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Roaring Creek neighbor murdered because of a puppy

A spate of deadly violence plagued the three-day weekend. The bloodshed started on Saturday morning and in the next twenty-four hours, three persons had been killed separately in the City [...]

No signs of forced entry; Bing Chang Zhao murdered after shop was closed

In Belize City where the number of murders is a record, a Chinese grocery store owner met a horrific death at his business place. On Saturday morning after nine thirty, [...]

Fatal stab began from a feud over a stolen bicycle

Later on Saturday, a father of two and former B.D.F. soldier was stabbed to death allegedly by a seventeen year old minor.  It is believed that a feud over a [...]

Senior Citizens die after car plunges at México Creek Bridge

Aside from the murders, there were other fatalities over the weekend. The Mexico Creek Bridge at mile nineteen and a half on the Northern Highway was the scene for a [...]

John Doe dies after hit & run on highway

The accident that killed the elderly couple was not the only traffic fatality. An unidentified man was killed in a hit and run incident on the outskirts of Belize City [...]

Should licenses for oil exploration be allowed in protected areas?

Tonight’s question is: Should government continue to grant licenses for oil exploration or drilling in any protected area or national park? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones [...]

APAMO disappointed about oil exploration in protected areas

Over the weekend, OCEANA intensified its campaign towards a referendum on the question of whether or not to drill. Seventeen thousand signatures are required and the results of the petition [...]

Environmental Summit held in Punta Gorda

OCEANA today took its campaign to the south of the country with an oil summit in Punta Gorda where the community is already fighting with the government over a contract [...]

Car trouble near Kraal Road results in shooting

A man from Bermudian Landing was unfortunate to have car trouble on Kraal Road. Instead of finding helpful residents, he found himself a target for gunmen. According to reports, thirty-three [...]

Police Inspector Dennis Lopez to go on trial for Attempted Murder

Steven Buckley, a civilian, was shot a little less than a year ago by a police inspector.  The shooting angered the community because Buckley was shot even as he complied [...]

“Clear the land” Castro’s thatch houses on fire in Maskall

His sheep were all slaughtered just prior to the last General Elections and about a year later someone broke into his constituency office and left a hog’s head on his [...]

Belize Sugar Industry resumes work at the mill

As we reported last week, the Tower Hill factory has resumed grinding operations after a delay caused by faulty turbines. News Five’s Marion Ali headed north and got the reaction [...]

Beverly Small, U.S. Embassy’s Woman of the Year

Despite all the bad news, there is the positive story of a remarkable woman. She experienced horrors, that included sexual abuse, but she didn’t allow it to keep her down. [...]

M.O.U. signed to increase political empowerment of women

Beverly Small won an award today for her work in her community but when it comes to the political process, as a country, women are far behind. Over the past [...]

Latinos and Latinas sing to the top of their lungs on KTV Latino

It’s Tuesday night and that means that all around the country people will be tuning in to KTV Latino. Group B will take center stage at the Bliss tonight for [...]

Sports Guru, James Adderley at the La Ruta Maya Finish Line

Good evening I’m James Adderly and this is Sport’s Monday. The 14th edition of La Ruta Maya brought with it the finest competition this 170 mile river challenge has ever [...]