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Former Belize City Mayor Commits Suicide

Former Belize City Mayor David Fonseca is dead.  The retired People’s United Party politician, served two terms as mayor and a total of sixteen years in active politics, took his [...]

TCC Principal’s Comment on Treasury Theft Surprises Fin Sec

Treasury Department Second Class Clerk David Enriquez was charged last week for theft. The police say that he diverted monies, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, meant for Toledo Community [...]

Treasury Employee David Enriquez Granted Supreme Court Bail

Enriquez had been on remand for the bold Treasury theft since last week, but this afternoon he was granted bail by Supreme Court Judge Troadio Gonzalez after the prosecution registered [...]

PM Promises Council of Churches an Ecumenical Chapel from Petrocaribe Funds

It may have cruised under the radar at the Prime Minister’s press conference on Wednesday, but the fact that the churches are getting in on the Petrocaribe bounty is significant. [...]

Light Bill Set to Go Down in July

There is some good news for consumers because beginning July first, 2015 to June thirtieth 2016; electricity rates are to go down to thirty-five cents per kilo watt hour to [...]

Labor Commissioner Updates on Santander Employees

Two weeks ago, about forty workers at the Santander Green Tropics facility staged a small protest at the compound, citing chronic concerns which they say remained unaddressed by management. Over [...]

Is Santander Favoring Foreigners for Lucrative Jobs?

According to Williams, and this is certainly not the first time this complaint has been ventilated, workers feel that they are not being given access to lucrative employment. They feel [...]

Labor Commissioner Says Belizeans are Under-qualified for Certain Santander Posts

So why aren’t Belizeans getting access to the higher paying jobs which require special skills? Well, because not many Belizeans have those skills. It’s as simple as that. Our vocational [...]

SIB Issues Statistics on Consumer Price Index for March

The Statistical Institute of Belize released the latest stats on consumer price index and external trade for the month of March. According to SIB, consumer prices were down one percent [...]

Gapi Vega Says Lands Department is Investigating Caye Caulker Cheat

Last Thursday, a retired English couple came forward in the media to express frustration over a land swindle in Caye Caulker which has resulted in the devaluation of their beachfront [...]

BRC Printing Versus Ministry of Education Settled in Supreme Court

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has settled a court case with Benque Viejo del Carmen Town-based book publishers, BRC Printing Limited. The dispute goes back to June of [...]

James Andrews and Jose David Gomez Granted Bail for Gang Rape

This afternoon in a bail application heard by Justice Troadio Gonzalez of the Supreme Court, two young men were granted bail for the offense of rape.  They are James Andrews [...]

DOE Launches 3-year Chemical Waste Management Project

Ten years ago, the government of Belize ratified several environmental management conventions and address, through international assistance and programs, issues of chemical and waste management. Three phases have been accomplished [...]

…But What About Hazardous Waste?

Another component of the project will include the closure of the dumpsite and the construction of a transfer station at Burrell Boom. But when you hear chemical waste, it brings [...]

Labour Day Celebrated in Belize

On Friday, in Belize as well as in many other countries, the Labour Day holiday will be held to honor workers. From time to time, we hear about employee- employer [...]

Lake-I Residents Pass Self Defense Program

The Precinct Two Police Officers, through their community policing, have been working on the ground to engage residents. From one on one interaction to group efforts, the police say they [...]

Hamanasi and Tourism in Hopkins

Tourism is a top foreign exchange earner and is also one of the largest contributors to Belize’s Gross Domestic Product, the GDP. Roughly speaking, it accounts for twenty-five percent of [...]

Hygienic Practices for Makeup Users on Healthy Living

Okay Ladies, it’s time to pull out those cosmetic bags and look over the products on your night stand. If you’ve had skin problems on your face; the culprit may [...]

Derisking is Minor Setback to Belize’s Banking Sector

The Prime Minister took on a number of issues this morning at a press conference that started at ten and continued until about twelve-twenty. P.M. Dean Barrow spoke on a [...]

Belize Bank Fully Supported by G.O.B. and Central Bank Through Derisking Hiccup

Now for policy matters, the Bank of America has withdrawn as corresponding bank to the Belize Bank. The PM explained that there has been nothing awry and that the government [...]

Executive Chairman Says It’s Business As Usual for Belize Bank

In past three or four years, the large U.S. Banks and some European Banks have been facing some of the largest fines in the history of banking. Those fines, according [...]

P.M. Addresses Legalities of Petrocaribe Loan Act

At least half an hour of the two-hour long press conference this morning was dedicated to Petrocaribe, the controversial project which spawned the controversial Loans Act and Bill. The Opposition [...]

“Petrocaribe is Here to Stay” – P.M. Barrow

The matter of the illegality is still before the courts, but where the outcry from the Opposition, VIP, church, business sector and unions is concerned, the Prime Minister isn’t at [...]

Petrocaribe Rolls Out Countrywide…

Amidst all that was said about Petrocaribe this morning, there were only a couple things we hadn’t heard before. One is that those glorious monies will be rolling down south [...]

Citrus Farmers Receive Boost With… You Guessed It, Petrocaribe Funds

As we mentioned earlier, Petrocaribe monies will be used to bail out C.P.B.L.  It’s not the first time the company is being assisted, so to speak, by government. In fact [...]