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Several Ministers on a Visit in Taiwan

A top heavy delegation is on a visit to Taiwan signalling the strength of relations with that country that has been shaken by the loss of two allies in recent [...]

HEMP – a Viable Industry for Belize?

Belize will soon see the establishment of industrial hemp production. The Attorney General’s Ministry has been working on the legal framework that will help to regulate the industry. But, hemp, [...]

Guatemalan President says Relations with Belize “Best They Have Ever Been”

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales addressed the General Debate at the seventy-fourth, General Assembly of the United Nation earlier this month for the last time before demitting office. The outgoing Guatemala [...]

Guatemalan President Bashes CICIG at UN General Assembly

Morales devoted much of his speech and time bashing the United Nations-backed International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). Last year, President Jimmy Morales did not approve the renewal of [...]

CARSI-ESF Awards US $750,000 in Grants

The U.S. Government, through the CARSI-ESF grant programme, has awarded seven hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars to three organizations in Belize. Since 2007, over nine million U.S. dollars have [...]

MAR Countries Meet to Discuss Reef Restoration

Today the Meso-American Reef Network held its second biennial meeting. Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras gathered in Belize City to talk about the challenges of the Meso-American Reef and how [...]

Belize Passes Laws to Have Name Remove from E.U. Blacklist

One of the string of bills passed into law by the House, is to cause the removal of Belize from the European Union’s blacklist. In March of this year, Belize [...]

COTED Wraps Up; What is in it for Belize’s Sugar?

Five days of meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development in Belize wrapped up today. CARICOM hosted the regional meetings to discuss and plan for trade, agriculture and [...]

CARICOM Countries Take Precautions for African Swine Fever

Another matter that came out of today’s conclusion of the COTED meeting, was the region’s recommendation on how to approach African swine fever. It is a virus that spreads rapidly, [...]

Deadly Banana & Plantain Fungi Threat Detected in Colombia; CARICOM Plans

Another issue that was discussed and recommendations put forward for the region to monitor is a soil fungi that devastates crops like bananas, plantains and related species.  The fungi called [...]

CARICOM Member States Press CAHFSA on Numerous Agricultural Health and Food Safety Matters

Agricultural health and food safety in the Caribbean were the focus of discussions today at the series of CARICOM meetings taking place at the Biltmore in Belize City. Today’s session [...]

The Effects of Sargassum on the Caribbean Fisheries Industry

The spread of Sargassum has affected numerous countries in the region where tourism is a primary industry. In the margins of the ongoing CARICOM meetings, we got an update on [...]

Was Reynaldo Verde a Chronic Shakedown Artist?

Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Service Reynaldo Verde legal woes continues in the U.S.A.  Today, he was denied bail.  Verde was nabbed by the F.B.I. on charges of interference [...]

CARICOM Market Flooded with Sugar from Outside the Region

Agriculture officials from CARICOM member states are meeting this week in Belize to discuss and get consensus on matters they want to advance. The meetings began since Monday and today, [...]

Sugar on CARICOM Market Must be Regulated

A.S.R.’s McLachlan says that they have had very constructive meetings with major industrial users of sugar in CARICOM, and selling Belize sugar looks promising. But, an effective regulatory approach is [...]

Regional Ministers Tackle Fisheries Sustainability and Other Issues

The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, CRFM, held a joint meeting between ministers responsible for fisheries and aquaculture, CARICOM countries and country representatives of OSPESCA, a fisheries organisation in Central America. [...]

Parole for Reynaldo Verde?

The fate of Reynaldo Verde will be determined on Wednesday. The Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Service remains behind bars in the U.S. on charges of interference with commerce by [...]

The Production of Hemp under Consideration in CARICOM

The production of hemp is under consideration in a number of Caribbean countries due to its economic potentials.  It is one of the more interesting topics on the agenda of [...]

What are the Implications of Hemp Production in the Region?

The paper presentation will also look at the implications as it relates to food security since countries may embark on converting land traditional used for food production to cultivate cannabis [...]

CARICOM Ministers and Officials Meet in Belize on the Way Forward for the Agricultural Industry in the Region

As you heard, a week of working sessions, including ministerial discussions and stakeholder engagement in respect of agriculture in the region, is taking place in Belize at the Biltmore Plaza. [...]

The C.R.F.M. Meets in Belize: Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated Fishing Threatens Industry

Back to the regional meetings, members of the ministerial Council of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism met today at the Biltmore Plaza. C.R.F.M. is discussing a cadre of issues affecting [...]

The Seafood Trade in the Caribbean: Meeting Market Requirements

But where is the region in terms of accessing markets for its fishery products? Trade in fish and seafood is one of the largest areas of agriculture commodity globally; over [...]

Innovation + Tourism Talk: Learning Tips to Expand & Grow Industry

A number of high profile strategists are taking part in Innovation and Tourism Talk, an event organized by the Belize Tourism and Industry Association.  Stakeholders involved in tourism are getting [...]

Juan Pablo Larrea Cruz has Ecuadorian Brother Who is Allegedly Linked to Sinaloa Drug Cartel

The media in Ecuador and even in Mexico has picked up the news of the arrest of the foreign nationals for landing and attempting to move a cargo of cocaine [...]


The tourism industry is a primary pillar of the economy; it creates jobs and opportunities and is a significant foreign exchange earner.  An expo was held today in Belize City [...]