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Pupa Exportation – the Demand for Belize’s Butterflies!

There is a demand for Belize’s butterflies on the other side of the pond. Just ask the operators of Belize Pupae Supply and Ya’axkin Butterfly Farm. Although the pandemic threw [...]

The Booming Business of Butterflies

Most people only see Belize’s beautiful butterflies one at a time, when they land on a garden flower.  But imagine being surrounded by them all the time. Tonight, News Five’s [...]

Minister Musa Speaks on Dereservation in Caribbean Shores!

It’s scenic spot enjoyed by many who live in the Caribbean Shores area of Belize City, but this week residents discovered wooden posts being erected, obstructing the view and preventing [...]

Belama Phase One Residents Concerned About Clearing of Mangrove Patch

Meanwhile there is another land issue brewing in Belize City. Residents near the Antonio Soberanis Crescent are concerned the cutting of mangroves along the Haulover Creek could spell trouble for [...]

Distant Cousin of the Piranha is Found in New River Lagoon

A new species of freshwater fish commonly known as “pacu” has been discovered in the New River Lagoon by fishermen from nearby Lemonal.  Pacu is an omnivorous fish that originated [...]

Coastal Piracy – An Interagency Approach to Combating Criminal Network at Sea

“Square grouper” coming ashore on Belize’s coastline used to be the main traces left behind by regional drug traffickers. But now boat engine thefts, attacks on island homes and fishermen [...]

The Threats to Conservation and Sustainable Farming!

Earlier this week we took you down south to Toledo where conservation and sustainable farming are co-existing. But while that’s working out for the Ya’axche Conservation Trust and the Trio [...]

Minister of Forestry Tours Machaca Forest Station

Habet’s tour also took him to the Machaca Forest Station, next to the NEMO headquarters in Toledo. There he met with the forestry officer to tour the facilities. Habet tells [...]

The Opportunities for the Cacao Industry!

On Thursday we told you how Mahogany Chocolate Limited, a craft chocolate business celebrating its shipment of hundred and fifty-thousand dollars worth of chocolate products to the U.S.  When we [...]

A Solution to the Barranco Logging Issue?

Barranco is the southernmost coastal village in Belize. Its name is often synonymous with two of Belize’s greatest musical artists, Andy Palacio and Paul Nabor, born and raised there.  But [...]

Celso Poot is the Recipient of the James A. Waight Award

COVID-19 has changed the way people usually gather to present awards honoring those doing outstanding work in a particular field.  Well on Tuesday night, the Belize Audubon Society got around [...]

The Balance Between Conservation and Economic Activity in Protected Areas

The area is called “The Maya Golden Landscape,” and it’s the site of an exciting partnership between those working to maintain Belize’s healthy natural ecosystems and southern cacao farmers. News [...]

Piracy at Sea – Fishermen are Robbed at Gunpoint!

There is a spike in piracy at sea. Since mid-January and as recent as this morning, fishers have been the target of armed robbers. The thieves have been taking advantage [...]

A Monitoring System for Fishers at Sea

One year ago, in February 2020, the Fisheries Resources Bill was passed in the House of Representatives. The legislation allowed for a framework to be put in place for vessel [...]

A Margay is Knocked Down and Injured!

A wild cat, an adult margay, is recovering from injuries sustained after it was knocked down by a vehicle.  Reports are that two of the wildcats were spotted near the [...]

Organic Farming – Is It Doable for Traditional Farmers?

Ya’axche Conservation Trust and the European Nature Trust have partnered to promote climate-resilient farming techniques to ensure food security and protect natural resources such as forests.  It has been more [...]

A Flyover of the Chiquibul Forest with F.C.D.

Minister of Home Affairs Kareem Musa, Minister of Sustainable Development Orlando Habet, and Minister of Border Security Florencio Marin did a helicopter fly-over of the Chiquibul Forest today.  The three [...]

Minister of Sustainable Development Goes on Aerial Tour of Chiquibul Forest

As you heard, the three ministers accompanied the F.C.D. on the aerial tour of the Chiquibul Forest.  Orlando Habet, the Minister for Sustainable Development, which includes forestry and environment, was [...]

Belize Port Authority Requests that Port Projects be Suspended

The Belize Port Authority wants all port development projects suspended immediately. Chairman of the Belize Port Authority Retired Major Lloyd Jones has written to Chairman of the National Environmental Appraisal [...]

US Rejoins Paris Agreement; What Does this Mean for SIDS?

Hours after he became President of the United States, Joe Biden moved to recommit the United States to the Paris Agreement.  Last year, the U.S. became the first country to [...]

Female Manatee Freed from Fishing Gear

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute Belize rescued a manatee that was entangled in fishing gear. The manatee was first spotted dragging a boat bumper off the coast of Dangriga [...]

New Threats on the Horizon for Chiquibul!

Over the years, we’ve reported on the transboundary threats to the Chiquibul Forest – the illicit activities that were carried out exclusively by Guatemalans. Those activities include illegal logging, cattle [...]

Environmental Groups Reject Port of Magical Belize

There is a significant backlash on the Port of Magical Belize project by a group of environmental N.G.O.s.  The developer is David Gegg, who represents the Port of Magical Belize.  [...]

Young Male Tapir Killed on John Smith Link Road

A young tapir lost its life on Sunday night. It’s the second tapir killed in a road traffic accident on the John Smith Link Road in two months.  Images from [...]

Another Manatee Killed – This Death Marks the Fourth for 2021!

It’s less than three weeks into the new year, and four manatees have been killed; the two most recent happened over the weekend.  Today, manatee conservationist Jamal Galvez of the [...]