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Public Consultation on Belize City Cruise Port is Met with Objections

A public consultation on the proposed development of a fourth cruise terminal in Belize has been met with serious concerns and objection from the tourism and environmental sectors.  On Thursday [...]

Once Approved, Cruise Port will be Completed by 2023

Whereas a cruise terminal is constructed adjacent to a port, Dr. Chamberlain-Miranda points to other countries and tourism destinations where such facilities coexist harmoniously. The project, once given the green [...]

Environmentalists Say Dumping of Dredge Material will Threaten Barrier Reef

The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, a consortium of environmental N.G.O.s, has written to Prime Minister John Briceño highlighting a number of environmental concerns with the proposed development. [...]

No C.E.O. for Sustainable Development Equals No NEAC Chairperson

The public consultation held on Thursday night proceeded as scheduled, despite a Chief Executive Officer for Sustainable Development not having been appointed.  According to the Coalition, the C.E.O.  is also [...]

BTIA Says No to Dredging and Dumping

The Belize Tourism Industry Association, from an industry perspective, has also raised concerns about the proposed development, and the possible environmental impact that it will have in the area of [...]

Four Cruise Terminals is too Much Says B.T.I.A.

With three proposed cruise terminals to be constructed in the same geographic location within the vicinity of Belize City, namely: Port Coral, Port of Magical Belize and Port Loyola Cruise [...]

Scotiabank to Operate as “Belize Bank Corporation Limited” During Transition Period

The merger of the Belize Bank Limited and the Bank of Nova Scotia limited is a done deal. This was first confirmed via a cabinet press release two days ago. [...]

G.O.B. Announces Nationwide Curfew as Part of COVID-19 Strategy

The Briceño Administration, fourteen days after taking office, has unveiled its strategy to control the further spread of COVID-19 in the country.  The way forward includes a curfew which commences [...]

US$15 Million Approved for Containment of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health also plans to hire additional human resources such as nurses, doctors, specialist, health staff, support staff for deployment to all regional and community hospitals.  Health and [...]

M.O.H.W. to Scale Up Rapid Testing Countrywide

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will immediately implement and scale up the use of rapid testing in all district hospitals for symptomatic patients and close contacts.  Minister Chebat says [...]

Minister Chebat Says Barrow Administration Had No Clear Plan to Address COVID-19

According to Minister Chebat, under former Minister of Health Pablo Marin and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, there was no clear plan to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  He says that there [...]

Was M.O.H.’s Requests for Necessary Equipment Denied under the U.D.P.?

Minister Chebat made the revelations as Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero sat at the head table.  Under the Barrow Administration, Doctor Manzanero was the expert leading the charge [...]

Belize’s Healthcare System is Overwhelmed with COVID-19 Cases

On Wednesday night, the Belize Medical and Dental Association met to discuss the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the healthcare system, in public and private facilities [...]

Mortality Rate for COVID-19 is Expected to Increase

With the healthcare system stretched to capacity, there is a real fear that with not enough spaces to accommodate COVID-19 victims, the mortality rate will continue to climb and deaths [...]

Lynroy Longsworth, a Victim of Gang War in St. Martin’s

Police believe that taxi driver Lynroy Longsworth is a victim of the ongoing gang war in the Saint Martin’s area of Belize City. On Wednesday, Longsworth was operating his dollar [...]

Lynroy Longsworth is Taken Down in a Hail of Bullets on Mahogany Street

The spate of gun violence in the Lake Independence area continues unabated, despite the fact that the Commissioner of Police has gone on record to state that additional measures will [...]

Dudu Cherrington is Executed in Gang Flare Up in Gungulung

The Belize Police Department is working overtime to mitigate a spike in gun violence in the Lake Independence area which has claimed three lives since Monday.  As you’ve heard, a [...]

Riot Squad Deployed to Quell Uprising Backa Gungulung

In the wake of Cherrington’s murder, numerous gunshots rang out in Lake I prompting the police department to deploy a riot squad to quell the unrest.  When the officers arrived [...]

Minister of Home Affairs Commends Riot Squad!

New Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa praised the police officers who responded to the spate of gun violence in the city.  Musa says that the officers displayed remarkable control [...]

“No Lotion and Powder fi Bad Man” – Chester Williams

The flare up of tensions between feuding gangs in Lake Independence has forced the police department to re-strategize its approach to crime fighting where gangs are concerned.  While specific instructions [...]

Could the PIV/BLC Bloodbath have been Prevented?

Could the police department, particularly the officers assigned to the Mahogany Street Precinct, have prevented the recent eruption of gang violence in Lake Independence?  ComPol Williams says he won’t play [...]

Charles Young Escaped Hail of Bullets with Just a Graze!

A Belize City man was lucky to escape a barrage of bullets on Monday afternoon when someone tried to kill him. Charles Young Junior was at the intersection of Western [...]

Murder in Ranchito, Corozal; Rigoberto Rosado is Shot Multiple Times Inside His Room

There was a murder in the village of Ranchito in the Corozal District at the crack of dawn today.  The barking of the dogs at four this morning sounded the [...]

A Brother is Gunned Down Less Than a Day after Burying His Sister

Here in Belize City, another family is grieving the loss of one of their own. Around six-thirty on Monday evening, Devin Amoa was murdered in a most vicious way. The [...]

Charles Young Narrowly Escapes Attempt on His Life in City Shooting

Earlier today, Scenes of Crime personnel processed the scene of a late afternoon shooting that took place near the intersection of Western Avenue and Ordonez Street in Belize City.  The [...]