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Second suspect in the murder of a Canadian national is murdered in Arenal

The second suspect in the highly publicized murder of Canadian missionary, Brian Townsend has been found….not alive, but dead. On Christmas Eve night, Townsend, a Valley of Peace resident, was [...]

P.U.P. gives the ComPol an ultimatum to criminally investigate Elvin Penner

The Elvin Penner fiasco broke back on September nineteenth, but except for administrative investigations in the Nationality and Passport Sections of the Immigration Department, there has been no criminal investigation. [...]

P.U.P. says it will seek judicial review if no action by the ComPol

The letter to ComPol Whylie, delivered on Monday, gives a deadline of seven days by which he is asked to take action. The timing is critical because there is a [...]

D.P.P. says there is enough to warrant an investigation on the immigration

The P.U.P. has come out with legal guns blazing and former Minister of State Elvin Penner locked firmly in the crosshairs. There is some urgency in the matter, because the [...]

Distributors to lose thousands of dollars with switch to new Digicell four-G platform

On Monday, B.T.L. introduced a new element to its Digicell service, particularly its 4G platform in which it is no longer adding onto its system cellular phones that aren’t directly [...]

B.T.L. says they are working together to find an agreeable outcome

To address their fears, a meeting was held with various distributors in Belize City this afternoon. B.T.L. called a late evening press briefing saying that they are working together to [...]

P.U.P. Attorney says judicial review of Penner recall petition still stands

There was another issue that came up in the P.U.P.’s press briefing earlier today. It involves the Elvin Penner recall petition put in motion by the Party, but rejected on [...]

Gary Seawell continues to fight extradition

Gary Seawell, wanted by U.S. authorities, along with his sibling, for allegedly organizing a drug trafficking ring between 1994 and 1997, continues to fight for his freedom, despite a ruling [...]

A group of Salvadorans and suspected ring leader in custody

There is another case in a growing list of human trafficking offences to report tonight for which a twenty-nine year-old man remains in custody at the Queen Street Police. The [...]

Case adjourned for officers on trial for the shakedown of Tyrell Hyde

Back in December of 2013, three cops were arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court for the shakedown of Tyrell Hyde on September eighth of last year. But their case has [...]

D.P.P. speaks on Firearms Act; says police is applying act improperly

With the D.P.P. occupying a rare space in the spotlight, another issue which has dominated the news recently also came up…that is the Firearms Act. The act, amended in 2008, [...]

D.P.P. says she is investigating firearm case of Reynaldo Verde?

Reynaldo Verde’s name has come up quite frequently lately in discussions of the Firearms Act, or more accurately, as one of the very few who has managed to escape its [...]

D.P.P. on her husband, the Head of the GSU

Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal is married to a man who has led a somewhat controversial and high-powered life in the Belize Police Department. Marco Vidal plays a dual [...]

Ramon’s Village: rebuilding an iconic resort in La Isla Bonita

In the tourism industry, there are well known faces, but there is one person who, even if you have not met him personally, his name resonates. Ramon Nunez has been [...]

Renowned motivational speaker, Bert Oliva, back in Belize

Renowned motivational speaker and entrepreneur Bert Oliva is back in Belize on a tour of the country.   Oliva is hosting a series of seminars and workshops on relationship building and [...]

It’s Story Time; the interactive DVD is launched

Listen, read, and act; that is the approach used to encourage primary school students to go back to text books. The project took six months to materialize and this morning [...]

Fashion Fusion 2014

A benefit fashion show is scheduled to kick off this Saturday night inside the King’s Room at the Princess Hotel and Casino. Dubbed, Fashion fusion 2014, the show will see [...]