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World Food Programme Signs Technical Assistance Agreement with Belize

While preparations are underway for the upcoming music and food festival, the Government of Belize and the World Food Programme Caribbean have signed an agreement that will see Belizeans negatively [...]

Climate Change Showcase Launches Climate Change Policy Documents

The National Climate Change Office hosted Belize’s first Climate Change Catalogue Showcase in Belmopan on Thursday. The event brought to the fore key climate change policy documents such as the [...]

Belize’s Parliamentarians Recognize Parliamentarism Day

The International Day of Parliamentarism presented an opportunity for Belize’s parliamentarians to assemble for a master class on human rights. In collaboration with the United Nations Country Office, fifteen parliamentarians [...]

At-risk Youths to Attend Summer Program for Tourism

A summer program for at-risk youths who are interested in learning about the tourism industry. It’s an initiative that is being supported by the Belize Tourism Board and the Belize [...]

Timmy Stamp Leads Tourism Summer Program

Timmy Stamp has headed his Jah Love program for the past fifteen years.  In that time he has seen many of the young men he has mentored resort to crime [...]

New Archaeological Finds Might Require Amendments to History Page

The story of the ancient Mayas precedes the classic period. Some data puts the first Maya in this part of Central America even before the birth of Christ. We know [...]

Minister Perez at High Level Event on Fisheries Enforcement

Minister of Blue Economy Andre Perez will be returning to Belize over the weekend following his participation in the United Nation’s Ocean Conference 2022. During his time there, Minister Perez, [...]

“The old man, we are going to help”

Up north in San Joaquin, Corozal District, one family is changing the lives of the eldery who cannot look after themselves. Sabreena Daly tells us more in this week’s look [...]

Minister of Home Affairs On Recent Belize City Murders

A spate of murders in Belize City in the past few weeks has raised questions about the Briceño administration’s approach to fighting crime. Since taking office, the Minister of Home [...]

Tour and Tender Operators Countrywide Receive Fuel Subsidy from G.O.B.

A few months ago, the Belize Tourism Board announced that a fuel subsidy program would be established for those in the tour operator and tender business. Today, the B.T.B. handed [...]

Proof of Vaccination No Longer Required to Travel Across Land Borders

Belizeans are no longer required to show proof of vaccination before exiting the country via its land borders. While there is no Statutory Instrument in place to enforce this amendment, [...]

Ministry of Health to Approve Home Tests for COVID-19

According to the Minister of Health and Wellness, the next step in COVID-19 testing is to allow Belizeans to purchase rapid tests across the counter at local pharmacies. Minister Bernard [...]

Minister of Health on Pediatric Vaccination Uptake

Reporters also got a chance to ask the Minister of Health for an update on the vaccination uptake for children between the ages of five to eleven- years- old. There [...]

Minister of Blue Economy Addresses UN Ocean Conference in Portugal

He is all the way in Lisbon, Portugal, attending the United Nations Oceans Conference. But Minister of the Blue Economy, Andre Perez took Belize’s best practices with him. In his [...]

Vacancy Exists for Seafarers in Belize

Other than the call centers that may have vacancies for new recruits from time to time, we don’t hear too often about job vacancies in other certain sectors. Interestingly, there [...]

Cruise Ships Give Media Tours as Part of Activities for Seafarers’ Day

On Saturday mariners, the world over, and their employers and families celebrated Day of the Seafarers. It’s set aside to recognize the invaluable contribution that seafarers make to global trade [...]

IMMARBE Holds Ships Accountable by International Regulations

While we celebrate the shipping world and all those who contribute to this important industry, there is also the other side of that equation – holding ships accountable when they [...]

Coast Guard Commandant: “Wet Drops” Have Been Eliminated, Almost

Earlier we heard Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams speak of the burnt remains of a suspected drug plane in the remote area of Sunday Wood in Toledo. While the police [...]

2022 Fisher of the Year: Vonetta Dawson

The 2022 Fisher of the Year hails from Dangriga. She is Vonetta Dawson. As a child growing up on Tobacco Caye, Dawson made it a point to watch her father [...]

Ya’axché Holds Bioblitz To Identify Different Types of Animals and Trees

The Ya’axché Conservation Trust held its annual Bioblitz over the weekend in southern Belize with special focus on bees, birds, mammals, macro-inverts, and trees. The non-profit organization chose the theme: Empowering [...]

Over Two Hundred Types of Birds and Animals Identified Within Twenty- Four Hours

Ya’axche informed that the youths recorded over a thousand observations and identified two hundred and twenty types of animals, trees and fresh water macro invertebrates. A new species of bee, [...]

Using Technology to Ensure We Fish Right, Eat Right

The Fish Right, Eat Right Initiative started a few years ago and focused not only on sustainable fishing, but also assisting stakeholders, including restaurateurs and consumers, to know exactly how [...]

Vessel Monitoring System Helped with Distress at Sea

Approximately seventy fishing vessels were equipped with the monitoring system used in the pilot project. And according to Wildlife Conservation Society’s Technical Coordinator for Sustainable Fisheries, Julio Maz, the system [...]

Government Approves First National Investment Policy & Strategy

Coming off the heels of the National Investment Summit last November, the government has now approved, in collaboration with BELTRAIDE and the Investment, Policy and Compliance Unit, Belize’s first National [...]

BELTRAIDE’s Executive Director Says the Policy Will Benefit All Investors

But while the language for this initiative might be a bit technical for business people that are not trained in that field, Almendarez says once the investment environment is created, [...]