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Senators Spar of Barrow’s War Bill against Butane Importers

The government’s war bill against the three major importers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas went to the Senate floor today. Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his government are at war with Belize [...]

The Debate over LPG Price Formula

In October, representatives of Belize Western Energy Limited, Gas Tomza, and Southern Choice Butane (Zeta Gas) met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow to discuss the National Gas Company which in [...]

Senate Debates $20M Education Loan Motion

The Senate debated a ten-million-dollar loan motion geared at improving the quality of education. The Inter-American Development Bank-Education Quality Improvement Program is designed to mainly improve the quality and gender [...]

Hydro Maya Power Project Bill Gives Private Company Extended Tax Concessions

The Hydro Maya Power Project Bill, 2019 was brought before the Senate today. It is strictly a financial bill that seeks to extend the concession agreement that was signed in 1998 [...]

How Will Belizeans Benefit from Hydro Maya Tax Concessions Extension?

Senator for the N.G.O.s Osmany Salas and Private Sector Senator Mark Lizarraga questioned what are the benefits that Belizeans are receiving through the concessionary agreement given to the private company. [...]

Belize City Council Installs Set of Traffic Lights on C.A. Blvd and Neal Penn Road

If part of your routine involves commuting by foot or by vehicle, private or public, there is something to look forward to.  Traversing the Central American Boulevard can be a [...]

The Latest on Candice Miller’s $378,000 Judgment Win Against CitCo

One of the issues haunting City Hall is the huge payment ordered by the Supreme Court to former City Administrator Candice Miller.  As you know, the court awarded Miller a [...]

CitCo’s Swing Bridge Contract to Bill Lindo is $120,000

During the traffic light unveiling, Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner came under fire for recent decisions that have a semblance of nepotism. Now, the City Administrator is Stephanie Lindo, her [...]

Gaspar Vega Absent from House Sitting Yet Again!

There was a Special Sitting of the House of Representatives on Wednesday and absent for the umpteenth time was U.D.P. Area Representative for Orange Walk North Gaspar Vega.  Vega has [...]

Firearms Amendment Bill 2019 Taken to the House

On Wednesday, the Government introduced the Firearms Amendment Bill 2019. The bill provides for new licensing fees which will be lowered tremendously to appease gun license holders since the cost [...]

Belize City Council Biting the Bullet to Make Ends Meet

The end of the year is quickly approaching and so is crunch time. At City Hall, Mayor Bernard Wagner says he is biting the bullet and will not be offering [...]

Belize City Mayor Provides Update on Municipal Bond

One way by which the Council plans to become fluid, is by selling bonds through the municipal bond. Now, the bond received the support of the House and Senate in [...]

House Debate Hydro Maya Power Project Bill

The House sitting on Wednesday was chock full of pressing matters. The House passed the Hydro Maya Power Project Bill, 2019 which seeks to give effect to certain undertakings and [...]

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Misspoke

After the house adjourned for committee meeting, PM Barrow consulted with Financial Secretary Joseph Waight and returned, apologizing for having misspoken.   Prime Minister Dean Barrow “Accept that I misspoke. [...]

The L.P.G. Price War is On!

Today’s house sitting in Belmopan was fiery and spirited as the LPG price war wages.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow is loading the government’s arsenal, expecting some sort of retaliatory effort [...]

G.O.B. Armed and Ready for Push Back by LPG Importers

The Government introduced and passed the Supplies Control (Amendment) Bill which increases penalties that may be imposed on these three companies if they continue to sell LPG below the fixed [...]

Is Imer Hernandez G.O.B.’s Favorite Constructor?

Contractor Imer Hernandez and the many multi-million dollar infrastructural contracts that he has been awarded under this U.D.P. government was the subject of a heated debated between Prime Minister Dean [...]

Opposition Writes Lending Institutions over Imer Hernandez’s Contracts

In response to the statement made by Briceño, Prime Minister Dean Barrow defended Hernandez saying that these contracts are awarded by international entities which carry out their due diligence.   [...]

Works Minister Explains How Imer Hernandez Got Coast Road Contract

Before the Imer Hernandez debated unfolded, during the Sitting of the House Minster of Works Rene Montero made a statement related to multimillion dollars Coastal Road contract that Hernandez’s firm [...]

Works Minister Says No Contract for Replacement of Haulover Bridge Signed

Works Minister Rene Montero also spoke of government’s plans for the Haulover Bridge which his rapidly deteriorating. The Barrow Administration, in mid-October 2017 secured a twelve-million U.S. dollar loan from [...]

Opposition Party Criticizes G.O.B. Loan to Improve Quality of Education

Members of the Opposition questioned the purpose of the loan, pointing out that there is a lot left to be desired for Belize’s education system. While the education system isn’t [...]

Lands Minister Says Land Amnesty Bill Has a Mistake

One more item from the House…a motion to extend the land amnesty tax programme was tabled today.  The Partial Remission of Land Tax Arrears Programme which was originally scheduled to [...]

P.U.P. Demonstrates in the Name of Justice for Pastor Lue and Other Victims

While the courtroom of Justice Antoinette Moore was at its capacity, outside near the parking lot, a handful of politicians and supporters of the People’s United Party gathered in protest.  [...]

P.U.P. Senator takes on U.D.P. House Sergeant-at-Arms

The House Disciplinary Committee met today in Belmopan to discuss several items including a police report made P.U.P. Senator Doctor Louis Zabaneh against House Sergeant-at-Arms, macebearer Brian “Yellowman” Audinett. The allegation [...]

P.U.P. Senator Failed to Make Report against ‘Yellowman’ to House Disciplinary Committee

A member of the House Committee is Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte. According to Peyrefitte, Doctor Zabaneh failed to submit a written report to the committee and as such there was [...]