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P.M. Touts Savings of New Superbond to Honor G.O.B. Commitments

Since Friday, there was indication that the creditor committee representing bondholders had accepted the latest offer by Government for the restructuring of the Super Bond. Prime Minister Dean Barrow this [...]

Further Savings Result from Elimination of Early Amortization Payments

Government did not meet the February payment in light of the ongoing restructuring.  And according to the Prime Minister, the big saving is in the amortization, which was set to [...]

Payments on Principal Put Off to 2030

Going forward, government will make repayments on the principal.  It will, however, have to make five soft bullet payments leading up to the maturity of the bond in 2034.  Those [...]

P.U.P. Throws Cold Water on New Arrangements

The People’s United Party was quick to respond to the Prime Minister’s latest press conference calling it nothing more than a ‘smoke and mirrors’ presentation. According to the release, Barrow [...]

At Senate, Eric Chang Claims Limited Involvement in Visa Foils Scandal

While the Prime Minister was crunching the numbers at the Biltmore, the Senate Select investigation was taking place in the capital where insights into the immigration illegalities were coming from [...]

Chang Says Immigration is “A Sensitive Issue”

Chang also specifically denied helping anyone obtain Belizean visas, nationality and passport except in the case of a Taiwanese-Belizean whose daughter had obtained nationality by descent and needed a passport [...]

In Taiwan, Eric Chang Tried to be a Friend to Won Hong Kim

All good stories, perhaps, are long stories, and the case of Won Hong Kim is a good one. The revelation that former Minister of State Elvin Penner assisted the jailed [...]

Attorney Explains Why Chang Did Not Come Forward

Outside, Chang consented to answer a few questions from the press. He reiterated that he was here to clear his name and that he felt that went well enough. But [...]

Patrick Tillett Dealt with Visa Apps for 6 Grand a Pop!

Another witness who had to be summoned to appear before the Senate Special Select Committee was accountant Patrick Tillett, who readily provided details of his involvement in applying for visas [...]

Did Accountant Get What He Paid For?

Unbelievable as it may sound, Tillett says there are people willing to pay thousands of dollars to have someone like him work through immigration agents to get their documents facilitated, [...]

Skeptical Senate Warns: ‘Fool Di Taak, But Da No Fool Di Listen’

The Senators, to say the least, found it unbelievable that Tillett would be willing to cover the loss on the visas if the transaction, as he insisted, was above-board. Try [...]

Lindsay Wade Says “Bring Mr. Middleton!”

The final witness at today’s public hearing was former Immigration Officer at the Western Border Station, Lindsay Wade. He was formally accused in the Auditor General’s Report as the man [...]

Belize Will Not Give Up Oil and Utilities; Resists Full I.M.F. Program

Turning back to the Super Bond, the proposed sale of shares in B.T.L. and B.E.L. also caught the eyes of bondholders during the renegotiation process.  According to PM Barrow, creditors [...]

Barrow Promises No Stand-By Arrangements with I.M.F.

According to the Prime Minister, the involvement of the I.M.F., as a condition of the proposal being approved, is nothing earth-shattering since government meets with the financial agency annually to [...]

FinSec: Limited Taxes Will Form Part of Growth Arrangement

Financial Secretary Joseph Waight has also weighed in on the successful outcome of the Super Bond renegotiation.  He spoke directly to the need for additional tax measures to be implemented.  [...]

Women’s Day Addresses Gender Justice

Across the world, March eight is observed as International Women’s Day. It is a day set aside to celebrate women’s achievements from political to social – and simultaneously calls for [...]

Survivor in Fatal Accident Speaks to News Five

There was a fatal traffic accident just before midnight on Tuesday that claimed the life of twenty-one year old Kendra Mejia and injuring her brother, Hector Mejia and her seventeen [...]

Prime Minister says Merits of Glenn Godfrey Case Not Determined Yet

On Friday, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal, whose jurisdiction includes the state of Florida, upheld a ruling in favor of businessman Glenn Godfrey.  The initial decision, in respect of [...]