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Flood Watch in Belize City

If you are in Belize City, you are probably wondering when we will get a break from the heavy rains and what is causing it all. Today news five was [...]

Chief Meteorologist to Residents: “Remain Alert”

As we head closer to the end of the hurricane season, as predicted, it was an above average season. A little less than a month and a half is left [...]

Protest in Seine Bight as Gas Station Construction Continues

Some villagers in the Seine Bight community were up in arms this morning, showing up in front of a construction site where a gas station is being built. Villagers have [...]

Minister of Agriculture Weighs in on Cane Farmers and ASR/BSI Impasse

The Minister of Agriculture has the hard task of bringing the Belize Sugar Industry and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association together to strike a compromise over their commercial agreement. [...]

Mai Says He has to Represent All Interests Even Though He too is a Cane Farmer

But, can the Minister of Agriculture act a neutral party in negotiations? Minister Mai is both a sugar cane farmer and a member of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. [...]

Regional Body Looks Forward to Monitoring Mechanism For Sugar Producers

The Sugar Association of the Caribbean says it applauds the terms of reference for the Monitoring Mechanism for Sugar (MMS) approved at the recent meeting of the Council for Trade [...]

COVID-19 Pandemic Plunges Belize Further into Poverty

Six out of every ten Belizeans are poor. That is the statistic that came out during a recent statement made by Prime Minister John Briceño at the United Nation General [...]

GOB to Issue Updated National Ports Policy

Cabinet today issued a three page statement on the cruise sector and port developments. The statement speaks to the Port of Magical Belize project, and the Port of Belize’s proposed [...]

Patrick Faber Maintains UDP Did Not Approve Stake Bank Causeway

Regarding Stake Bank, the statement says the project is in construction phase and projected to be operational in 2022, having received the requisite approvals and permits. As it pertains to [...]

Big Falls Needs Entire Village to Decide on Communal Land Rights Issue

On Monday, the alcalde of Big Falls Village, Eulalio Choko, along with four other residents, came forward in the media to address concerns that they say the community is having [...]

Recognizing Garifuna Land Rights: Virtual Panel This Week

The issue of land rights, as they pertain to the indigenous community, is once again at the forefront of public discourse. Recent developments in Seine Bight Village, as well as [...]

Panel Discussion to Look at the Importance of Indigenous Land Rights

The panel is made up of four speakers, including doctors Peitra Arana and Philip Castillo, as well as MLA spokesperson Cristina Coc and Marvin Blades. Coc has been at the [...]

A Maya Perspective on Garifuna Land Rights: Similarities and Struggles

News Five also spoke with Cristina Coc who is the spokesperson of the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcaldes Association.  The opportunity to speak on the issue of land [...]

Opposition to Work with GOB to Promote Vaccine Uptake

Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Faber, says members of the Opposition in Parliament will be collaborating with the Ministry of Health in their constituencies to increase vaccination uptake among their [...]

Faber on Eliminating Middle Man and More Free Testing

And while the Opposition and the Government are working in hand in hand to get constituents vaccinated, they do not see eye to eye on the procurement process for the [...]

More Free Testing Sites Opened Countrywide

From Punta Gorda to Corozal, the Ministry of Health has added additional COVID-19 sites for free testing. The new sites are in addition to those recently opened at the Belize [...]

Deadly Shooting on Curassow Street, Mourner is Executed Ahead of Funeral

A funeral-goer was executed in Belize City on Saturday, moments before boarding a bus that would have transported him and other mourners to a memorial service for their loved one.  [...]

Tutsi Busted with Unlicensed Glock and Live Ammunition

Following the murder of Giovanni Augustine on Saturday afternoon, police on mobile patrol on Faber’s Road Extension pursued a pickup truck that caught their attention.  The vehicle was being followed [...]

Police Seeking Answers in Sunday Morning Murder

Police are looking for a man they believe can assist with their investigation into the murder of Ian Westby on Sunday in Belize City.  Westby had left family members and [...]

Murder at the Adjacency Zone in Toledo, One Woman Detained

A woman is in police custody tonight awaiting a charge of murder, following the stabbing death of Justo Martinez which occurred over the weekend at the Adjacency Zone in the [...]

Michael Young is Shot During Curfew Hours

There was another shooting over the weekend that has left resident of Zericote Street hospitalized.  The attack on Michael Young took place several hours into the nightly curfew and investigators [...]

UDP Says Crime Out of Control: Wants Minister and CEO to Resign

The United Democratic Party today expressed its alarm over what they term the “explosion” of murders and other violent crimes around the country, particularly in Belize City. The party is [...]

Counseling Program Launched for KHMH COVID Staff

Mind Health Connect Belize, a local organization that spreads awareness on the importance of treating mental health illnesses is partnering with the Ministry of Health and KHMH to provide counseling [...]

KHMH Needs More Staff; Some Workers Contracting COVID Outside

And while the hospital is looking after the mental health of its overworked health care workers in the COVID Unit, CEO Cansino also has to address the need for additional [...]

Marginal Decrease in COVID Hospitalizations

The COVID unit at the KHMH is seeing a slight decrease in the number of COVID positive patients needing to be hospitalized. It is a silver lining that CEO Cansino [...]