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Prime Minister speaks on neonatal deaths at K.H.M.H. and offers support

One of the biggest and outrageous incidents coming out of the public health system was revealed on Monday. Since then COLA, the Special Envoy for Women and Children and many [...]

78 year old America national robbed in his house at gunpoint

And while no alert occurred in time to save some of newborns, the neighbor of an elderly American Citizen was prevented from alerting him of the impending danger at his [...]

Housekeeper destroys security camera in apartment building; was she planning to commit a heinous crime?

If you fail the first time, then try again. Well the second attempt by a housekeeper had not only been successful but it also cost her a trip to the [...]

Deputy Prime Minister refuses interview with reporter

Gaspar Vega – he is the very powerful Deputy Prime Minister and a high-level financier of the United Democratic Party. He is also the man whose name has come up [...]

Misappropriation of funds in Orange Walk; San Antonio Road funds diverted

 There are more allegations being levied against Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. This time it’s not about Rosewood or lucrative land scams, but about the alleged misappropriation of funds allocated [...]

…Monies used instead to pave Deputy Prime Minister’s street

But all that still hasn’t answered the question – where is the money which was allocated for work on the San Antonio Road? We did some more digging today and [...]

One man arraigned for murder of former prison officer…

And while the allegation appears to be criminal, it seems that only hard crime gets a suspect arrested. In court today, twenty-four year old John Martinez, accused of killing former [...]

…While another is committed to stand trial for murder in Supreme Court

Also in court, a Belize City youth was committed today to stand trial for murder in the September session of the Supreme Court. Eighteen year old Paul Martinez is accused [...]

Seine Bight Village Councilor tells cops she wants back her pickup truck

And though the troubles of one Seine Bight resident do not involve capital punishment, she’s still screaming bloody murder. Recently, Lavern Arzu was elected to be  part of the Seine [...]

UB responds to serious concerns of course credit transfer by students

Students of the University of Belize also share the sentiments of the Seine Bight resident, but they want cash from their institution. The UB students have raised some serious concerns [...]

OCEANA sells $800,000 trawler to Placencia Coop for $1

The United Nations Secretary General reported in 2006 that ninety five percent of damage to seamount ecosystems worldwide is caused by deep sea bottom trawling.  And that is why five [...]

Sugar barge drifts to beach

And while the trawlers move from dragging along the coastline to non-destructive productivity for the Placencia Coop., the same can’t be said for the sugar barge that is often seen [...]

Monitoring the barrier reef; training held for environmentalists

And about a hundred yards away as the barge was making its way from the shoreline, a group of over a dozen environmentalists were returning from an intensive training that [...]

2013 conch season closes 1 month earlier

The 2013 conch season, which usually expires at the end of June has been closed a month earlier.  The harvest for this year, approximately a million pounds of crustacean meat, [...]

Former Guatemalan President extradited to the US to face money laundering charges

Former Guatemalan president Alfonso Portillo was flown out of the country en route to the United States today, less than a week after his predecessor, dictator Efrain Rios Montt’s conviction [...]

Halo in the sky

While the fortunes of two of Guatemala’s former presidents have plunged into darkness, life has been brighter for us here in neighboring Belize. If you are someone who had your [...]

2nd Annual National Inspiration Telethon to be held on June 1st

If you didn’t find artistry or mental stimulation by the halo, perhaps you will find inspiration in the second annual national Inspiration Telethon.   Under the auspices of the Special Envoy [...]