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No Election Date Set, but U.D.P. Machinery is Up and Running

There is still no fixed date for the November general elections, aside from the fact that it will be held within the first two weeks of that month.  Today, when [...]

P.U.P. Launches Women and Family Agenda

The People’s United Party is also gearing up elections and has been launching policy documents on a number of areas. On Saturday night, the P.U.P. launched its policy for family [...]

Kareem Musa Commits to Three Targets of the Women’s Agenda for Caribbean Shores!

The launch included the input of P.U.P. women across the country, as well as standard bearers and area representatives. Caribbean Shores area rep Kareem Musa committed to championing three main [...]

Looking Back at Said Musa’s Life in Politics

Former Prime Minister and eight-time P.U.P. area representative Said Musa has retired from electoral politics after a life of public service to the constituents of Fort George and the country.  [...]

Independence Day Addresses Focus on COVID-19, but Politics as Usual…

National celebrations were muted this year due to the COVID pandemic. The events were mostly held virtually due to restrictions in place, save for Independence Day on September twenty-first. The [...]

Faber Talks Good Governance on Independence Day

With the retirement of PM Barrow, Leader elect Patrick Faber of the United Democratic Party is facing Opposition Leader John Briceño in the upcoming general elections.  Faber addressed the Independence [...]

Kareem Musa Reacts to Wil Maheia Wanting to Run in Fort George

Belize Territorial Volunteer Wil Maheia announced on Thursday that he will run in the Fort George Division under the Belize Progressive Party.  According to Maheia, who has lost twice in [...]

BPM Doesn’t Support Wil for Fort George

On Tuesday, Wil Maheia of the Belize Progressive Party declared his candidacy for the Fort George division in Belize City. But his colleagues from the Belize Peace Movement are not [...]

Who is the Owner of Good Lee Limited?

During the sitting of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat revealed that the prime minister’s son is reportedly involved in an offshore company that has [...]

Musa Says Awarding of Boledo Contract is Nepotism

According to Musa, the awarding of the boledo contract to Brad’s is the greatest case of nepotism under the Barrow Administration.   Kareem Musa, Area Rep., Caribbean Shores “He is [...]

Johnny Openly Questions B.T.L.’s Value

When the scandalous matter was raised in the House of Representatives, B.T.L.’s fiscal performance was the topic of a testy exchange between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the [...]

Is Wil Maheia the Man to Deliver Fort George for the B.P.P.?

Wil Maheia is trading in Punta Gorda for Fort George in the upcoming general elections which can happen by mid-November, as the Prime Minister said on Wednesday. Maheia has already [...]

B.P.P. Says Re-Districting Case Will Not Hold Them Back from General Elections

Earlier you heard the announcement that Wil Maheia of the B.P.P. is coming to contest the Fort George Division. With elections to be held in November, the Belize Progressive Party [...]

B.P.P. to Put Forward Fewer Candidates for General Elections

To contest the general elections, Rogers says they have a strategy in place to increase their chances of winning. He says that they have fewer candidates this time around – [...]

B.P.P. Needs $100K for its Campaign for Elections 2020

But even going into the elections, the B.P.P. says they recognize that they don’t have the resources necessary to mobilize and run a campaign.  They are estimating that one hundred [...]

Anna Banner-Guy Launches Belmopan Manifesto

The B.P.P. said today it is ready to contest the upcoming elections and in Belmopan tonight, an independent candidate is releasing a manifesto.  Back in July, Anna Banner-Guy declared she [...]

Are B.T.L. Profits Really Down?

The meeting of the House of Representatives proceeded in Belmopan today. A highlight of the session came on adjournment when the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño, rose to speak [...]

Net Vasquez Should Also Resign from All Other Statutory Boards

B.T.L. Chairman Nestor Vasquez demitted office on Tuesday evening amid allegations that he abused the company’s corporate credit card to defray personal expenses which included shopping sprees at Liverpool’s in [...]

Audrey Wallace Won’t Head B.T.L. Inquiry

The appointment of an interim chair by Thursday was announced in a statement by the B.T.L. Board of Directors on Tuesday.  It was initially reported that the investigation into ex-chairman [...]

What’s Net Vasquez’s Position on Allegations Against Him?

The issue of a two-year contract signed by Vasquez on behalf of Channel Seven is also being raised since an advance was paid out on that advertising agreement.  While the [...]

Vasquez Expected to Refund Monies if Found Culpable

Will former B.T.L. Chairman Nestor Vasquez refund every single dollar he allegedly spent on B.T.L.’s corporate credit card should the allegations made against him turn out to be true?  According [...]

Brad’s Boledo Contract Spurs Heated Debate Again

Then there was a bombshell in the House. The ten-year contract for Boledo, Fantasy Five and the Sunday Lottery Draw that was awarded to Brad’s a few weeks ago, was [...]

Julius Questions Brads Boledo Contract, After the Fact

The debate on Anwar Barrow’s involvement as a shareholder in one of the companies tied to the renewed gaming contract was of concern for the Cayo South Area Rep because [...]

PM Says Boledo Contract is not Worth $500 Million

The PM took on the questions about his son’s involvement in an offshore company that may be linked to Brad’s company. PM Barrow insisted that there is no nepotism in [...]

General Elections in November, Still no Date Set

Will the upcoming general elections be held on November fourth or eleventh?  It’s anyone’s guess.  Despite the Prime Minister’s son, Shyne, alluding to the national vote to be held on [...]