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Francis Fonseca calls for head of Minister of Health and independent investigation into neonatal deaths at K.H.M.H.

On Thursday, the K.H.M.H. Board of Governors, Management and the Prime Minister Dean Barrow sat at the head table of a press conference. It was to provide an update on [...]

Show me the money! Leader of Opposition says irregularities in monies paid to Vega’s nephew

And just as there were no answers as to who will be held accountable for the neonatal deaths, there are also none available to the question – why did Imer [...]

Fonseca says Vega has many questions to answer

The destruction of the northern Mayan Archaeological Site of Noh Mul is still very much front and center, even after three weeks without charges being levied. Again, Deputy Prime Minister [...]

FECTAB comes out blazing against $100 million tourism project on Crawl Caye

There is also an update on the one hundred million dollar tourism project for Crawl Caye which is within the World Heritage Site. The Prime Minister on Thursday said that [...]

Pamela Garnett and son, Mark Vernon acquitted of witness-tampering

Forty-two year old Pamela Garnett and her son, Mark Vernon, were acquitted of charges of Attempting to Suppress Evidence and Using Violence against a Witness when they appeared in magistrates’ [...]

Leader of Opposition weighs in on voided oil contracts

There is increased scrutiny on the onshore drilling case between OCEANA and Government in the wake of the resignation of Vice President of OCEANA Belize Audrey Matura-Shepherd. Government is appealing [...]

Cane Farmers Day

If you’re from Belize City, or anywhere else but the north of the country, odds are that you may not have known that today was El Dia de Los Caneros, [...]

Cane farmer celebrate successful crop year 2012

And if the mood today seemed jubilant, there was good reason. Last year’s crop season was considered an exception one, with unprecedented production and quality of cane. And this year’s [...]

Commercial poaching in Chiquibul

With assistance from PACT, the Friends for Conservation conducted research from October to March on the effects of poaching of game species within the Chiquibil. The finding of the report [...]

Barrow on Gender Policy 2013

May 2013 has probably generated more interest and controversy in the Government’s gender policy than in all the years combined since its first issue. Mired with controversy over definitions of [...]

REACHing out to youths through the creative arts

A new N.G.O. introduced itself publicly on Thursday; it is called Research, Education and Advocacy for Social Change.  As the name suggests, REACH will be actively promoting social change. In [...]

The launch of Micro-Enterprise Utility Start-up Package

A partnership between the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service and the various public utilities, to provide direct support to small business owners and new startups, has resulted in the [...]

The Hector Hoare Resource Center at Stella Maris

A lab at the Stella Maris Primary School in Belize City was transformed and today officially opened earlier today. It is the proud accomplishment of resourceful teachers and staff of [...]

Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center received donation from Hospital auxiliary

The Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center is home to some sixty underprivileged youths at its King’s Park location. Well today, the youths had reason to celebrate as much needed supplies [...]

Whose fault is it that 13 newborns died?

The number of infant deaths in early May at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (K.H.M.H.) has now increased to thirteen. Seven of them died from the outbreak of a bacteria [...]

Chair of K.H.M.H. board says C.E.O. should have known

The Director of Medical Services says the investigation is ongoing…but it is still not known where the hospital-acquired bacteria, enterobacter cloacae came from. The first case of an infant infected [...]

P.M. announces new ward for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The investigation still leaves unresolved questions. The Prime Minister, who sat at the head table, possibly broke his personal record for his shortest speech. In three minutes, the P.M. expressed [...]

Audrey Matura-Shepherd resigns from OCEANA

Audrey Matura-Shepherd confirmed today via statement and press conference that she leaves the post as Vice President of OCEANA Belize on August twenty-second. The more pressing question is – was [...]

Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage says adieu to Shepherd

Audrey Matura-Shepherd is leaving OCEANA Belize in August. Since that news broke, the social media has been lighting up with well wishes for Matura whose advocacy on environmental issues, particularly [...]

Healthy Reefs joins B.T.I.A. and FECTAB against Norwegian Cruise Line

The cruise tourism project proposed by giant Norwegian Cruise Lines for Crawl Caye in the south of Belize is going before Cabinet for their approval, and one organization committed to [...]

P.M. says Placencia tour guides want Norwegian Cruise Line in peninsula

Earlier in the newscast, you heard Healthy Reef opposing the Norwegian Cruise Line’s interest in Crawl Caye. That mega tourism project also elicited a response from the Prime Minister at [...]

Wires crossed for statements made in gender bender policy

Since the media had access to the Prime Minister at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, after the conference all hot button issues were raised with him. First on the agenda [...]

The road to San Antonio is not wrought with Vega and Hernandez

Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega may not have any control over family relations, but did he have any knowledge about the contract given to his nephew Imer Hernandez? Records show [...]

Was Noh Mul destroyed to fill roads in Vega’s area?

The world watched with shock when Noh Mul, the Mayan mound was destroyed by Denny Grijalva’s De Mar’s Construction. In early May, the Orange Walk contractor’s company pulled down sections [...]

National Football Team beats Club Heredia in Melchor de Mencos

Belize’s National Team Jaguars is training hard for its upcoming matches at the Gold Cup scheduled for July seventh in the US. It’s been a long, hard road for Team [...]