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…While Opposition Leader says government action is a slap on the wrist

The P.U.P. leader also maintains that the actions which have so far been taken against disgraced former Minister of State Elvin Penner are lukewarm and not real. And the reason [...]

The gripping story of the Peck family

As we said earlier, Gino Peck will be sentenced on Friday morning for ammunition charges. On the eve of his sentencing, his wife, Loretta, made a compelling case on his [...]

Healthy Living addresses a common skin infection

It’s one of the more unsightly and uncomfortable skin infections that you can encounter. Let’s face it: Boils can be a literal pain. In tonight’s Healthy Living, we get some [...]

Police Department put their full support behind Convicted Cop, Gino Peck

Twenty-three year veteran of the Belize Police Department, Corporal Gino Peck, will stand in court on Friday to have sentence imposed upon him. On Monday, he was found guilty of [...]

Peck’s family braces for sentencing set for Friday

Gino Peck clearly enjoys the solidarity of the police force and this Friday it is known that their presence will be felt when he is brought to court to learn [...]

ComPol says Reynaldo Verde is not home free

The conviction of a Police Officer and his sentencing on Friday for ammunition found in his home has brought new attention to the Reynaldo Verde case. An unlicensed weapon was [...]

Statistical Institute of Belize Report: Imports are up, exports down

The Statistical Institute of Belize today hosted a press briefing to provide an update on comparative unemployment, inflation and external trade statistics for 2013. Traditionally the institute is accessed only [...]

Unemployment rate down since 2012

The figure for unemployment was also released by the S.I.B.  But first, the largest employer is the private sector, no surprise here; it employs fifty-eight percent of the work force [...]

C.E.O. in Ministry of National Security in a traffic accident

At about three-thirty today, as he headed back to Belize City from the Police Passing-Out Ceremony, C.E.O. in the Ministry of National Security, George Lovell, was involved in a relatively [...]

Meeting of National Environmental Appraisal Committee postponed

Today there was to have been a meeting of the National Environmental Appraisal Committee to consider the EIA on the Norwegian Cruise Line tourism project, but it was postponed. Information [...]

James Gibson escapes confinement for drug trafficking conviction

The mandatory jail term for drug trafficking conviction is usually a fine along with confinement. But today, forty-eight year old James Gibson escaped the full weight of the law because [...]

Public weighs in on Peck’s conviction

There is growing outrage among the ranks of the police force on the conviction of Gino Peck, a long serving officer of the force. But while his colleagues are standing [...]

Police Passing Out Ceremony: A historic number of women join the police force

Today, the top brass and rank and file of the Belize Police Department, along with family, friends and supporters joined to welcome the eighty-ninth recruit squad…the men and women who [...]

IDB and G.O.B. sign agreement to rehabilitate 32 miles of George Price Highway

Government announced in November 2013 that it will be spending seventy-six million dollars on infrastructure works across the country. This morning, the Inter-American Development Bank signed an agreement with G.O.B. [...]

G.O.B. takes action on the Castro Cheques Scandal: the Belize Airport Authority Board to resign

Late this evening, Cabinet issued a release in response to an ongoing check scandal involving U.D.P. Minister of State Edmond Castro and the Belize Airports Authority. Castro came under fire [...]

Penner stripped of government vehicle, while Marilyn Williams to chair Integrity Commission

Also included in the lengthy Cabinet release is word that disgraced former Minister of State Elvin Penner will be stripped of his government vehicle. He has had it, and enjoyed [...]

Chief Justice issues decision on Pickwoad land dispute; injunction stands

Since December, a prime parcel of land located on Chetumal Street has been the center of intense legal dispute. In a nutshell, the piece of land in Belama Phase One [...]

PM says he’s not fazed by teachers who asked for a meeting on Thursday despite a scheduled rally

Teachers held their largest rally to date in San Ignacio last Friday, and it was also the most focused, on the Prime Minister and his Minister of Education Patrick Faber. [...]

Show me the money; PM says salary adjustments for teachers uncertain

The Prime Minister wasn’t quite finished there. He then turned to the issue of the salary adjustment, because he maintains that for teachers, it’s really all about the money despite [...]

Was the issuance of BAA cheques to Minister Castro corrupt or distasteful?

Tonight’s question is: Do you think the issuance of cheques by the BAA on behalf of Minister of State Castro is corrupt or distasteful? Send your comments and responses using [...]

Mayor Bradley says he’s still unsure of Councilor Chang’s role in immigration scandal

Councilor Eric Chang has been in the hot seat in respect of the immigration scandal. Chang allegedly had a role in the passport issued to Won Hong Kim, the South [...]

Belize City Mayor says Castro cheques scandal is distasteful

Cabinet has issued its official proclamation on the Castro check situation, basically exonerating the U.D.P. Minister of State from all-wrongdoing, but asking the BAA Board to resign. But today, Belize [...]

Darrell Bradley still has his sights on Central Government

And from City Hall to Central Government, where Bradley has set his sights…the young politician has stated that he will throw his hat into the ring for higher office. He [...]

National Elite Basketball League Tournament to be aired live on Channel 5

After years in hiatus, senior male basketball is back. A national elite tournament kicks off on February seventh with the first game to be played in the city. There are [...]

2 men freed of murder charge

Tonight, two men who were on trial for the gruesome murder of Rudolfo Villatoro were freed of the charge. After deliberating for hours, a jury of twelve on Monday afternoon [...]