...]

G.O.B. Proposes Freezing of Annual Salary Increment

Financial Secretary Joseph Waight told President Smith that the government is seeking to identify and implement potential cost savings measures. One of those measures includes the proposed freezing of salary [...]

Additional 5000 Approved for COVID-19 Relief

Just after he made those unsavory comments on who gets funds under the COVID Relief programme, Doug Singh spoke in a much saner tone to News Five. Now, one of [...]

Concerns About Accessing Unemployment Relief

Some of the concerns raised about the access to the COVID-19 unemployment relief programme are the lack of bank accounts and social security number. Some groups, mostly underprivileged homes, feel [...]

Test Kits Update!

Late last week, the Director of Health Services said the country and in fact the region is running low on viral swabs used in testing for COVID-19. This afternoon, the [...]

K.H.M.H.A. Workers Union Meets with Prime Minister Dean Barrow

The leaders of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority Workers Union on Monday met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who is now out of isolation. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, [...]

K.H.M.H.A. Workers Union Demand Investigation for “Breach of Protocols’

The Ministry of Health of Health over the weekend said that personnel at the K.H.M.H. who were exposed to patient ten have tested negative for COVID-19. But the K.H.M.H.A. Workers [...]

Is the Government Broke?

Revenue to government coffers has been shrinking due to COVID-19 and the state of emergency.  So is the government broke? That is the question we asked Financial Secretary Joseph Waight [...]

Fuel Prices to Decrease This Week

World oil prices continue to fall, dipping below thirty dollars a barrel.  But despite falling world oil prices, here in Belize, consumers are paying more than ten dollars a gallon. [...]

DHS Speaks on Future Testing Possibilities

Back to today’s Ask the Experts Session. Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero was asked about the possibility of Belize using rapid tests, as well as those that test [...]

Belize Learning from Taiwan’s COVID-19 Best Practices

One country that has been hailed to have successfully contained the virus is Taiwan.  Today, Taiwan reported no new cases of the COVID-19 for the first time in thirty-six days. [...]

More Testing Kits a Cometh

Since the Ministry of Health began screening and testing exercises in detection of COVID-19, a total of six hundred tests have been conducted.  That was out of a diminishing number [...]

DHS Explains Why South Korean Test Kits Were Refused

When pressed about the twenty-five thousand kits that were being donated by South Korea through SICA, that the Ministry of Health declined in March, the DHS said that the ministry’s [...]

Three Wayward Cops Arraigned for Sexual Coercion

Three police officers, including a corporal, have been arrested and charged following the coercion of two Belize City residents into a sexual act last Tuesday.  Forty-six-year-old Jason Shaw, thirty-eight-year-old Leslie [...]

94 Others Arrested Under Emergency Power Regulations, Curfew

There have been over five hundred persons and counting arrested for violating the emergency powers regulation with respect to the state of emergency and curfew. On Sunday, further restrictions were [...]

Decomposing Body of Elderly Man Found at Dumpsite in Valley of Peace

While there a number of arrests were made over the weekend for violators of the state of emergency, police are investigating a case of sudden death in the west. Earlier [...]

Was the BMDA Blocked from Virtual M.O.H. Meeting?

Earlier, we reported that the K.H.M.H.A. Workers Union reached agreement on some areas during a meeting with the PM.  Among the other complaints over COVID-19 that have surfaced includes one [...]

The U.S.A. and Ventilators Delay

At least three countries in the region: Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Barbados, have complained that equipment placed on order for the COVID-19 pandemic, were prevented by the U.S. authorities. The [...]

NAVCO Demands Village Councils Be Included in COVID-19 Food Distribution

The National Association of Village Councils is demanding that village councils be included in the distribution of food under the COVID-19 assistance programmes. Sabido says that villages and communities are [...]

Social Distancing and other Precautionary Measures May Extend for More Than a Year

If you are frustrated by all the new regulations being introduced including social distancing and other precautionary measures, you might want to buckle down and hang in there. Today during [...]

Salvation Army & its Food Pantry Programme

There are several food pantry programmes in place by government agencies as well as individuals and humanitarian organizations across the country. The Salvation Army, which caters to thousands of persons, [...]