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Kolbe Foundation Promotes Health and Rehabilitation behind Prison Walls

The third annual health fair was held today at the central prison. It was held under the theme, “Kolbe Foundation, promoting health and rehabilitation: Healthier Citizens for a more productive [...]

Leo Bradley Library Host 7th Annual Health Fair

A health fair was also held today in Belize City. The seventh annual Leo Bradley Library health fair took place at the library’s compound where a number of informational booths [...]

Finding the Time to Get in Shape with Healthy Living

For people trying to get in shape, one of the most common challenges they encounter is finding the time. Veteran health and fitness coach Ed Williams has a solution to [...]

Tourist Injured in Belize Flown Out for Life Saving Surgery

Belize is getting a bad reputation on the international stage for not having adequate medical equipment to save a tourist’s life. A little over a week ago, U.S. tourist nineteen-year-old [...]

Baby Nelson Passes Away

Baby Nelson Javier Tavora passed away on Saturday.  We introduced you to him months ago as he battled a condition called hydrocephalus, where there is a build up of cerebrospinal [...]

Health is Wealth

Gateway Youth Center today held its fifth annual health fair at the Battle Field Park in downtown Belize City. Held under the theme “Health is Wealth”, the goal this year [...]

Honouring Nurses for Saving Lives

Nurses Week is celebrated around the world at this time of the year to highlight the significant contributions that nurses make in the discharge of their noble profession. In Belize [...]

Protocols by Hospitals & EMTs When Dealing with “Mass Casualty”

The emergency situation in the immediate aftermath of the explosion was dealt with precision. First responders were on the scene soon after, the siblings as well as the injured persons [...]

Southern Regional Morgue Closed Down

The morgue at the Southern Regional Hospital has been closed down and it will remain that way for possibly another week or two. It comes on the heels of another [...]

Measles – Know the Facts

Tonight, the Ministry of Health is on the alert as cases of the highly infectious measles disease have been reported in neighboring countries. There are no reported cases of measles [...]

Healthy Living: Coping with Allergies

It attacks almost instantaneously. The truth is only allergy sufferers know the pain of being hypersensitive to things in the environment that can turn them into a sneezy mess in [...]

Family Claims Negligence at K.H.M.H. Led to Arm Amputation

The family of fifty-eight-year-old Theresita Chan is claiming that negligence at the K.H.M.H. has led to the amputation of one of her arms. Today, Chan’s son Thomas Garcia stopped by [...]

9-Year-Old Critical after ATV Accident at School; Who is Responsible?

A student was badly injured at his school about two weeks ago and now his condition is taking a turn for the worse. The primary school in Georgetown Village, Stann [...]

Healthy Living: Behind the Scenes at K.H.M.H. Lab

They work behind the scenes playing a crucial role in our diagnosis and care. Most often once we see blood sample drawn, we give little thought to it until we [...]

Southern Regional Morgue Malfunctions; Brings Additional Grief to Family

A family says that something went terribly wrong at the Southern Regional Hospital’s morgue last week and it caused a lot of pain during the grieving of their loved one. [...]

Healthy Living: World Tuberculosis Day

It’s one of the top ten causes of death globally. In Belize, it killed sixteen people last year. It is preventable and treatable with all the tests and treatment available [...]

Healthy Living: Natural Sleep Aid

We all know it is important to get enough sleep every night. Consistent quality sleep has been proven to improve brain function and productivity, help with regulating your weight, reduce [...]

1 Month-Old Baby Girl Mysteriously Dies

Belize City police are investigating the sudden death of a one-month-old baby girl. Her name is Rhynaye Alexandra Rowland and she was found dead in her bed at her home [...]

Accident Victim Gudiela Estevez Succumbs 2 Weeks Later

Now to a traffic fatality…eighty-seven-year-old Gudiela Estevez passed away this morning, exactly two weeks after she and her grandson, eight-year-old Nikolai Tun, were knocked down at the corner of King [...]

Baby Zela Departs Country for Special Care in U.S.A.

Eighteen-month-old burn victim Zela Usher left the country this afternoon. She is on her way to Galveston, Texas, where she will receive treatment at the burn unit at Shriners Hospital. [...]

Belize & Cuba renew cooperation agreement

Belize and the Republic of Cuba renewed their cooperation agreement in support of the Cuban Medical Brigade. The one year agreement was signed with the expectation that Cuba will continue [...]

Baby Zela Still Critical At K.H.M.H

Eighteen-month-old Zela Usher remains in a critical condition at the K.H.M.H. after receiving severe burns to fifty percent of her little body on Tuesday evening. Baby Zela was at home [...]

Baby Zela ‘Not Moving’, Says Mother

Doctors are giving Baby Zela a fifty percent chance of survival. According to Gamboa, baby Zela isn’t responding.   Aaronie Gamboa, Mother of Zela Usher “Right now she is a [...]

67-Year-Old Man Needs Your Help

Belize City resident, Wilmore Joseph needs your help. The sixty-seven-year-old man is suffering from several health complications which you would find in many men around his age in Belize. But [...]

Healthy Living: Kidney Association Fundraiser

It’s the place many people turn to when they are in a crisis. That’s because when someone is faced with a sudden diagnosis of kidney failure and needs emergency dialysis [...]