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2 American students are kidnapped; 3 abductors, believed to be Guatemalans, still at large

Two siblings were abducted in the west this morning as they left a resort, but their kidnapping fortunately ended without incident. While unscathed, eighteen year old Kathen Kotay and twenty-two [...]

P.U.P. dresses down the Chief Elections Officer for rejecting the recall petition

The People’s United Party held a press briefing today at Independence Hall to roundly condemn the actions of the Elections and Boundaries Office, which rejected three hundred and thirty-seven signatures [...]

…And introduces disenfranchised voters

As we told you, the P.U.P. came with substance to back up their fire and fury. The party claims that after just a cursory examination, they are prepared to object [...]

Belize and Guatemala Foreign Ministers meet; still no date for referendum

There was a time not so long ago when the Belize/Guatemala referendum on the age-old territorial dispute was a part of daily conversation. All that changed when Guatemala backed out [...]

… But discusses a roadmap for 2014

With all the best intentions and apparent goodwill between both Foreign Ministers, there are still some sticky issues which have led to hostile words and tense moments between countries. One [...]

Guatemalan Foreign Minister speaks on offensive documents and maps

Another sticky issue is the consistent appearance of Guatemalan documents which cast some doubt, at least on that nation’s part, of Belize’s territorial integrity. Just recently, a Belizean delegation to [...]

B.N.T.U. lashes out at Ministry of Education; saying it is trying to sabotage rallies

The Belize National Teachers Union that started the year with a militant tone reacted swiftly today to a release issued by the Ministry of Education. The ministry took issue with [...]

…And says it will proceed with industrial action

So that is where the B.N.T.U. stands tonight…starting at nine a.m. on Friday in Orange Walk Town and in the afternoon in Corozal Town, teachers from the two northern districts [...]

Minister of Education meets with the media on planned rallies by B.N.T.U.

By this afternoon, the Minister of Education Patrick Faber, in a meeting with the media, said that there is absolutely no reason why teachers should be demonstrating on a school [...]

Faber says ministry will not sit by and have union topple efforts of G.O.B.

Faber says that while the ministry is not threatening teachers, it will not sit by idly and watch the efforts of the government be toppled by the union.  FOR VIDEO [...]

Teacher wanted for alleged sexual abuse of stepdaughter

There is heinous crime to report tonight involving a fifty-one year old teacher, who is the stepfather of an alleged abused young girl. A twelve year old is claiming that [...]

Hattieville man convicted, fined and confined for Burglary

Today in the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate, a Freetown Sibun resident was convicted after his fingerprints were lifted from a perfume bottle he came in contact with during a [...]

PUC meets with potential bidders to change dynamics of energy dependency

Belize is looking for energy security and at a lower cost for the next ten years or so. As it currently stands, the national grid requires eighty megawatts of energy. [...]

PUC Chairman says Fortis rights of first refusal for waterways was signed in secrecy

Now, Belize Electric Company Limited operates the Chalillo, Mollejon and Vaca Hydroelectric located in western Belize. BECOL is owned by Fortis, the former Canadian owners of the utility company…prior to [...]

Healthy Living looks at the flu season and Influenza H1N1

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health issued a release cautioning Belizeans about the seasonal flu.  Included in the update was that there was one suspected cases of H-one N-one pending [...]