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Shyne Admits to Falling Short on N.P.C. Offensive  

According to Barrow, he should have done more to convince the National Party Council that John Saldivar was not suitable to run for any political office under the United Democratic [...]

John Saldivar Hangs on by the Skin of His Teeth

Former area representative John Saldivar lives to fight another day, as the embattled U.D.P. politician secured his candidacy for Belmopan by the skin of his teeth.  On February fifth, 2023, [...]

Shyne Categorically Stands by Special Committee’s Decision Against John Saldivar

Party Leader Shyne Barrow, in the wake of the N.P.C. vote, issued a statement saying, “I categorically support the Special Committee decision to disallow the candidacy of John Saldivar in [...]

Former Mayor Khalid Belisle Drops Out of Belmopan Race

Former Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle has bowed out of the political race for the Garden City.  On Saturday, following the N.P.C.’s decision to allow John Saldivar to run as a [...]

What Does Redistricting Mean for Belize?

Earlier this week, the Belize Peace Movement held a press conference to discuss a consent order that has been handed down by the Supreme Court in respect of a belated [...]

Jose Mai is Prepared for Redistricting Exercise in OW South

As it stands, Orange Walk South has approximately seven thousand registered voters and the most votes in favor of P.U.P. Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai, by community, came from Guinea [...]

Christmas Cheer for the Kids of Stann Creek West

In Stann Creek West, the largest electoral district in the country, there are well over nine thousand voters.  This holiday season, Area Representative Rodwell Ferguson concedes that there is not [...]

D.F.C To Offer Student Loans on Financing from C.D.B.

The Senate met today at the National Assembly Building in Belmopan. A minute of silence was observed in honour of the late Sylvia Flores, who served as the first female [...]

I.D.B and Taiwan Provide Loans for Micro, Small and Medium Businesses

There was a second set of loans that was supported during today’s Senate Sitting. It comes from the Inter-American Development Bank, which has implemented a global credit program. This first [...]

Major Gilbert Swazo Officially Appointed New Ombudsman

Belize has been without an Ombudsman since April 2021, when Lionel Arzu demitted that office. The role of the Ombudsman is to receive and investigate complaints by people who feel that [...]

Belize Ratifies Convention for Safety of Fishing Vessels

The Torremolinos International Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels was adopted in 1977 and later amended over time. It was the first international convention to establish clear requirements and [...]

N.G.O Senator Supports Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels

Senator Janelle Chanona, who represents the non-government organizations, and who has been vocal in campaigning for the protection of the oceans and the environment, supported the motion because it calls [...]

Senate Passes Supplementary Appropriation Bill

There was also the presentation of a Supplementary Appropriation Bill which comprised three sums of money: one for thirteen million dollars under the recurrent expenditure and an additional forty-two point [...]

Patrick Faber Plans to Run Independent If He’s Refused by U.D.P.

Estranged politician Patrick Faber says he will run independent in Collet if the U.D.P. does now allow him to contest the next general elections under its banner. We caught up [...]

Faber Comments on Saldivar’s U.S. Designation

Faber also gave his take on the latest dilemma that his U.D.P. colleague and intra-party rival John Saldivar has found himself in with the U.S. Department of State’s designation. Faber [...]

Saldivar Speaks on Future in Politics Following Special Committee Decision

Former Area Representative John Saldivar made an appearance this morning on Belmopan based Plus TV’s Rise and Shine. It is an unlikely interview for the embattled politician, because the host [...]

Saldivar, Shyne and the Public’s Perception  

During his appearance on Rise and Shine, Saldivar compared his public image with that of his party leader. Saldivar said, the Caucus for Change made a conscious decision not to [...]

Saldivar’s U.S. Designation Brings in to Sharp Focus Campaign Financing

Belmopan Area Representative Oscar Mira has chimed in on the John Saldivar saga and the U.S. designation of the former government minister. As we reported last week, the United Democratic [...]

With Saldivar Out, Is this Good News for the P.U.P.’s Oscar Mira?

And so with Saldivar out of the way, does this spell good news for Mira? Here’s how he responds to that question.   Oscar Mira, Area Representative, Belmopan “We continue [...]

John Saldivar Can No Longer Run as a Candidate for U.D.P.

It’s official, John Saldivar can no longer run for the United Democratic Party as a candidate for the Belmopan constituency. That’s the decision taken against the embattled politician today, after [...]

Shyne Fully Supports Special Committee’s Decision on Saldivar

According to the Leader of the Opposition, the decision to bar Saldivar’s candidacy follows a carefully thought out process during which the seven-member special committee contemplated what’s right for the [...]

Will Saldivar Relinquish Post as Coordinator Within the U.D.P.?

Affording the beleaguered politician an opportunity at due process is something that Shyne Barrow says he had to support since he, too, sees the importance in offering a fair chance [...]

John Saldivar Responds to Special Committee’s Decision

This afternoon, Saldivar issued a statement indicating that he does intend to challenge the decision of the U.D.P.’s special committee.  The release reads, “I have been informed of the decision [...]

Dean Barrow on SC’s Decision, “Politically it was sensible.”

Former Prime Minister and U.D.P. Party Leader Dean Barrow also weighed in on the decision taken against Saldivar today.  While the esteemed attorney conceded that the proceedings were not done [...]

Scandal After Scandal, U.D.P.’s Image Continues to Take a Serious Hit

While the image of the United Democratic Party has been tarnished to a certain degree since 2020 in the wake of two leadership conventions that were held that year, as [...]