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Is it a Ripe Time to Discuss Parliamentary Code of Ethics?

In reiterating the point that the opposition is not concerned with the minister’s personal life, the U.D.P. Chairman also spoke to the need for decorum, as well as moral standards [...]

Minister Perez Says He Is Most Remorseful

Late this evening, Minister Andre Perez issued a seven-page press statement related to the allegations against him. The release comes with selected screen shots of Whatsapp messages between the attorney [...]

Minister Garcia on Sexual Harassment Allegation: “I Do Not Condone Wrongdoing of Any Sort”

As we mentioned earlier, the U.D.P. has also called on the police department to conduct an immediate, transparent investigation into this matter, with a view to charging him criminally and [...]

Minister Accused of Sexual Harassment

A sitting minister of government is being accused of sexual harassment by a female attorney. That same minister is in turn accusing the female attorney of blackmail. The lawyer alleges [...]

NEAB Commends Belmopan Organization for Work with Sexual Abuse Victims

On Thursday, the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) issued a press release expressing shock over the allegations of sexual abuse that surfaced over the past week. NEAB made clear [...]

NEAB Breaks Silence on Sexual Assault Allegations, One Week Later…

The National Evangelical Association of Belize has broken its silence on the mounting sexual abuse allegations that several women have brought against Mervin Budram, a worship leader from one of [...]

Church Senator Addresses Sexual Abuse Allegations against Evangelical Leader

Bishop Alvin Moses Benguche, the Senator for the Churches, has come out in condemnation of sexual abuse within the church. Senator Benguche is a spokesperson for the Council of Churches [...]

Whatever Happened to Those Missing Persons?

Have you ever sat and wondered what happened to that close friend who went missing years ago and was never found? Or maybe it was a child who simply disappeared [...]

A Closer Look at the Accusations against Mervin Burdram

Charges are yet to be levied in one of the most explosive sexual assault investigations to come out of the local evangelical church in recent times.  Last week, Rebecca Lennan-Stirm, [...]

Almost a Week Later, NEAB Remains Silent on Sexual Assault Allegations

The National Evangelical Association of Belize is yet to comment on the allegations of sexual abuse against Mervin Budram. We also tried once again to reach out to Budram for [...]

Preying In the Church: Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out

Alleged victims of sexual abuse at the hands of well-known church leader Mervin Budram continue to speak out. Tonight, we hear from another woman who has also decided to tell [...]

Will PM Briceño Testify Before Senate Select Committee?

As we reported on Thursday, a Senate Special Inquiry into the Definitive Agreement signed between the Government of Belize and Portico Enterprises Limited commences on August fifteenth. The members of [...]

Deliveryman Dies after High Speed Chase with Police

Two young men lost their lives in separate incidents in the north and tonight, we begin our newscast with the death of a twenty-year-old father of one. Jesus Sacul, a [...]

PlusTV Gmail Account is Hacked

There have been several persons reporting of their emails having been hacked; they’ve been locked out and security barriers put in place preventing them from regaining access. One such case [...]

Is PlusTV’s Email Hack Linked to B.E.L.’s Ransomware?

Louis Wade Junior says that the media house has been decentralizing apps attached to that Gmail account, but it has affected the company significantly because there were several other activities [...]

No Conclusive Answers from K.H.M.H., A Day after Baby Blunder at Morgue

Last night, we reported on the outrageous blunder at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s morgue that left two grieving families shattered. Personnel at the morgue mistakenly gave the body of [...]

Major Slipup at the K.H.M.H., Wrong Body, Wrong Family

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is conducting an investigation into a serious mix-up that occurred at the morgue this morning. A mother visited the morgue to pick up the body [...]

Man Shot By Police In Belize City

A police officer allegedly shot a Belize City man with a shotgun while on duty. Romey Herrera, the Aunt of Kenyon Plunkett, told News Five that her nephew is hospitalized [...]

An Expecting Mother is Knocked Down in a Hit & Run

Thirty-nine-year-old Glenda Estrada, an expecting mother, was knocked down during a hit and run incident over the weekend in Ladyville.  Estrada was at a store purchasing items that she needed, [...]

B.T.V. Takes Over Sarstoon F.O.B., Despite Warning Signs for Trespassers

Over the weekend, the Belize Territorial Volunteers, led by Wil Maheia, travelled to the Sarstoon River where they were intent on taking over the forward operating base at the mouth [...]

Woman Asks for Help for Abused Sister

A woman took to Facebook this week to ask for help for her sister after she was attacked and brutally beaten, allegedly by her common-law husband. Jamile Bodden-Henry wrote as [...]

Blood Drive, Turkey Dinner Sale for Wayne Matura’s Recovery

Wayne Matura is the second shooting victim in Sunday’s deadly attack in Belize City and, as we’ve reported, he remains hospitalized at this time.  Matura is scheduled to undergo surgery [...]

Mother Needs Financial Assistance to Bury Her Son

The mother of slain teenager, Jahfeth Stamp is also in need of financial assistance to bury her son.  According to Angela Lopez, she has been informed by police that the [...]

Illegal Burning of Waste At Landfill Sites In Trinidad and Tobago Heightens Air Pollution Risks

“Activists and NGOs Rally for Stricter Measures to Curb Illegal Waste Burning, Urging Environmental and Climate Justice in Trinidad and Tobago”   In Trinidad and Tobago, there are four landfills: [...]

Coney Drive Vendors are Summoned to Appear in Court

When a trio of food vendors arrived at their respective stalls on Coney Drive earlier today, they were surprised to have been met with summonses to appear before the High [...]