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DPM Patrick Faber Issues Release on Lev Dermen

Late this evening, DPM Patrick Faber posted on his Facebook saying he has had no relationship with Levon Dermen, that he did not make any request for him to be [...]

Did Danny Mason Give Patrick Faber $250K?

Aside from the Lev Dermen sandal, there is the saga of the convicted murderer, William Danny Mason.  The Prime Minister was asked if there was evidence that Mason gave the [...]

PM Barrow Says Imer Hernandez “Came Out Smelling Like a Rose”

According to the Prime Minister, an I.D.B. audit on the infrastructural works of Imer Hernandez was concluded. PM Barrow says that Hernandez received a letter from the I.D.B., telling him [...]

P.U.P. Says “Election Manipulation Must End Now”

For three days this week, hundreds of immigrants from Central America, and elsewhere, turned up at the political office of U.D.P. standard bearer Dianne Finnegan with immigration documents in hand.  [...]

P.U.P. Supports Equal Opportunities Bill in Principle

P.U.P. Leader John Briceño also spoke briefly today on the proposed Equal Opportunities Bill for which consultations start over the weekend. While he says that a draft copy of the [...]

Is the P.U.P. Ready for General Elections?

General elections are to take place sometime this year so there is a guessing game as to specifically when. While we were with P.U.P. Leader John Briceño today, we asked [...]

Mike Peyrefitte to be Endorsed as U.D.P. Chairman

The chairmanship of the United Democratic Party goes to Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte after challengers Doctor Carla Barnett and John Castillo withdrew from the race ahead of the February ninth [...]

Migrants Lined Up at Constituency Office of U.D.P. Lake I Standard Bearer

Long lines of persons queued up at the office of the U.D.P. Lake Independence Standard Bearer, Dianne Finnegan since early this morning and on Wednesday though the main office of [...]

Is it an Indictment of the Immigration Department?

But are the events in the past two days an indictment of the Immigration Department, where the processing is to take place? Minister of State for Immigration, Beverly Williams says [...]

2 Candidates Withdraw from U.D.P. Convention Race, but Bev Williams In It to Win It

The U.D.P. national convention is exactly one month away from today, on February night, and the machinery is in full steam for those persons contesting a spot on the party’s [...]

572 Delegates to Determine U.D.P. National Executive

Five hundred and seventy-two delegates will be voting on February ninth. So how confident is Minister Bev Williams that she will be able to take out senior Tourism Minister Manuel [...]

Minister Bev: “John is the Man for the Job”

Now it is no secret that Belize Rural Central area rep, Beverly Williams, is supporting John Saldivar in his leadership bid. In fact, in his launch back in early November [...]

Opposition Leader says Attorney General Can Sue if He So Wishes

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte has threatened to sue the Leader of the Opposition John Briceño over comments Briceño made in his New Year’s Day message.  In his address, Briceño did [...]

John Briceño Will Not Apologize for Comments Made

Aside from proof, the Attorney General is demanding that Briceño apologizes to the Government, the United Democratic Party and the country for the comments made.  But that is not about [...]

Opposition Leader says G.O.B. Should Have Addressed Judges’ Retirement in 2019

In 2020, five justices of the Supreme Court will step down including Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. These justices will be reaching retirement age and vacancies are being advertised for these [...]

“El Que No Debe No Teme”, says John Briceño

In early December 2019, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry sent a letter to the government in which it requested documents related to the multimillion dollars infrastructure contract worth [...]

Opposition Leader Waiting for Senate Report on Immigration Inquiry

Like the rest of the nation, Opposition Leader John Briceño is patiently waiting for U.D.P. Senator Aldo Salazar to present his report regarding the Senate Special Select Committee’s findings of the [...]

John Briceño says P.U.P. is Ready for General Elections

On the topic of elections, the United Democratic Party will be holding its leadership convention in February. Patrick Faber and John Saldivar are going head to head to replace Prime [...]

John Briceño Closely Monitoring Redistricting Court Case

With general elections expected to be called at any time, Opposition Leader John Briceño is carefully monitoring a constitutional challenge bought before the Supreme Court by the Belize Peace Movement. The [...]

AG Demands Public Apology from John Briceno for Drug Plane Comment

So while Government is yet to provide a copy of the Hernandez contract to the Chamber, Government’s chief legal officer Michael Peyrefitte is demanding that Opposition Leader John Briceño apologizes [...]

24 Hours for Opposition Leader to Present Proof in Drug Plane Allegations

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte has responded to bold assertions made by Opposition Leader John Briceño in his New Year’s address during which he states that the endless landings of drug [...]

Harsh Words from the AG to P.U.P. Party Leader

According to the Attorney General, the fact that Briceño stopped short of naming names does not exempt him from libel and slander.  He goes on to say that if the [...]

Mike Peyrefitte Pursues U.D.P. Chairmanship Ambition

The leadership race for the United Democratic Party continues to intensify as the date for the national convention draws nearer.  Contesting the post for chairman is Michael Peyrefitte.  The attorney [...]

Manny H is Depressed and Disappointed with Events on Caye Caulker

Belize Rural South Area Representative and Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Junior also attended today’s press event in Caye Caulker where he took the opportunity to voice his discontent with [...]

P.U.P. says Caye Caulker’s Utilities Crisis Needs Permanent Solutions

The People’s United Party has registered its concern over what is describes as the complete breakdown of electrical and water services in Caye Caulker Village. The Opposition party is calling [...]