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Team Assembled to Investigate Private Micah Miguel Claims of Sexual Assault

Reporters also asked the Chief of Staff for an update into allegations that Private Micah Miguel was bullied and sexually assaulted at Price Barracks before taking her own life. Viewers [...]

Plus TV’s Louis Wade Jr Apologizes

Pastor Louis Wade Junior, host of Plus TV’s Rise and Shine Morning Show, has offered an apology to the Women Parliamentarian Caucus, which demanded an apology from him for using [...]

B.B.A. and House Speaker Accept Wade’s Apology

And the B.B.A. has responded to Wade’s apology. In a letter bearing the same date, Chairman of the B.B.A. Evan Tench wrote to Speaker Woods, thanking her for bringing the [...]

“There’s no free ride here, you must earn every penny.” – Mayor Bernard Wagner

According to Mayor Wagner, while Councilor Goodin has been unable to garner the support of four of his colleagues, the idea is that compensation should not be granted to anyone [...]

Women Parliamentarians Still Waiting for Plus TV Host to Apologize

On Monday, Speaker of the House, Valerie Woods, sent off a letter to the Chairperson of the Belize Broadcasting Authority, Evan Tench, to draw its attention to what the Women [...]

Speaker: All Women Parliamentarians Unanimous Against Plus TV

Speaker Woods, who currently serves as Interim Chair of the Women Parliamentarians’ Caucus, says the matter is one that has all the women parliamentarians that make up the House of [...]

UNIBAM Spokesperson: Tiny Steps Made Officially on LGBT Rights

Today was observed as Pride Day among those in the gay and lesbian community. It is a day when lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite and queer persons celebrate their sexuality across [...]

UNIBAM Spokesperson Says Children Now Aggressive Against Gays

Orozco says that interestingly, in recent years, while the public attacks against gays and lesbians from adults have waned, now it is children who have started to show aggression towards [...]

Women Parliamentarians Demand Apology from PlusTV for use of offensive Language

On Monday, The Belize Women Parliament Caucus issued a release calling on PlusTV to issue a public apology for controversial language used on the TV station by talk show host [...]

Equal Opportunities for Belizean Women in the Labor Force and Governance

Belize is working along with other CARICOM member states to develop a strategy that seeks to achieve gender equality, and to empower all women and girls within the Caribbean Community. [...]

Belize Consulted on CARICOM Regional Gender Equality Strategy

The draft CARICOM Regional Gender Equality Strategy speaks to additional thematic pillars such as, social inclusion, freedom from violence, access to health services, inclusive education, and sustainable development. Participants at [...]

Appointment of New Chairperson of NCFC

The Ministry of Human Development, Families and Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs has announced the appointment of a new Chairperson of the National Commission for Families and Children. That individual is Maria [...]

G.O.B. Stalls Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Control and Licensing Bill 2022, Amidst Concerns from Banking Sector.

There will be a change in the proposed date for the referendum on the legalization of cannabis in Belize. Initially, the referendum had been tentatively set for September fourth, in [...]

L.I.U. Steps in to Quell Tension in Lake-I Gang Flare Up

Amid the violent flare up between rival groups in Lake Independence over the past forty-eight hours, the Leadership Intervention Unit, led by William Dawson, Doctor Richard Rosado, and Giovanni Brackett, [...]

Battery is Absent from Gang Mediation

According to Dawson, while some participants were guarded in what they shared during the meeting, others were expressive of their frustration with the recent spate of shootings.  When asked about [...]

Louis Wade Responds to LGBT Criticism

Following the election of Plus TV’s Pastor Louis Wade as the media’s representative on the People’s Constitutional Commission on Friday, the LGBT community has come out strongly against his appointment. [...]

Senate Debates Reinstatement of Ten Percent Salary for Public Officers

As we told you on Friday, the House of Representatives passed an act to reinstate the ten percent salary that was withheld from public officers back in 2021. But, when [...]

GOB Launches National Child Labour Policy and Strategy 2022-2025

Approximately five thousand children are engaged in some form of work that presents a real danger to their physical, mental, and moral well-being, according to studies done in 2013. The [...]

How Do We Find $5 Million for Marijuana Referendum

The House of Representatives met today in a marathon session that ran for several hours and there was a lot that was covered during the sitting.  Among them was the [...]

Should Belizeans Blame the Churches for the $5 Million It Will Cost to Hold a Marijuana Referendum

Now that the government has to find five million dollars that it didn’t budget for in its recent national budget, we ask, could this have been avoided had there been [...]

Will Belize Suffer More Losses in International Banking Relations if We Legalize the Marijuana Trade?

So, what will become of Belize’s international banking relations if we happen to get a yes vote on referendum day? We’ve already suffered greatly in terms of correspondent banking relations [...]

Opposition Questions Briceño Administration on Pending Waterloo ECP Approval

The Government of Belize says it is prepared to support Port of Belize’s cruise terminal and cargo expansion initiative, also known as the Waterloo project, if they are able to [...]

Will Waterloo’s Principal Back Churches and Opposition in Cannabis Referendum?

Prime Minister Briceño was asked if the Government of Belize is concerned that the principal of the Waterloo project will back the churches and the opposition in the cannabis referendum [...]

Strengthening the Women and Families Support Department

There’s a call for persons interested in employment with the Ministry of Human Development where social workers are presently needed. Cabinet has approved the strengthening of the Women and Families [...]

Men’s Volleyball Team Needs Facility to Train

Is the men’s volleyball national team without a space for training? For some time now, the team has been using the B.E.S. Gym for training as there is no sporting [...]