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Mid-afternoon shooting on Amara Avenue

Only a few hours ago, the bloodshed began on the violence prone streets of Belize City. A hail of nine millimeter rounds were let loose on a City resident this [...]

Police open fire on Schakron’s vehicle with sister and husband inside

And while Flowers was well known to the police, another shooting incident occurred and it involved an activist who is well known to the media.  Yolanda Schakron has had numerous [...]

Prime Minister’s letter to the people on 9th Amendment to constitution

Late this evening the Prime Minister’s Office sent a letter to the people of Belize to clarify the government’s position on the Constitution (Ninth Amendment) Act 2011.  The letter from [...]

Still on the 9th, ‘Sedi’ Elrington says the Bar Association just woken from a deep slumber

The Bar Association’s rejection of the proposed eighth and ninth amendments to the constitution has not gone without some criticism. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington who is [...]

JP President says install the JP Act to control rogue JPs

Angel Moriera and Reginald Cumberbatch have both been the center of scandal. Moriera’s name has been attached to fraudulent land transactions which resulted in the sale of an island and [...]

Former Attorney General says more development needed for JPs

Madrid has been unable to get a comment from the government about the association’s proposed JP Act, but News Five also posed the question to Minister of Foreign Affairs about [...]

79% in online poll say no to 9th Amendment

Several legal minds and parliamentarians have publicly opposed the proposed ninth amendment to the Belize Constitution, while government has defended it. To add the voices of our viewers to the [...]

SMART says 3G! But P.U.C. and Telemedia still no deal

Standard interconnectivity between Smart and Telemedia remains in limbo tonight despite a Supreme Court order at the end of March for both companies to establish new terms and conditions for [...]

P.U.C. confirms poor water quality on San Pedro

The poem that goes Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink was written over two hundred years ago by English Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. But the meaning is still [...]

Cleaning the reef? Louisiana Company wants to open shop

The quality of water that runs through the pipes isn’t the only issue that is pressing on economies of islands like San Pedro and Caye Caulker. The lifeline of the [...]

Maya Leaders Alliance complain of illegal logging in Toledo

We have been reporting on the illegal loggers from Guatemala who have been invading the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. But in the Toledo District, Rosewood is also being extracted without permits [...]

Report shows excess of rice on the market

In the last few months we told you about the surplus of onions, but rice has also been produced in excess. In April of this year the Belize Marketing Development [...]

Wesley Emmanuel to stand trial for 2008 murder of Emilio Gomez

Wesley Emmanuel has been in prison for about three years, following the murder of Emilio Orlando Gomez in June 2008. Last December, Emmanuel had a brief taste of freedom after [...]

Mother alleges son contracted tuberculosis behind bars

On Wednesday, Nora Sierra visited our newsroom to make a complaint against the Kolbe Foundation. Nora says her twenty-two year old son Joel Sierra, who is incarcerated at the Belize [...]

Politician lays out plan for Cayo West

On Wednesday night the P.U.P. Standard Bearer of the Cayo West Division, Oscar Sabido spoke of the lack of developmental infrastructure in that constituency. As a result, Sabido said he [...]

Youth Voices Team gets inspired by Nuyorican Poet, Willie Perdomo

Youth Voices has embarked on a yearlong program that seeks to inspire youths to write, speak, and complete video productions. The program funded by a U.S. State Department grant, has [...]

Safiyyah takes a ride to Belizean Shores Resort

As we mentioned, with the new summer season of What’s Happening Belize, our host who has an internal GPS on all the summer hot spots, has left the CGI graphics [...]

Family argument, Family murder in Cotton Tree Village

Tragedy has struck as a trivial dispute, one that occurs in most families, did not go well for a family in Cotton Tree.  Anger turned to rage, and then to [...]

Minister Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington defends 9th Amendment of Constitution

The ninth amendment bill, on its surface, aims to enshrine the government’s majority control of shares in utilities.  But several attorneys, including those from the Human Rights Commission of Belize, [...]

Will 9th deny rights of property owners to access the Courts?

The bar issued a statement on Wednesday in which it says “the bar does not support the proposed amendment to the extent that it seeks to deny rights of property [...]

Senator Henry Gordon gives his concerns to the 9th

In addition to Minister Elrington and the Bar Association, Senator Henry Gordon, who represents the Council of Churches, also spoke about the Proposed Ninth on Open Your Eyes. Gordon said [...]

Report details illegal logging and more in the Chiquibul

The Guatemalan incursions in the Chiquibul Forest have been problematic for years. But in recent weeks, it made the news because illegal logging by the Guatemalans is rampant and they [...]

Recommendations tabled to improve management of Chiquibul

According to Manzanero, they have compiled recommendations that can raise finances and improve the management of the forest reserve. Raphael Manzanero “In terms of the analysis that was done, it [...]

Conflict of Interest when police prosecute police

And while the report card on the joint patrols in the Chiquibul show that a lot needs to be done to solve environmental issues and prevent poachers, the report card [...]

Police and civilian prosecutors receive training

Conflict of interest is only one of several ethical issues that are waiting to be tackled, which is why ABA ROLI dedicated Wednesday afternoon to the police prosecutors. According to [...]