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What Does Cordel Think of the P.U.P.’s Mayoral Debacle?

Deputy Party Leader Cordel Hyde finds himself in a peculiar situation where candidates for the mayoral seat in Belize City are concerned.  Incumbent Mayor Bernard Wagner is his brother-in-law and [...]

U.D.P. Celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary

The United Democratic Party is celebrating a milestone today as it turns fifty.  The political organization was founded on September twenty-seventh, 1973, as an amalgamation of the National Independence Party [...]

U.D.P. Says It’s Ready for March 2024 Municipals

The next municipal elections are slated for March 2024 and both major political organizations are putting together their respective lists of candidates who will be taking part in the upcoming [...]

P.U.P. National Executive Meets to Discuss 2024 Municipals

The leadership of the People’s United Party met at Independence Hall this morning where the national executive discussed a number of issues as it relates to the municipal elections slated [...]

P.U.P. Chairman Speaks on Alan Pollard and Mayoral Candidacy

On September twenty-first, Pollard and his supporters, donning his campaign shirts, joined the Independence Day Parade in Belize City.  His participation in the procession rubbed several of his fellow councilors [...]

PM Briceño to Alan Pollard, “There’s a time for everything.”

Prime Minister John Briceño has also weighed in on the situation involving Deputy Mayor Pollard.  It is an interesting scenario as, on the one hand, the party is appealing to [...]

Has Mayor Bernard Wagner Been Endorsed as P.U.P.’s Belize City Mayoral Candidate?

Returning to the latest political developments, credible information to News Five is that Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner has been endorsed by the People’s United Party as its mayoral candidate [...]

When will Area Rep Andre Perez Return to Cabinet?

Belize Rural South Area Representative Andre Perez remains on a leave of absence, as an investigation into a sex scandal involving the cabinet minister is being concluded.  On August twenty-first, [...]

BRS Candidate Jazelie Azueta is Kicked Out of U.D.P.

Former Belize Rural South Standard Bearer, Jazelie Azueta has been expelled from the United Democratic Party, following the political fracas that ensued over the weekend during the National Party Council.  [...]

“There is no political logic.” – Shyne on Jazelie Azueta

According to Barrow, there is no explanation that can be offered by Azueta that justified her action, as well as that of her fellow committee member.  Regarding the heated exchange [...]

U.D.P. Chairman Explains Choice of Words During Protest

On Thursday, U.D.P. Chairman Mike Peyrefitte led a small group of protestors to picket in front of the bakery belonging to Belize Rural South Area Representative Andre Perez in San [...]

Will Mayor Bernard Wagner Run in the General Elections?

The Municipal Elections are set for next March and the two-term P.U.P. Mayor, Bernard Wagner has expressed his wish to serve for a third time in that capacity, but without [...]

U.D.P. Belize Rural South Standard Bearer Removed By N.P.C.

Last week, we told you about the decision made by the U.D.P. Belize Rural South Executive Committee to disassociate itself from the U.D.P. protest that took place in San Pedro [...]

“We respect each other here on the island”, San Pedro Town Mayor

Last week, when we sat down with Gualberto “Wally” Nunez, the Mayor of San Pedro Town, he commented on the U.D.P. protest. We asked Mayor Nunez about the culture of [...]

U.D.P. to Meet in Emergency Session, Will BRS Candidate be Removed?

The National Party Council of the U.D.P. is to hold an emergency meeting on Saturday morning to address the situation that played out in San Pedro on Thursday, in respect [...]

Is San Pedro Town Mayor Gunning for Belize Rural South Seat?

The embattled Area Representative for Belize Rural South, Andre Perez, is the talk of the town in San Pedro. And, one accusation being tossed around is that Gualberto “Wally” Nunez, [...]

U.D.P. Protests in San Pedro; BRS Draws Distance

A small protest was staged by the United Democratic Party earlier today in San Pedro to coincide with the start of the 2023 Belize Investment Summit.  On Wednesday the opposition [...]

Anti-corruption Candidate Bernardo Arévalo Wins Guatemala’s Presidential Election

Bernardo Arévalo, an anti-corruption advocate representing the progressive Movimiento Semilla party, emerged victorious in Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday. He defeated former First Lady Sandra Torres. With a complete tally [...]

Where is Bernard Wagner in the Belize City Mayoral Race?

It’s official, there are three candidates within the People’s United Party, including incumbent Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner, vying for the highest seat in municipal government.  As we reported a [...]

Former BML Boss Lawrence Ellis Enters Political Race

Businessman Lawrence Ellis, a member of the People’s United Party, is also entering the political fray after submitting his name earlier this month to contest the candidacy for the mayorship [...]

P.U.P. Hopes To Maintain Municipal Support in 2024

On Monday, we asked Prime Minister John Briceño for his projections of the municipal elections, given his administration’s performance up to this point. In 2021, the People’s United Party dominated [...]

Nelma Mortis-Jones Steps Up for U.D.P.

The United Democratic Party is yet to formally introduce its mayoral candidate for Belize City.  She is Doctor Nelma Mortis-Jones.  For the better part of thirty years, she has been [...]

Shyne Barrow is Confident of a U.D.P. Victory in 2024 Municipals

Last week, U.D.P. Party Leader Shyne Barrow also weighed in on the municipal race.  While he is confident that the United Democratic Party will emerge victorious in all nine municipalities, [...]

U.D.P. Mobilizes Throngs of Supporters for Endorsement Convention

On Sunday morning in Belize City, stalwarts of the United Democratic Party descended on Youth for the Future Drive.  They came from all corners of the country and gathered at [...]

Will House Committee Bring Attention to an Absent ‘Sista B’

Will there be an amendment made to force Queen Square area representative Denise “Sista B” Barrow to show up to House Meetings? That’s a question that was posed to cabinet [...]