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Two Dead Manatees in One Week!

Last year, Belize recorded the lowest number of manatee deaths. But with less than half way through the third month of this year, there are already five recorded deaths.  On [...]

Exploring the Economic Benefits of the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem

A four-year project to spur greater benefits from the ocean was launched in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility and the Food and Agricultural Organization. The initiative is called the [...]

Oceana Offers More to Fishers for Transition Phase

Oceana Belize has upped its proposed transitional support to Belizean fishers to two point five million dollars. The N.G.O. has been calling for the absolute ban of the use of [...]

D.O.E. Halts Construction of Gas Station in Belmopan

In February, the People’s United Party condemned the decision of Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle and his City Council to approve the construction of a gas station immediately in front of [...]

D.O.E. Placed a Stop Order on Road Works in Riversdale

The Department of Environment says that a stop order has been placed on the construction of a road in Riversdale. As we’ve been reporting this week, residents in that southern [...]

D.O.E. Says Road Works Didn’t Have Permits and Clearances!

So, what’s next for road construction?  As we’ve reported, the road would give access to lands in Riversdale where a big development is expected to be established.  When we spoke [...]

A Closer Look at Riversdale’s Black Creek

Today, News Five went south to follow up the issue of a road being built in a creek in Riversdale.  Residents of that southern community, located off the Placencia peninsula, [...]

Did a Big Developer in Riversdale Block a Creek in the Community?

Residents in Riversdale say that a big developer is causing problems in the community. They are calling for the immediate removal of a road that they say was laid on [...]

Riversdale Creek is Critical to the Fishing Industry in the South

Fox says that cutting off the creek may cripple the livelihoods of Riversdale fishermen. He reports that two creeks are being affected, but one of those creeks serves as spawning [...]

Ya’axché’s Community Forestry Symposium a Success!

The Ya’axché Conservation Trust recently held its Community Forestry Symposium for State Actors under the theme, “Forest Conservation and Governance.”  The symposium, which was held at the George Price Centre [...]

Samadhi Owner in Contact with Belize over Grounding at Reef

The Department of Environment continues to investigate the damages to the barrier reef on February ninth, when a yacht owned by U.S. billionaire investor, Daniel Loeb dropped anchor on the [...]

REDD+ Builds Awareness Among Youth in the West

Forests across the world are disappearing at an alarming rate and because deforestation causes almost twenty percent of global emissions, the preservation of trees is important to slow down climate [...]

BNCF Awards over $100K in Grants

Three protected areas within the Belize National Protected Areas System received funds today to strengthen the management of their sites. A brief ceremony was held today to hand over the [...]

The Fifth Annual Cocktails for Manatees

The fifth annual Cocktails for the Manatees fundraiser, organized by Programme Coordinator Jamal Galvez of the Clear Water Marine Aquarium Research Institute, is ongoing at this time at Kukumba Beach [...]

Good Indicators for Belize on the Health of the Barrier Reef

While the health of the Meso-America Barrier Reef system is not in the best shape, in Belize it is showing significant improvements. A report card was released today which shows [...]

D.O.E. and Port Authority Investigate Grounding at Long Caye

Officials from the Department of Environment, the Fisheries Department, the Belize Port Authority and the Belize Audubon Society today travelled to the site of a recent grounding on an aquarium [...]

Will Charges be Levied Against Negligent Party?

According to Ports Commissioner Merlene Bailey-Martinez, charges can be filed by both the Belize Port Authority and the Department of Environment in incidents like this, but the D.O.E. normally takes [...]

Anchor Grounded on Reef near Long Caye

News spread like wildfire on Sunday evening on social media as images surfaced of an anchor grounded near Long Caye in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll.  The area is known as [...]

Samadhi Vessel is Tracked to Honduras

Today, we did a search on the location of the vessel. According to the information, the Samadhi yacht, which was built back in 2006, is registered to the Cayman Island. [...]

OCEANA – “Ban on Gillnets must be decisive”

Last December, the government made a surprise decision that drew criticism from many quarters when it declared that in respect of gillnets, there would be a control and eventual phase [...]

Belize Coast Guard Makes 40 Grand Fisheries Bust!

The Belize Coast Guard made a fisheries bust of marine products valued at forty-thousand dollars.  The Coast Guard was carrying out an operation near the Manatee Bar Mouth earlier today [...]

Another Severe Drought May Affect New River in 2020

A more severe drought has been forecasted for 2020 and it is expected that the extended dry weather may once again have adverse effects on the New River.  In light [...]

D.O.E. and Bureau of Standards Take on Biodegradability

The Department of the Environment, in partnership with the Belize Bureau of Standards, is hosting a seminar to establish a collective benchmark for use of the term biodegradable in respect [...]

Belize on Right Track to Biodegradability

With thirty years of industrial experience in plastics and packaging, Kelvin Okamoto, C.E.O. of Gen3Bio, was invited as a guest speaker to address the issue of biodegradability.  He commented favourably [...]

FCD Hosts Exchange Programme with 5 Guat Communities

F.C.D. held a two-day bi-national youth exchange programme with youths from five Guatemalan communities that fringe the Chiquibul National Park. The purpose of the exchange was to sensitize and help [...]