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Patrick Faber is the U.D.P.’s First Deputy Leader

The Big Deal versus the Real Deal – kind of sounds like a WWE Wrestle Mania event, but it wasn’t. The U.D.P. convention on Sunday saw John Saldivar going against [...]

Will Campaign Mudslinging Divide the Party?

With the decided underdog declared victorious, it remains to be seen if time will heal the rift between camps. Much of the campaign was heated some of it very pointed [...]

Detained Fishermen Will Be Deported to Belize

In our newscast on Friday we reported that eight fishermen had been detained and were being processed by immigration authorities in Guatemala. The group was detained on the beach of [...]

Guatemalans Deny Media’s Account of Sarstoon Incident

Guatemala has issued a formal letter of protest to Belize with reference to a trip to the Sarstoon last Friday.  Tonight, we can say that Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize Manuel [...]

P.U.P. Calls for Urgent Action by G.O.B. to Assert Sovereignty

Based on the incident in the Sarstoon last Friday, today the People’s United Party issued a very strong release demanding that the government, “Act to re-establish full sovereignty and control [...]

Is There Really An Informal Agreement Allowing Free Access to the Sarstoon?

There continues to be much reference to what was referred to in a government release last Tuesday as an informal acceptance of a situation in which, “there will be untrammeled [...]

Eamon Courtenay Says No Excuse for Lack of Communication

You’ll notice that while Guatemala did not reject the assertion by Minister Elrington, they didn’t accept it either, so therein may lie the confusion. As was stated by Prime Minister [...]

P.U.P. Calls for Competent Team to Handle Belize/Guatemala Matters

The P.U.P. release issued today also specifically issues a call for the appointment of a, “national team to competently manage Belize/Guatemala.” So is the P.U.P. saying that the current team [...]

Police Believe Wallace Murder was Retaliation for Murder of GSG Don

Police are perplexed over a weekend murder and are putting all the clues together. A white Nissan Altima traveling to Belize City was reportedly trailed by a white Infinity SUV [...]

Gizmo Escapes Death Again

There have been numerous attempts on the life of Gion “Gizmo” Bernard, a street figure from the Victoria Street area in Belize City. In the past two weeks, there were [...]

Police Department Bids Farewell to Fallen Cop

Police Constable Edwardo Gonzalez was laid to rest this afternoon in Santa Elena, after taking his own life with a firearm while on duty last Wednesday.  Gonzalez was stationed at [...]

OW Police Waiting for Results for Post Mortem Examination of Julia Arana

Fifty-nine-year-old Julia Arana succumbed over the weekend. She was knocked down by a vehicle in Trial Farm Village on April first and a postmortem exam will determine the cause of [...]

Calaney Flowers Will Stand Trial for Murder

It was big news in August, 2012 when Calaney Flowers allegedly rammed a motorcycle ridden by her ex-boyfriend Lyndon Morrison and his new girlfriend Sochyl Sosa. Morrison died from injuries [...]

Family of Lyndon Morrison Satisfied with Judge’s Decision

The case has been adjourned till Tuesday, when the defense will present its evidence. The family of Lyndon Morrison was at Court today and told News Five that while they [...]

Shane Gillett Murder Trial Nears Completion

The trial by judge without jury case in the murder of eighty-four year old Samuel Price is coming to an end in the courtroom of Justice Adolph Lucas. Price was [...]

Case of Robert’s Grove Vs. Jean Marc Tasse Concludes

The case of Robert’s Grove Limited versus Jean Marc Tasse concluded quietly on the Supreme Court of Justice Sonya Young two years after the suit was filed. Hearings and submissions [...]

Evangelists Pray for Peace Between Belize & Guatemala

At the political level, there is tension between Belize and Guatemala as relations deteriorate over Guatemala’s assertion that it owns the Sarstoon. But over the weekend, you would not have [...]

Guatemalans Protest in Melchor de Mencos

A protest of about five hundred persons was held in Melchor de Mencos which is the nearest community across the western border where Belizeans trek to shop. Initially, Sunday’s protest [...]

Police Destroy Weed and Crack in Bulk

The Police Department last Friday morning destroyed a quantity of marijuana and crack cocaine. The drugs went up in smoke at the Tower Hill factory in Orange Walk Town. Eight [...]

Thousands March Against Cancer in Belize City

The annual Cancer Walk has been growing over the years, morphing into a powerful voice in the fight against the disease. The trek from Ladyville into the City started early [...]

Sports Monday: Football and Softball Matches Over the Weekend

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We take you out to the MCC Grounds for yesterday’s showdown between West Lake and FC Elite in the [...]