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P.U.P.’s United Women’s Group Calls for Justice for Marisela

As you heard earlier, David Gonzales has been charged for the murder of his wife, Marisela.  By all accounts, the relationship was an abusive one and since the murder, there [...]

National Women’s Commission on Authorities’ Response to Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence is rearing its ugly head again following the murder of the San Pedro mother of one.  Marisela Gonzalez was cold-bloodedly shot to head and her [...]

B.P.P. Condemns Domestic Violence

In the wake of the murder of Gonzalez over the weekend, the Belize Progressive Party has also issued a release condemning the act of domestic violence, in this case, against [...]

Spanish Lookout Residents Not Adhering to COVID-19 Control Measures?

When it comes to policing COVID-19, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says his officers are issuing too many warnings and not taking enough action to charge those breaking the law. [...]

New Unemployment Relief Figures are Released

Almost forty-three thousand applications have been approved as part of the second phase of the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Programme.  As of Thursday, those applications have been sent to the National [...]

N.C.F.C.’s Roadmap Points the Way to End Child Marriage and Early Union

Today the National Committee for Families and Children held a virtual launch for its roadmap to end child marriage and early unions. It’s been in the pipeline for a few [...]

It’s Mental Health Month

Healthy Choices, Healthy People, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind; it’s the theme for mental health awareness during this month. Annually, October tenth is recognised as World Homeless Day and World Mental [...]

Over 400 Persons Registered with the Welcome Resource Center

According to Administrator Joyce Ellis, over four hundred plus persons are registered with the Welcome Resource Center and access the facility at the corner of Tibruce and Vernon Streets in [...]

Southside State of Emergency Comes to an End

The Southside State of Emergency, which saw more than one hundred individuals incarcerated on July eight and was extended for two more months, comes to an end tomorrow, October sixth. [...]

C.E.O. Says Cyber Crime Bill Is Necessary

The Cybercrime Bill 2020 was approved by the Senate on Wednesday. The new law combats cyber crimes such as cyber bullying, harassment and extortion through technology. The bill is a product [...]

What’s the Future of the Equal Opportunities Bill?

The government decided not to table the controversial Equal Opportunities Bill after churchgoers, particularly the National Evangelical Association of Belize, began making their discontent with the bill known. The Cabinet said [...]

Slight Relaxation Come October First

With the reopening of the P.G.I.A. on Thursday, at the start of a new month, there is a general belief that additional measures to accommodate the arrival of visitors to [...]

Minister Martinez Says National Security Minister Should Have List of COVID-19 Patients

Last week, the matter of the controversial S.I. 134 caused consternation with the Ministry of Heath because it criminalizes the DHS if he does not provide confidential information on COVID [...]

Update on Unemployment Relief Programme

Less than fifty percent of the persons who applied under Phase Two of the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Programme have been approved.  The government received sixty-four thousand two hundred and fifty [...]

Health & Fitness Experts Call for the Reopening of Gyms

Gym owners, managers and trainers have come together in a united front to request that their facilities be allowed to open. It has been more than a month since they [...]

Medical Professionals Speak Out Against Recent Statutory Instrument

As of Wednesday night, Belize registered one thousand seven hundred and nine cases of COVID-19. Six hundred and sixty five cases remain active but so far one thousand and nineteen [...]

Attorney Says S.I. 134 Goes Against Belize Constitution

Also speaking out against the S.I. is attorney Audrey Matura. According to Matura, Statutory Instrument one-thirty-four has to be taken to the National Assembly to be affirmed and since that [...]

ComPol Williams Supports the Need for a COVID-19 Patient List

At the start of the pandemic, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that he would attempt to get the names of persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 [...]

Chester Takes on Confidentiality and Stigma Regarding COVID-19

The argument of confidentiality and privacy, says ComPol Williams, is valid to a certain extent, but the constitution does have limitations where public health, public interest and national security are [...]

Statutory Instrument 134 is Broken Down

The new statutory instrument took effect on Tuesday, but as the government said today, alternative recommendations will be made.  Now, serious concerns were raised at the level of the National [...]

Is Confidentiality being Broken with Mandatory COVID List?

The S.I. legally compels the Director of Health Services to hand over the names of all COVID-19 patients across the country giving rise to the question of doctor/patient confidentiality.  According [...]

Restaurants and Churches Reopen to Limited Customers and Congregants

With a limit of only ten patrons or congregants, restaurants and churches can once again reopen, however, there are clear rules that speak to licenses in order to operate such [...]

Why Only Ten for Churches and Restaurants but More for Buses?

Notwithstanding the mortality rate associated with COVID-19, we asked the Attorney General this morning about the rationale behind limiting restaurants and churches to ten persons while allowing buses and other [...]

P.U.P. Launches Women and Family Agenda

The People’s United Party is also gearing up elections and has been launching policy documents on a number of areas. On Saturday night, the P.U.P. launched its policy for family [...]

Kareem Musa Commits to Three Targets of the Women’s Agenda for Caribbean Shores!

The launch included the input of P.U.P. women across the country, as well as standard bearers and area representatives. Caribbean Shores area rep Kareem Musa committed to championing three main [...]