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Kareem Musa on Controversial 11th Amendment

The debate around the Eleventh Amendment rages on and beyond the perceived threat to Shyne Barrow’s political future is the need to put in place a threshold for sitting public [...]

U.D.P. “Laments” Move of Sugar to Big Creek Port

In related news, this afternoon, the United Democratic Party sent out a release in support of the stevedores.  The party says the move by A.S.R./B.S.I. to transfer its operations from [...]

Constitution House Committee Meets on 10th & 11th Amendments

The parliamentary caucus of the United Democratic Party has issued a release on the proposed Tenth and Eleventh Amendments, following a meeting of the Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee on [...]

U.D.P. Says Consultation Not Adequate for Court of Appeal Appointments

Last week we reported on the appointment of three new Justices for the Court of Appeal.  But tonight, the Opposition is challenging the way the government went about making these [...]

Will U.D.P. Challenge Appointment of Justices?

While in Opposition, the U.D.P. agitated for Chief Justice Manuel Sosa to be removed back in 1998.  One of reasons given was that the consultation process wasn’t meaningful. So, will [...]

Peyrefitte on the 11th Amendment

Today, Senator Michael Peyrefitte was asked if he believes there is any connection between the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and Belize’s proposed Eleventh Amendment.   Michael Peyrefitte, U.D.P. Senator [...]

Darrell Bradley on Living with Outcome of U.D.P. Recall Convention

Earlier today, we asked Darrell Bradley for a comment on the results of the July eleventh U.D.P. recall convention at the Bird Isle.  Bradley, now a U.D.P. senator, was being [...]

Lord Michael Ashcroft & Tracy Panton Oppose 11th Amendment Bill

Today, U.D.P. area rep Tracy Panton posted on social media the words of her eighty-one-year-old mother on the proposed eleventh amendment bill.  It says, “I do not agree with everything [...]

Shyne Opens Up About Convention Outcome

Sunday’s recall convention saw Collet Area Representative Patrick Faber retaining his seat as leader of the United Democratic Party.  Despite surviving the recent attempt to have him ousted, Faber’s control [...]

Barrow and Faber on Opposite Ends of 11th Amendment

Former Leader of the Opposition Patrick Faber is on record stating that he has not taken a position on the controversial Eleventh Amendment bill.  Despite his name appearing on the [...]

Faber Eyes Return as LOO

When he appeared on Open Your Eyes this morning, U.D.P. Party Leader Patrick Faber also spoke about his ambitions to be restored as Leader of the Opposition.   Marleni Cuellar, [...]

Faber Says Barrow Cannot Force U.D.P. to Take Position on 11th Amendment

A rift has already developed between U.D.P. Party Leader Patrick Faber, who just retained his position during Sunday’s recall convention, and the party’s Leader of the Opposition, Shyne Barrow.  On [...]

Faber Holds Onto Leadership; Attacks Continue

And now that he has reaffirmed his party leader seat, you heard Faber say that he is working on taking back the leader of the opposition role in the House. [...]

Patrick Faber Retains Leadership of the U.D.P.

The votes are in and Patrick Faber lives to fight another day, but in the wake of a less than resounding victory at Sunday’s recall convention, his detractors are still [...]

Faber Says Khalid Belisle’s Removal was an Injustice

The recent senatorial shuffle saw former Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle’s stint as a parliamentarian come to an abrupt end when he was replaced by former Senate President Darrell Bradley.  The [...]

Is There a Pending Leadership Convention in the U.D.P.?

Several hours after emerging victorious at the recall convention, a call was once again made for Patrick Faber to abdicate his post as leader of the U.D.P.  In thanking the [...]

All Eyes Are on U.D.P.’s Recall Convention

It’s do or die this weekend for embattled party leader Patrick Faber whose mettle is being tested by his colleagues in the United Democratic Party.  After several weeks of calculated, [...]

Electronic Transfer Bill to Speed Up Financial Transactions

At last week’s meeting at the House of Representatives, there were several bills introduced which may not have gotten a lot of public attention, but could help to make doing [...]

G.O.B. to Come Down on Credit Card Fraud

The Bill is also designed to clamp down on electronic transfer and credit card fraud and creates a series of offenses.   Prime Minister John Briceño “This bill provides for [...]

Stamp Duty Exemptions Sought

Another bill introduced seeks to encourage investment by exempting certain documents from stamp duty. PM Briceño explains.   Prime Minister John Briceño “We want to make it easier and cheaper [...]

Senator Bradley Asks Why 11th Amendment is Being proposed

Senator Darrell Bradley has come out in opposition to the proposed Eleventh Amendment to the Belize Constitution. Late this evening, he issued a statement saying the Amendment seeks to introduce [...]

Senate Focuses on Haiti, GG Salary and Benefits, Contingency Fund

Three new opposition Senators were sworn in during today’s Senate meeting. Additionally, a motion was passed to increase the salary of the Governor General by up to thirty thousand dollars. [...]

Shyne Barrow Says Small Players Should Benefit from Marijuana Bill Too

On Friday we told you about the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill that was introduced in the House.  The bill seeks to establish licensing, registration and operational requirements for the [...]

“Nothing Poor About Leader of the Opposition…” – PM Briceño

Before it was even tabled in the House of Representatives on Friday, the Eleventh Amendment Bill was controversial. It seeks to provide additional grounds for the disqualification of an individual [...]

How Long Should the Governor General be in Office?

Should the Governor General be held to a term of five years, similarly to what is being proposed in the Tenth Amendment for the constitutional appointments? That’s what Opposition member [...]