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Opposition Leader on Latest Drug Plane Landing

Opposition Leader John Briceño spoke to News Five today about the drug plane. He says he is not surprised that yet another drug plane landed in Belize. Briceño says that [...]

Firing Herman Longsworth is Not Enough, Says Opposition Leader

Belize’s Consul General in New York Herman Longsworth has been fired after an audit report into the finances of the National Sports Council revealed serious cash irregularities. Longsworth, who was [...]

Longsworth’s Termination Becomes Effective February 1st

A press release from the Government says that Longsworth termination will become effective February twenty first, 2020, to allow him time to wrap up the affairs at the Consulate and [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says S.P.T.C. Cannot Issue Dredging License

Documents shared with News Five show illegal dredging activities being carried out within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. As we reported on Tuesday, residents in the Secret Beach area have [...]

Herman Longsworth is Fired

There is a report tonight that the Consul General in New York, Herman Longsworth is heading back home abruptly and has been fired. Longsworth, as you know was named in [...]

Criminal Charges Forthcoming Following Revelations in Auditor General’s Reports?

As much as half a million dollars was found to be embezzled at the National Sports Council between April first, 2015 to March thirty-first, 2016.  A report by the Auditor [...]

The Pickle that is Julian Cho Tech

The Julian Cho Technical High School also finds itself in is a quagmire as the secondary institution continues to operate without a principal.  To make matters worse, former principal Dr. [...]

$1.3M to Build Substandard Classrooms at Julian Cho Tech

According to Requeña, a teacher was awarded a contract for one point three million dollars to build classrooms at Julian Cho.  The quality of work, he says, was well below [...]

Belize Ascends to Caribbean Agriculture Health and Food Safety Agency

Turning to Monday’s senate sitting; aside from debate on the new Contractor General and the Caracol road expansion, two resolutions were passed.  The first authorizes the accession by Belize to [...]

Belize Has No National Accreditation Agency

The second resolution that was passed dealt with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The Senate ratified the agreement establishing the Caribbean Community Accreditation Agency for Education and Training. [...]

Michael Peyrefitte Met Lev Dermen; Denies Taking Bribes

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte says he met the infamous fraudster, Lev Dermen, through former P.U.P. Minister Ralph Fonseca.  Dermen’s name has appeared in all major headlines last week, causing the [...]

AG Eager to Know Which Cabinet Minister Took Bribes from Lev Dermen

So who was the cabinet minister who received twenty-five thousand dollars monthly? Fingers are being pointed to one specific senior U.D.P. minister and according to the Prime Minister his ministers [...]

Senate Debate on Caracol Loan Motion Gets Heated

Sparks flew inside the National Assembly today, forcing President Darrell Bradley to bring order in the Senate. The debate got heated as senators spoke on the ten million U.S. dollar [...]

Senators Raise Concerns Over Contractor General Appointment

The motion to appoint Omar Mitchell to the post of Contractor General was today ratified by the Senate but not before several senators voiced concerns. Mitchell succeeds Godwin Arzu who [...]

AG Defends G.O.B.’s Contractor General Appointment

Responding to the senators’ concerns was Attorney General and U.D.P. Senator, Michael Peyrefitte. Peyrefitte chastised the senators for pre-empting the works of Mitchell by alluding he would fail at his [...]

Will Lev Dermen Scandal Force U.D.P. to Postpone Leadership Convention?

February ninth has been set aside by the United Democratic Department for its leadership convention.  As you know, Patrick Faber and John Saldivar are going head to head to become [...]

Auditor General’s Reports Spark Debate on Adjournment

Precipitating the harsh criticisms levied against the Barrow administration on adjournment at Friday’s house meeting was a pair of audit reports presented to PM Barrow back in October.  The results [...]

Why Wasn’t Simeon Coc Called Out by PM Following JCTHS Audit?

Both documents will also be handed over to the Public Accounts Committee chaired by Deputy Leader Julius Espat of the People’s United Party.  While Opposition Leader John Briceño cited a [...]

Fisheries Resources Bill Successfully Tabled and Passed

A new Fisheries Resources Bill was tabled in the House of Representatives on Friday which will aid in making small-scale fisheries more sustainable for marine life, as well as fisher [...]

New Fisheries Bill Also Effective for Inland Resources

Orange Walk South Area Representative, Jose Abelardo Mai spoke of the legislation in the context of the New River crisis of 2019.  According to Mai, the Fisheries Resources Bill also [...]

P.U.P. Goes in on Lev Dermen Scandal

The inaugural sitting of the House of Representatives for the New Year 2020 got underway this morning in Belmopan, amid a number of scandals wracking the Barrow administration.  While several [...]

PM Holds Position on Unnamed Bribe Recipients

In attempting to defend his position, PM Barrow reiterated what was said at his press conference on Wednesday, that essentially he is hamstrung until and unless names and credible evidence [...]

Many Questionable Characters Granted Belizean Nationality in 2013

The issue of Belizean nationalities being hurriedly granted to questionable characters was also a hallmark in the opposition leader’s statements on adjournment.  Quite a number of Canadian and American nationals [...]

$2.2 Million in Questionable Spending at Julian Cho Technical School

An audit of the National Sports Council for a one-year period showed the blatant disregard for government financial regulations and suspected fraud of huge sums of money. That audit was [...]

Toledo West Area Rep Calls Out Dr. Simon Coc

Area Representative for Toledo West Oscar Requeña spoke on the audit’s findings on the adjournment of the House. As a matter of national importance, Requeña called for action and highlighted [...]