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Prime Minister Barrow Addresses Heightened Border Tension

There is an escalating crisis between Belize and Guatemala that is reaching tipping point. In recent days, Guatemala has adopted an aggressive stand against Belize especially in the Sarstoon where [...]

PM Barrow Reminds Guatemalan President about the Murder of Danny Conorquie

Guatemala earlier today issued a statement saying that ten Guatemalan civilians had been killed by Belizean troops. But there is also the murder of Danny Connorquie and the shooting of [...]

P.M. Meets with Senior UN and O.A.S. Officials in the United States

As tensions continue to mount, the Prime Minister is meeting with high level officials from the United Nations, the O.A.S. and the international community. Here on the ground, the government [...]

National Security Council Convenes Urgent Meeting in Belize City

Here in Belize City, the National Security Council met this afternoon at the Office of the Prime Minister in Belize City, following a meeting this morning between Minister of National [...]

Opposition Leader Addresses Nation as Guatemala Increases Aggression

As the government of Guatemala becomes more aggressive, The People’s United Party has been swift in issuing a statement following an emergency executive meeting at Independence Hall.  P.U.P. Leader John [...]

Is Guatemala Attempting to Annex the Sarstoon?

As we said, the People’s United Party held an emergency meeting this morning in light of the amassing of troops in the Sarstoon as well as at the Adjacency Zone. [...]

Senator Eamon Courtenay Weighs in on Belize/Guatemala Hostility

Senator Courtenay explains that once Guatemala moves its troops to exercise their so called sovereignty, it is a clear case of annexation which if left undone, becomes a permanent situation. [...]

True Story of Guatemalan Aggression must be Internationalized

Courtenay goes on to say that the internationalization of the Belize/Guatemala crisis, in light of the shooting death of a minor in the Chiquibul, is being used by Guatemalan army [...]

O.A.S. Issues Statement Repudiating Death of Guatemalan Minor in Chiquibul

Secretary General of the O.A.S., Luis Almagro, was sitting comfortably witnessing a Culture for Peace Program at the Adjacency Zone on Wednesday removed from what was happening at the Sarstoon [...]

O.A.S. is Aware of Guatemalan’s Pillaging Belize’s Natural Resources

Senator Eamon Courtenay, this morning expressed dismay at the O.A.S. pointing out that the organization is well aware of the plunder of Belize’s resources in the Chiquibul by Guatemalan nationals. [...]

Military Occupation of Sarstoon; Is it Really Happening?

Since we visited the Sarstoon on Wednesday for the inauguration of the joint operations Forward Operating Base a lot has happened. A Guatemalan minor was shot and killed in the [...]

Western Border Open but Business Slows Down Considerably

Aside from the Sarstoon, we headed to Benque which is the western town on the border with Guatemala. We witnessed Guatemalan children crossing the border to attend school in Belize. [...]

U.S. State Department Issues Release on Chiquibul Shooting

Apart from the O.A.S. and Mexico issuing statements on the latest developments between Belize and Guatemala, the U.S. State Department made a brief comment on the escalated tension.  The press [...]

What is Mexico’s Interest in Belize and Guatemala Keeping the Peace?

The government of Mexico has also issued a statement. Our neighbor to the north reiterates its support for the efforts of both countries to advance the solution to the dispute [...]

Courtenay and Elrington Set Aside Differences in the Interest of Belize

The P.U.P. leader told News Five on Thursday that Senator Eamon Courtenay continues as his chief representative on the advisory group to the Belize/Guatemala issue. Former Minister Assad Shoman has [...]

Wil Maheia Lashes out at O.A.S.

The Organization of American States has issued a release on the fatal shooting of Guatemalan minor Julio Rene Alvarado, in the Chiquibul on Wednesday. The release states that,  “the O.A.S. [...]

Will BTV Proceed with Planned Trip to Sarstoon?

The Belize Territorial Volunteers will be heading to Sarstoon on Saturday, April thirtieth. Or will they? Maheia has been accused of provoking the Guatemalans, so he is certainly on the [...]