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Maskall baby critical after devastating sexual molestation; one held

We start the news tonight with a sickening report of the rape of a toddler. The seventeen-month old girl is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The [...]

UNICEF Belize speaks out

The urban violence and abuse of children has prompted UNICEF to speak out. The U.N. organization issued a release this afternoon highlighting the responsibility of adults to protect children and [...]

On crazy night in the City, Jermaine Carr ambushed and shot dead; minor and woman injured

On Wednesday night, Belize City became a war zone. In a matter of hours five people were injured in gun violence and another lost his life. A minor, the third [...]

Rene Montero’s family collected three million in land compensation and interest

There is more scandalous information tonight about the hustle in the Ministry of Natural Resources known as the hot bed of corruption. A past P.U.P. administration in 1998 repossessed eighty-one [...]

More to come; P.U.P. says they didn’t deserve it

Briceño, himself a former Lands Minister, says the seventy-one million figure paid out for land compensation is more than three times the amount paid out under his Ministry in eight [...]

“Boots” concerns corner the market in Port Loyola

The P.U.P. also wants Anthony “Boots” Martinez’s head on the chopping block. Since early this week, there have been reports about the alleged rip off at the Ministry of Works [...]

Why minister must go, now!

The P.U.P. leader placed full blame on Prime Minister Dean Barrow for not following through on his repeated promise to stamp out corruption. He insisted that nobody knows for sure [...]

Kirk Lamb thought he was going to get a house, not build them

Kirk Lamb has re-emerged to counter some of the accusations and questions raised by his former boss, Anthony “Boots” Martinez, on Wednesday. Today he told reporters that while he may [...]

Nicholi Rhys targeted on Prince Street

The murder of Jermaine Carr on Neal’s Pen Road was preceded by two other shooting incidents in Belize City on Wednesday evening. The first incident involved well-known George Street figure [...]

90 minutes later, retaliation visited on Aaron Avilez

The attempt on Rhys’ life prompted swift retribution by his affiliates across town shortly afterwards.  Twenty-one-year-old Aaron Avilez was leaving from a barbershop on North Front Street around seven-thirty when [...]

Armed robber “gun-butts” Chinese businesswoman for ten grand U.S.

A robber got away with ten thousand U.S. dollars on Wednesday evening after he held up a businesswoman in Belize City. Police say that the woman was heading home for [...]

Two out on bail for murder charge, but ordered to stay inside at night

There has been a recent trend of men accused of murder seeking bail. It was previously thought that murder, except in rare circumstances, was the one charge immune to bail, [...]

A.G. to spell out position on why profiling is wrong

The open debate on the taking of photographs by officers conducting stop and search exercises continue in the public domain, as well as within government.  The issue has been raised [...]

UNCAC visit postponement a shame, but don’t run down Tuvalu

On Wednesday, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, N.T.U.C.B., issued a terse release soundly criticizing the Government of Belize for the delay in the visit of an UNCAC team [...]

Nine homeless after flash fire

A fire in Belize City has left a family of nine without a roof over their heads. The homeowner and her baby were asleep when the fire broke out inside [...]

The Budget is [finally] coming!

There will be a special meeting of the Cabinet in Belmopan this Friday, where members will get the first look at the 2018-2019 General Revenue and Appropriation Bill, also known [...]

Education still on top, but being prudent

Last year’s budget for the Ministry of Education was around two hundred and seventy-seven million dollars, about twenty-eight percent of government’s total fiscal expenditure.  This year’s, according to Minister Patrick [...]

Parties spar over “non-existent” education funds

Earlier this week, Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño, revealed that what is left of the education budget is being raided, with Cabinet approval, to attempt to curry favor before [...]

Child Stimulation Month says it’s okay to play

There are more pre-schools and pre-schoolers in Belize than ever before, and the demand for early socialization, especially in a society vulnerable to impression from outside, is consequently greater. But [...]

Healthy Living: check eyes yearly to see clearly

Our eyes play a vital role in our quality of life. However, even though our vision is so important to us, we don’t make the time to check-up on them. [...]