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P.U.P. Celebrates 72nd Anniversary

Today, the People’s United Party is celebrating seventy-two years as a political organization in Belize. In a Facebook post, Prime Minister John Briceño reflected on the P.U.P.’s history saying “Our [...]

U.D.P.’s Tumultuous Forty-ninth Anniversary

The United Democratic Party turns forty-nine today. The milestone achievement comes at the tail end of the September Celebrations; nonetheless, members of the U.D.P. commemorated the event by paying homage [...]

Shyne Pays Homage to Past U.D.P. Prime Ministers

Late this evening, News Five spoke with Party Leader Shyne Barrow, who shared with us the significance of this milestone to the United Democratic Party.  Barrow took the opportunity to [...]

Shyne Says Former U.D.P. Chairman is Also Before Ethics Committee

Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber’s application to run for a sixth time in that constituency was rejected by the U.D.P.’s Nominations Committee last week. The reasons given were several violations [...]

Shyne Says Patrick Faber Must Comply with U.D.P. Constitution

Party Leader Shyne Barrow also discussed the comments made by Vice Chairman Alberto August to News Five on Friday.  August is on record criticizing the leadership of the United Democratic [...]

B.P.F Leader Says Opposition Members of Parliament Have Proposed Joining the B.P.F.

It has been a while since the United Democratic Party has seen bright days. The clash between former leader Patrick Faber – dethroned and cast out by current leader Moses [...]

U.D.P. Denies Patrick Faber’s Application to Run Again in Collet

Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber is the most senior politician on the opposition bench.  The former leader of the United Democratic Party has won his seat as a member of [...]

Why Did Nomination Committee Reject Faber’s Application?

In an interview with News Five via phone this morning, U.D.P. Chairman Mike Peyrefitte explained the role of the Nomination Committee which is reportedly being chaired by Shirlette Martinez. While [...]

Is the decision of the Nomination Committee final?

Is the decision of the Nomination Committee final?  That’s a question we posed to U.D.P. Chairman Peyrefitte earlier today. He referred to a particular clause within the letter written by [...]

U.D.P. Vice Chair is Also Threatened with Expulsion from Beleaguered Party

What about the Shyne factor?  Is the continued tailspin of the United Democratic Party the result of poor leadership?  According to former U.D.P. Chairman Alberto August, working with Shyne Barrow [...]

P.U.P. Chairman Surprised by What’s Happening in the U.D.P.

P.U.P. Chairman Henry Charles Usher chimed in on the infighting within the Opposition, as it is all being played out on social media. He says that he is surprised by [...]

“Uncle P was Hoping to be Arrested” – ComPol Williams on U.D.P. Protest

The United Democratic Party staged a protest in Belize City last Tuesday, despite not getting approval from the Belize Police Department to proceed with the demonstration. The opposition took to [...]

Opposition Leader Barrow Says P.M. Briceño “di sing fih ih suppa”

Leader of the Opposition, Moses Shyne Barrow, accused Prime Minister Briceño of playing the piper’s tune. Following P.M. Briceño’s contributions on the BISL settlement in the house, the Leader of [...]

Tracy Panton Agrees to Keep the Peace within the U.D.P.

Tracy Panton, the Area Representative for Albert Division, has broken her silence on the U.D.P.’s deep internal divide. Today, she spoke with reporters about her position, coming out of Saturday’s [...]

Tracy Panton Wants Distracted U.D.P. to Focus on National Issues

Panton also responded to questions about her removal from the party’s Central Executive Committee in favor of Melvin Hewlett, who ran and lost in Fort George for the U.D.P. in [...]

P.M. Briceño says U.D.P. Protest Was a Fail

Panton also told reporters that she did not take part in her party’s protest on Tuesday, because she was working in her constituency. She told us that she also had [...]

U.D.P. Protests Gas Prices and Cost of Living

The United Democratic Party took to the streets of Belize City today in protest. After failing to acquire the necessary permits from the Belize Police Department to demonstrate, the U.D.P. [...]

Elected U.D.P. Members, Tracy Panton and Patrick Faber Absent from U.D.P. Protest

Former Party Leader Patrick Faber and Area Representative for Albert Division Tracy Panton did not attend the demonstration. Both elected members of the U.D.P. have been at odds with the [...]

John Saldivar Hopes to Reclaim Belmopan for U.D.P.

While Barrow’s focus was on exorbitant gas prices and the cost of living, John Saldivar has his eyes set on Belmopan. The U.D.P.’s National Party Council has set a deadline [...]

U.D.P. Chairman Says Illegal B.I.S.L Acquisition Profits Belizeans

On Monday, we told you about the discounted settlement that the Government of Belize has signed on to for financial damages payable to the Belize International Services Limited. As we [...]

N.P.C. Attempts to Repair a Shattered Opposition

The United Democratic Party’s National Party Council met over the weekend, in another attempt at putting an end to the internal strife that threatens to destroy the U.D.P. at its [...]

A Fractured U.D.P. Set to Protest in Belize City

Despite the internal turmoil, the United Democratic Party is planning a protest for Tuesday in Belize City. On Thursday of last week, Assistant Commissioner of Police Howell Gillett, the Regional [...]

U.D.P. Chairman to ComPol Williams,”From Police to Politician”

Chairman Peyrefitte contends that his application to protest was denied on political grounds. He accuses the Commissioner of Police of attempting to muffle the U.D.P., asserting that ComPol Williams’ feelings [...]

CitCo Approves a New Arrangement for Micah Goodin’s Study Leave

Councilor Micah Goodin attended a farewell event held by the People’s United Party secretariat on Thursday night, as he prepares to go away for law school at U.W.I.. As we [...]

Same Long Distance Arrangement for Micah and Kaya

According to Mayor Wagner, the request by Councilor Goodin to participate virtually in council meetings was not far-fetched.  In fact, it is a similar arrangement to what has been approved [...]