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Murder number 100 for 2010

For a week, there have been no reported homicides in the mean streets of the city. That’s until this morning when the brief spell was broken at around six o’clock [...]

Attempted Robbery at Caribbean Chicken

While cops try to solve the hundredth murder of the year, thieves were busy prowling the city to pounce on any unsuspecting victim.  And they did on the north side [...]

National Security on the trial of Asian planes, but investigation cloudy

Two days after we reported about the suspicious night flights bringing Asian nationals to Belize, there is official word from the Ministry of Defense and the Police Department. Just before [...]

…and attorney says Gov’t corruption, not public servants to blame

    Tonight there are at least five individuals from the Customs and Immigration departments, whose names are being withheld, and who have been suspended from their jobs.  But can [...]

Is there high level collusion in the human smuggling ring?

Tonight’s question is: Do you think that there is high level collusion in the human smuggling ring that is being exposed? Get involved by emailing your comments and responses to [...]

Near fatal traffic accident in South Stann Creek

A near fatal traffic accident has been reported near Maya Center Village in South Stann Creek earlier this evening.  Details of the mishap are still sketchy but unconfirmed reports are [...]

Vegetable vendor shot in the arm during robbery

Carlos Sucuqui became the one hundredth murder victim, but another vegetable vendor who came under attack just hours later, was more fortunate. Eyewitnesses told us off camera that at around [...]

Someone burned Shirlene Sabal’s car

A fire on Central American Boulevard in the early pre-dawn hours could have been worse for a family of ten. According to Shirlene Sabal, a City Council employee, her family [...]

Two men charged for home invasion

Five persons were detained following a broad daylight home invasion on Monday at the residence of sixty-nine year old Rosaline Munnings. Today only two of those men, Michael Matute Junior [...]

Daughter relates mother’s trauma during home invasion

And while police have made some strides in solving the home invasion, today Ruthlyn Munnings, the daughter of the traumatized victim, told us off-camera how the incident unfolded on Monday [...]

1 alteration on a cheque equals 1 year in prison for Honduran national

With the high cost of living, we could all use a little extra on the paycheck. While most hope for it, a twenty-three year old Honduran National went ahead and [...]

Punta Gorda Police catches a burglar and some weed

We don’t hear much about them, but Punta Gorda Police made a major bust at a marijuana plantation on an operation along with BDF soldiers on Wednesday. They also made [...]

St. Ignatius Primary School mini-protest

Parents, organizations, the business community and the general public have all taken a stand against crime; protesting and at the same time pleading for peace.  With thirteen minors, including eight [...]

IHC’s Pediatric General Surgery Mission for Kids

The International Hospital for Children assists countless number of children each year; either by sending them abroad for treatment that’s not available in Belize or by bringing in specialists to [...]

Instead of Palmistry, healthy Living reads your nails

Fingernails and their appearance are mostly considered for beauty enhancement. But what you may not know is that your nails can also give you clues to your overall health. Tonight [...]